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If you and your organization are ready to do the work, it’s time to take action, and on The Intersection Podcast, we’re going to be wrestling with the HOW of creating a company culture that truly embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. There are three key principles we’re going to be using on this journey: Educate - better leaders are more informed and aware. Act - You need community and support as you create change in the workplace. Change - you're going to see the fruits of your labor and create sustainable change.

You can’t do this work alone and no one else can do it for you. Let’s do it together. This is The Intersection Podcast, and I’m going to be talking to experts from across industries to find out how they’re changing their workplaces and creating cultures where everyone can thrive. Learn more about Nancy Harris and how to create change in your workplace at

Transforming the Future: Gen Z, Culture, and DEI
In this week’s show, Angela Howard talks about recent developments in the DEI sphere, and culture through the lens of DEI.
35 min
On Unemployment, Mental Health, and the Great R...
Alexandra Levit, founder and CEO of Inspiration at Work, talks about mental health, and how unemployment affects it.
37 min
The Power of Coaching in DEI
Maria Campillo, Associate Director of Leadership Development at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, talks about the merits of coaching, and how it can help DEI.
39 min
The Role of Leaders in Creating Psychologically...
In this week’s show, LaTonya Wilkins talks about the characteristics of good, effective leadership that is versatile, dependable, and fair to everyone.
36 min
Busting the Myth of Meritocracy
John Graham Jr., VP of Global Employer Branding, Diversity and Culture at Shaker Recruitment Marketing, shares insights about ushering in a new era of DE&I, moving from compliance to lived experiences.
37 min
The Power of Inclusivity in the Arts - A Conver...
In this week’s show, José Ochoa talks about how the Chiarts (The Chicago High School for the Arts) was founded, and what challenges it faced at its inception.
38 min
Change Begins Inside - How to Internally Equip ...
Andrea Smith-Morgan is founder and CEO of Mindfulness Awareness Academy for Children (MAAC). She joins me to discuss the disparities and inequalities in education, the origin of change, and the benefits of introducing mindfulness to children, especially children of color.
49 min
Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Spaces - The I...
In this week’s show, Laura Burgos and I discuss the importance of staff diversity and representation and how that sets the stage (pun intended) for more diverse and inclusive audiences.
46 min
What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? The I...
Reem Jaghlit joins me to discuss what organizations can do to help improve representation and attract more young women to STEM professions.
41 min
The Power of Mentorship and Sponsorship to Crea...
In this week's show, Kevin McFall talks about the importance of mentorship and sponsorship and why these two things are critical if we want to attract and retain diverse tech professionals.
35 min
Closing the Gap: Advancing Women in Technology
Megan McCann, CEO and founder of McCann Partners, joins me to discuss her passion for expanding the influence and impact of women in technology.
33 min
Intersecting Yoga, Mindfulness, and Social Justice
Stephanie Hicks is the founder and director of Yoga for Black Lives, a series of donation-based yoga classes to support Chicago organizations resisting state violence against Black people.
49 min
The Power of Coaching to Create Diverse, Equita...
According to Saba Bondo, since change comes from within, a coach should inspire transformation rather than just tell you that you need to change.
39 min
Dismantling Workplace Inequity Through Ownershi...
When leaders model their encourages employees to do the same which positively impacts workplace culture, says Claudia Richman, Founder, Principal, and Change Artist at We Grow Forward and my guest this week on the podcast.
36 min
The Present Day Impact of Historical Trauma
This week I’m talking to Dr. Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara, who is the founder and CEO of Luminosa Psychology Services.
56 min
The Resilient Leader - Tools for Navigating Cha...
This week I’m honored to speak with Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of Inner Workout, about the five dimensions of well-being.
39 min
It’s More Than Who You Know
This week, I’m talking to Halleemah Nash, the founder of Rosecrans Ventures, about how we can build tomorrow’s diverse workforce for today and shares insights about attracting and retaining diverse talent.
34 min
Replay: Creating Social Responsibility and Sust...
I speak with Matt Blakely, the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Reinsurance Group of America, Inc., about the ideals RGA promotes.
32 min
Busting the Myths About Diversity in Talent Acq...
During National Women’s History month, I’m talking to outstanding women like Keecia Broy, who is the founder and CEO of KLB Consulting, an organization specializing in executive search, and the School Board President at Oak Park Elementary District 97.
33 min
Hard Decisions: Family vs. Career in Times of a...
This week, I’m talking to Lauren Leader, who is the co-founder and CEO of All In Together, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to women's civic education and participation.
29 min
Closing the Economic Divide: A Candid Conversation
This week, I’m speaking with Myah Irick, founder, Senior Vice President, and Private Wealth Manager of The Irick Group, about becoming financially empowered.
31 min
How To Be Ruthless for Good
My guest this week is Aaron Walker, who is the founder and CEO of Camelback Ventures, a company dedicated to supporting innovative, diverse leaders ready to take their social impact vision to the next level.
28 min
Advocate for Change! The Power of Disability I...
Nancy Harris and Becky Kekula talk about the importance of including people with disabilities in conversations about diversity and inclusion.
39 min
Reflecting, Looking Ahead, and Gratitude - 2020...
This week, I spend time reflecting on this past year and looking forward to a new year of opportunities.
4 min
Throwback Thursday: The Power of Black Women at...
Nancy Harris speaks with payroll diversity and inclusion expert, Lisa Cockrell
37 min
In Support of DE&I
Renetta McCann, Chief Inclusion Experiences Officer at Publicis Groupe, joins me to discuss how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) intersects with business.
48 min
Locker Room Talk: Thriving in Male-Dominated Wo...
37 min
Reason to Hope - The Power of Design Thinking i...
This week, I’m speaking with Nicole Dessain, founder and Chief Employee Experience Designer of talent.imperative inc, about how companies and HR can benefit from design thinking.
35 min
Let's Get Real: Addressing Economic and Workpla...
Christian Harris joins me in to discuss inequities against black and brown communities, and possible solutions to combat them.
42 min
The Power of Storytelling
This week I’m speaking with Nassim Abdi, Ph.D. Nassim is the CEO and co-founder of StoryBolt, a platform that uses the power of storytelling to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion, and unpack biases.
42 min
Reframing the Workplace
This week, I’m speaking with Stela Lupushor, the founder and Chief Reframer at Reframe.Work, an organization dedicated to helping companies solve management challenges and maximizing their potential
41 min
Creating Social Responsibility and Sustainability
I speak with Matt Blakely, the Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Reinsurance Group of America, Inc., about the ideals RGA promotes.
32 min
Creating Empowered Leaders
This week I’m speakinging with Trisha Daho, a Chief Strategy Officer, D&I Authority Change Agent, and the founder and CEO of Empowered Leadership Cultivation.
31 min
The Power of No Excuses
This week, I’m speaking with Ify Walker who is the Founder and CEO of Offor, the talent broker company dedicated to challenging how executives of color are hired, promoted, and paid in the United States.
40 min
The Power of Black Women at Work
This week I’m chatting with Lisa Cockrell, a payroll diversity and inclusion expert, and the Senior Payroll Lead at Radio Flyer.
36 min
The Power of Racial Equity at Work
I’m chatting with Levi Baer, who is the Director of Training for Chicago United for Equity, an organization committed to dismantling systemic racism through training and education
36 min
The Power of Activism at Work
This week I’m chatting with Ericka Carmona-Vega, a part-time Human Resources Leadership Advisor for the Latin American branch of Streigenics.
35 min
Creating Space For Healing
This week I’m speaking with Chris Lemark, a mental health advocate, hip hop artist, and founder of Coffee, Hip Hop and Mental Health.
56 min
Creating Pathways for Diverse Leaders to Thrive...
LaTonya Wilkins, Director of Talent Management at the GIES College of Business and the Principal of LaTonya Wilkins Coaching and Speaking, joins me to discuss her insights into creating work environments that support diversity, equity, and inclusion.
37 min
Creating Inclusive Workplaces Through the Power...
Nancy Harris talks with Tom Alexander, CEO and Co-Founder of Holistic, about helping people have better employee experiences through the use of data.
43 min
Creating Space for Authenticity with Emily Blum
Emily Blum is the Executive Director of ADA25 Advanced Leadership, and she joins me to discuss the journeys of those with disabilities and the value they bring to the table.
42 min
Creating A Supportive Culture In The Midst of C...
Tatyana Fertelmeyster, a diversity and inclusion consultant and expert and the founder and Principal of Connecting Differences, joins me to talk about the mental strains caused by the pandemic and what leaders can do to make it easier for their employees.
53 min
Creating Space for More Voices with Torin Ellis
Torin Ellis, principal of the Torin Ellis Brand, author, and host of Career Mix, joins Nancy Harris to discuss talent acquisition and improving D&I initiatives.
42 min
Creating Possibilities Through People with Dorr...
Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, joins Nancy on this week's episode to discuss improving your workforce by recognizing the humanity of those around you.
36 min
The Power of Stories to Transform Work with Ele...
Nancy Harris chats with Elena Valentine, CEO and cofounder of Skill Scout, an organization which specializes in talent acquisition and employer branding, about a more inclusive way to build your workforce.
37 min
Humanizing the Workplace with Huma Qazi
Nancy Harris speaks with Huma Qazi, global diversity, equity and inclusion expert and founder of Huma Qazi Limited, a consulting firm which focuses on creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.
42 min
Creating Change through Discomfort with Sandee ...
Listen in as Nancy Harris chats with Sandee Kastrul, President and co-founder of I.C. Stars, an innovative nonprofit leadership and development program that prepares inner-city youth for employment in the IT industry.
40 min
Helping Youth Succeed In The Workplace with Ivy...
39 min
Creating Pathways to Opportunities with Eddie B...
Eddie Bocanegra brings a unique perspective to the conversation about violence prevention and criminal justice reform.
40 min
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