The Nod

The Nod tells the stories of Black life that don’t get told anywhere else, from an explanation of how purple drink became associated with Black culture to the story of how an interracial drag troupe traveled the nation in the 1940s. We celebrate the genius, the innovation, and the resilience that is so particular to being Black -- in America, and around the world.

Society & Culture
TV & Film
Prentice Penny, Inside 'Insecure'
8 min
The 40-Year-Old Version
6 min
VP Debate: What's at Stake
8 min
Cosplaying While Black
8 min
Big Freedia's Bounce
9 min
The Shade Room: Pros & Cons
16 min
The Cost of Student Debt
6 min
The Power of La La Anthony
8 min
Sports Strike Against Racism
8 min
Aminé: Life in Limbo
8 min
Kamala Harris: Making History
7 min
Trans Lives, Front and Center
8 min
Revolutionary Photos
7 min
Master P Has No Limits
9 min
Justice for Breonna Taylor with Andrea J Ritchie
8 min
Better News with Sam Sanders
8 min
The Case for Police Abolition
9 min
Could Kamala Harris Be Our Next Vice President?
7 min
A Reckoning for Black Journalists with Wes Lowery
7 min
On the Record: Black Women and Hip Hop
18 min
Kendrick Sampson: Actor and Activist
8 min
We’ve Been Here Before
8 min
See You Soon!
52 min
A Nod to The Nod
78 min
Borders Between Us
37 min
Intentions for 2020
30 min
Brittany's Choice: An Oral History of Knuck If ...
36 min
Lady Sings the Blues w/ Bassey Ikpi
Brittany gets personal as she sits down with author and poet Bassey Ikpi to talk about her new book, I'm Telling the Truth, but I'm Lying.
32 min
Why We’re Watching Watchmen
This week, Eric sits down with Watchmen writer Cord Jefferson (The Good Place, Succession) to talk about what makes the show so singular in its unflinching look at race in America.
47 min
Eric's Choice: I Am a White Woman
The movie "White Chicks" may have made critics— and honestly, the world —cringe, but Brittany delivers her treatise on why the film deserves a second look.
25 min
You Ain’t Got No Job, You Ain’t Got Shit to Do
Friday, the 1995 comedy starring Ice Cube and John Witherspoon, is one of Eric’s favorite movies. But recently, he noticed some deeply unsettling themes that lay in stark contrast to the film’s cheery, comical tone.
36 min
Six Degrees: Mogul Edition
Brittany and Eric invite the new host of the show, Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins, into the studio to learn more about what led this season of Mogul to the 305.
37 min
Cha Cha Now Y'all
Weddings, school dances, birthday parties for your great auntie—if you’re having a big function, the Cha Cha Slide is going to be on the playlist. But how did the Cha Cha slide become so ubiquitous?
22 min
Fearing the Black Body
Brittany is joined by Sabrina Strings, sociologist and author of Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia, whose groundbreaking research parses the intersection of thinness, whiteness, and beauty ideals.
25 min
Growing Up With Toni Morrison
Experiences of growing up with the beloved writer.
30 min
Six Degrees: Listener Edition
Brittany and Eric face off against listeners in their favorite game: Six Degrees of Black Separation.
34 min
Elouise Goes to Washington
Eric tells Brittany the story of Elouise Westbrook, a legendary housing rights activist in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.
23 min
The Life and Times of Reggie Ossé
Brittany and Eric share a new episode of Mogul that's a tribute to the life and career of Reggie Ossé.
60 min
Back to School
Eric goes on a journey to learn more about Afrocentric education.
35 min
Isn't It Romantic? feat. Jasmine Guillory
Earlier this year, Brittany finally discovered romance novels that center Black women. But what makes these books so special? Romance experts Bim Adewunmi, Nichole Perkins of Thirst Aid Kit podcast, and NYT bestselling author Jasmine Guillory school Brittany on all things romance.
44 min
Michael Twitty's Cooking Gene
41 min
You Don't Make Free People
Each week this August, we’re updating some of our most thought-provoking episodes. This week: writer Casey Gerald reflects on what we lose when we buy into the promise of the American dream.
49 min
The Vindication of T-Pain
In this edition of Vindication Court, Brittany tries to convince Judge Eric that T-Pain’s use of autotune changed music forever-- for the better. But with autotune’s many detractors, this case won’t be an easy one.
36 min
The Gamer Godfather You've Never Heard Of
Brittany tells Eric the story of the man who helped make video gaming way more fun, paving the way for the video game industry as we know it today.
18 min
The Man Who Beat the NCAA
Eric talks with Ed O’Bannon, a former professional basketball player whose landmark lawsuit forced a national conversation on whether the NCAA should pay college athletes.
37 min
Conscious Rap: The Birth and the Backlash
Conscious rap was birthed in the late 1980s as a response to the violence and turbulence faced by many Black communities. But just as conscious rap was reaching its height, one song threatened to bring the whole movement crashing down.
31 min
The Last Black Man in San Francisco
Brittany talks to Jimmie Fails, star of “The Last Black Man in San Francisco”, about about the meaning of home, starring in his first movie, and “the Harlem of the West”. 
24 min
How to Show Up
In this installment of Get Yo Life, Rachel tells Brittany how she found joy in the least likely of places—and gives practical tips for small ways to improve your life in a big way.
31 min
Six Degrees: Music Edition
June is Black Music Month, so Brittany and Eric decided to celebrate with a music-themed edition of Six Degrees of Black Separation… with a twist.
38 min
The Vindication of Snap Music
Eric tries to prove that snap music was falsely accused of being a stain on hip hop. But will Judge Brittany give snap music the redemption it deserves?
28 min
Oprah’s Legends Ball: Endgame
Brittany makes the case that Oprah has already made the superhero movie that puts ALL others to shame.
42 min
The Rise and Fall of Black TV (feat. Erika Alex...
Living Single alum Erika Alexander details what it was really like during the Golden Era of Black TV in the 90s, and how she navigated Hollywood after that Black entertainment boom went bust in the 2000s.
40 min
How to Stay Southern
Food writer Nicole A. Taylor introduces Eric to a simple yet fancy dessert that helps her stay connected with her Southern roots.
26 min
Jordyn Woods vs. The Kardashians
A fresh look at the Kardashian feud with Jordyn Woods, a family friend accused of fooling around with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend.
40 min
The Greatest Biopic That’s Never Been Made?
This week, Eric shares with Brittany his three reasons why everyone’s favorite guardian angel, Della Reese, deserves a showstopping biopic for the ages.
32 min
My Black Robot Friend
A woman tries to befriend a robot, but when things don’t go as planned, she decides to take matters into her own hands.
44 min
Fighting against the clock, a young woman asks her dad about the one moment from his past he's fought to forget.
37 min
Chidi and The Good Place
Eric talks with Cord Jefferson, a writer for NBC’s The Good Place, and later tells Brittany the legendary tale of a little-known Black cowboy.
35 min
A Madea Homegoing
We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of sister Mabel Madea Simmons.
31 min
Six Degrees: Black History Month Edition
Will Eric and Mack embarrass the ancestors or will they redeem BHM for us all?
28 min
What’s Wrong with A Little Romance? (Feat. Jasm...
Brittany discovers a steamy, sensual world of romance novels that center Black women.
33 min
Can MDMA Treat Racial Trauma?
A new kind of treatment for PTSD, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, may be just a few years away from legalization. What could it do for Black patients struggling with trauma?
33 min
The Cult of Father Divine
Eric walks us through the life of Father Divine, a Black man who became the biggest cult religious leader you’ve likely never heard of.
30 min
Brittany's Choice: Sister, Sister
29 min
Eric's Choice: On That Lo Life $hit
24 min
2019 Glow Up
27 min
How We Failed
14 min
A Star Is Born On Beale Street
Eric and Brittany dig into how "If Beale Street Could Talk" and "A Star Is Born" get viewers to root for the love at the center of the stories.
35 min
Good For The Blacks: Cardi vs. Nicki
The beef between rap titans Cardi B and Nicki Minaj consumed the news this year. Is it Good for the Blacks?
38 min
The Fugitive
A little-known story of how one woman stood up to one of the most powerful men in American history.
32 min
Black in Fashion
20 min
To All the Boys in Rom-Coms Who Suck
Brittany schools Eric on the true nature of romantic male leads, from Marcus in "Boomerang" to Lance in "The Best Man."
35 min
How to Make Free People
Writer and thinker Casey Gerald reflects on what we lose when we buy into the promise of the American dream.
26 min
Nobody Looks Like Me
You’ve heard of the Little Rock Nine, but what about the Memphis 13? Eric talks to a man whose parents put him on the front lines of the battle for public school desegregation.... when he was only five years old.
24 min
Eric Goes Full Witch
6 min
Ethiopian Lasagna and the Alchemy of Being Black
23 min
Six Degrees of Black Separation
PB History and a new game
33 min
We Went to See Beyoncé (and Jay-Z)
Beyoncé Love
15 min
Kunta Thinks You’re Funny (feat. LeVar Burton)
A conversation with LeVar Burton
38 min
Saving Grace
Autumn loves to play The Sims. The life simulation game gives the 15-year-old an escape from her difficult home life. But after something terrible happens, the line between the game and real life starts to blur.
28 min
Bleeding and Healing
For years, KalaLea experiences painful periods that keep her in bed for days at a time. As she tries to figure out what’s happening to her body, she discovers that she has a condition that disproportionately affects Black women.
41 min
An Interview with Boots Riley
22 min
The Nod Bureau of Investigation
A woman comes to the Nod Bureau of Investigation with a mystery that only a Black person could have.
41 min
Beignets In, Breathe Out
What foods do you associate with Black culture? Eric’s friend makes him a sugary treat with surprising connections to the Congo.
29 min
#WhyNotKenan: Give Kenan Thompson His Emmy
Kenan Thompson is the longest-tenured cast member in SNL's history. But his acting hasn’t landed him an Emmy nomination… until now.
27 min
Best of the Nod: The Hairstons
A family reunion like you've never imagined before.
50 min
Best of the Nod: Cooperative Economics
The Blackest commercial ever made, and a scavenger hunt for Black owned businesses.
52 min
Best of the Nod: Black Excellence
58 min
Best of the Nod: YouTube Conspiracy Theories
Beyoncé's secret and Shawn Wayans' clone.
62 min
An Oral History of Knuck If You Buck
34 min
Wyatt Cenac Exposes The Ultimate Cheetos Conspi...
Comedian Wyatt Cenac joins Brittany and Eric onstage at their recent live show in Brooklyn.
24 min
The Deacons
Eric tells a story about forgotten part of civil-rights history that is still very much alive.
36 min
BONUS: Introducing Arlan Hamilton
Brittany and Eric talk to the Startup podcast about Arlan Hamilton--a gay Black woman who started a venture capital fund unlike any other.
18 min
The Legend of RZA and The Last Airbender
Eric embarks on an epic quest to figure out why so many Black folks love kung fu. He seeks the wisdom of two teachers, including RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan.
33 min
I Am A White Woman
The movie "White Chicks" may have made critics cringe, but Brittany delivers her treatise on why the film deserves a second look.
24 min
Hair, Laid
What does it take to get Black women’s hair authentically represented on TV? Brittany talks to Yara Shahidi to find out.
20 min
BONUS: The Origin Story
10 min
From Zamunda to Wakanda
He’s got his own MONEY !
28 min
The Leopards of Zaire
This week, we’ll take you to Zaire for a story about national identity, colonialism, and one of the most notorious dictators in history.
42 min
Rapper's Dismay
A high schooler's protest and a musical revolution
25 min