The Gateway: Teal Swan

The Gateway is a six-part series about Teal Swan, a new brand of spiritual guru, who draws in followers with her hypnotic self-help YouTube videos aimed at people who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Some followers move to Teal’s healing center, a spiritual startup where they produce content and manage social media accounts. Teal insists her therapy saves lives, but her critics say Teal’s death-focused dogma is dangerous. Gizmodo reporter Jennings Brown traveled to rural Utah and to the forests of Costa Rica, with extensive access to Teal and her inner circle, to understand Teal's teachings and investigate the deaths of some of her followers.

Society & Culture
Part 6: Shadows
34 min
Part 5: Memories
41 min
Part 4: Tribe
47 min
Part 3: Philia
39 min
Part 2: Origins
35 min
Part 1: Catalyst
39 min
Introducing The Gateway
3 min