The Great Indoors

The Great indoors is a celebration of all things interiors and everything you need to know about making your house a home. In each episode, TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth will discuss, debate and guide you through the top trends and hottest topics from the home front. So pull up a chair…

Society & Culture
100. The Best Bits of 100 Episodes!
49 min
99: Maximalism and Lily Allen
26 min
98. Style Surgery: Broken plan, modular design ...
42 min
97. Macarons for Breakfast and Renovation Night...
42 min
96. All things mortgages with Kim Balasubramani...
31 min
95. What's in store for 2023?
36 min
94. A Beautiful Feast with The Hampstead Kitche...
39 min
93. Sustainable Christmas
Fancy a cracking Christmas that won't cost the earth?
36 min
92. Style Surgery: Cool Yule Edition
35 min
91. Future Proof Your Home, Autumn Lighting, Pa...
43 min
90. Farrow and Ball's Joa Studholme Reveals All...
37 min
89. Saving Energy, Radiator Covers, Wallpaper T...
54 min
88. Style Surgery: Find Your Style, Rockin' Sto...
Can you really have it all?
34 min
87. Value for Money, Shower Curtain Crime, Desi...
Is your shower curtain out to get you?
48 min
86. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on why Maximalism i...
Are beetles just middle class flamingos? In this week's interview, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen tells it like it is (and Kate and Sophie struggle to get a word in edgeways). What's the secret to pulling off maximalist decor? Is minimalism really...
34 min
85. Kitchen Island Crime, Honey I Shrunk the Ho...
Is a kitchen island a design crime? Is hot pink a timeless classic? Will Kate ever escape from under a mountain of packing boxes? Sophie and Kate tackle all the big questions. There's downsizing, decluttering and ditching your O level coursework (but...
45 min
84. Moving House, Shelving the Reno, Washing Up...
The Great Indoors is Back! Even Kate is emotional (not really). With plenty to catch up on after the break, Kate reveals all about her house move, Sophie talks how to make the best of it when spiralling budgets mean your renovation dreams are dashed -...
35 min
83. How to Transform Your Rental, A-Z of Eco Pa...
Think you know sticky-backed plastic? Think again. Serial renter, nocturnal DIY-er and queen of reversible decor hacks, Amara Hasham of  and T reveals the jaw-dropping possibilities to be had. If you rent, or just want to try out some...
53 min
82. Garden Design, New Design Books, In-Between...
Got your sacrificial plants in place? Arit Anderson, garden designer and presenter on BBC Two's Gardener's World, reveals the secrets of the Great Outdoors. She tells Kate and Sophie all about beating slugs, choosing plants - and why you should think...
61 min
81. Yellow Rules, Make the Bed, Mismatch FTW
All yellow? Kate and Sophie chart the rise of the most fashionable colour of the moment - and reveal how you can harness its power. Then it's all about making the bed so fabulous you never want to leave it (tho Kate is already there tbh) And in the...
38 min
80. Galley Walls, Original Features, Easy Impact
Is the gallery wall over? Sophie and Kate ponder the pros and cons of the much beloved wall-of-many-pictures. They're also bursting with tips for small ideas that create a big impact, from lampshades to tester pots. And an intriguing style surgery...
44 min
79. Rental Furniture, Room Names, Rugs in Kitchens
Living room, sitting room or lounge? Sophie and Kate dive into the whimsical world of what we call the rooms in our houses - and why we care so much. The pair discuss the intriguing trend for rental furniture, reporting back on companies like , and...
41 min
78. Dream Home Makeovers, Grey is Back, Moths
Paint it black? Kate is in shock over Sophie's dramatic design choices in her new TV show, Design Home Makeovers. Sophie is in shock over reports that Grey is Back and about to take over the nation's walls again. And both are running screaming from...
42 min
77. Preparing for Greatness, 2022 Trends, Desig...
What's next? Colour? Curves? Not caring about trends? Kate and Sophie look ahead to what's in store for 2022. And the pair talk you through how to encourage your own inspiration and creativity. Plus - for one episode only - Design crimes is back and...
43 min
76. Festive Style, Last Minute Gifts, Cosy colours
Is it the most ranty time of the year? Sophie revels in Kate's traditional festive rage about Christmas... but never fear there's still time for excellent decorating tips and inventive present ideas to make your Yule cool. Plus, the Style Surgery is...
34 min