The Atlantic Interview

Building on a 160-year-history of interviews with the world’s most consequential figures, the podcast brings the power of the Atlantic interview to the audio platform—and continues the publisher’s push to bring its journalism to more people in more ways. Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic editor in chief talks with some of the most pivotal voices shaping politics, technology, art, media, business, and culture.

Society & Culture
Introducing Holy Week
The story of a revolution undone.
3 min
Caitlin Dickerson on family separation
How the Trump administration came to separate migrant children from their families
39 min
Barack Obama on Disinformation and The Future o...
Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Barack Obama about Ukraine, disinformation, and the state of democracy.
65 min
Introducing: The Experiment
A new podcast from The Atlantic and WNYC Studios, The Experiment, tells stories from our unfinished country.
34 min
Introducing New Atlantic Podcasts
The Atlantic has launched three new podcasts this year: Social Distance, Floodlines, and The Ticket. Subscribe to keep up with Atlantic journalism.
3 min
Introducing Crazy/Genius: Should We Break Up Am...
Has the Everything Store become a dangerous monopoly threatening the U.S. economy?
21 min
Yossi Klein Halevi
An Israeli author writes a letter to his Palestinian neighbors.
33 min
Pete Souza
The White House photographer brings us up-close and personal to the Obama presidency.
33 min
Madeleine Albright
The former Secretary of State warns about a rise of fascism.
39 min
Michele Norris
The former host of NPR’s All Things Considered talks about the state of race in America.
36 min
Mitch Landrieu
A white southern mayor confronts the history in his city.
32 min
Ta-Nehisi Coates
On being a black writer in America, facing down people who doubt your message and your right to say it
46 min
Amy Klobuchar
A senator tries to write a gun law that everyone wants
23 min
Caitlin Flanagan
If both men and women seem unhappy in the age of #MeToo, maybe there's a better way to create a just society.
34 min
Bill Gates
What does the era of "America First" portend for Bill Gates's optimism and commitment to foreign aid?
27 min
Steve Coll
17 years after the United States first went into Afghanistan, what will we call a win?
34 min
Mollie Hemingway
A somewhat reluctant defender of President Trump discusses where he's been effective, and what that means for American politics.
35 min
Mike Solomonov
The best chef in America opens up about his recovery from drug addiction
35 min
Tracy Chou
A Silicon Valley engineer focused on uplifting women and underrepresented minorities in the tech industry
29 min
Robert Siegel
The host of All Things Considered stops by on the first day of his retirement
39 min
Maggie Haberman
A once-in-a-generation White House correspondent takes us into the world of President Donald Trump.
31 min
Jonah Goldberg
Conservative writer Jonah Goldberg wrestles with Trump's Republican Party
27 min
Richard Plepler
HBO's chairman and CEO on making great TV in a high-stakes, competitive market
32 min
Nikole Hannah-Jones
Jeffrey Goldberg and Nikole Hannah-Jones talk about equality in education
32 min
Eric Garcetti
Jeffrey Goldberg talks with Mayor Eric Garcetti about what people misunderstand about Los Angeles, whether a mayor could win the presidency, and where he goes to find the best tacos.
22 min