The Gray Area with Sean Illing

The Gray Area with host Sean Illing is a philosophical take on culture, politics, and everything in between. We don’t pretend to have the answers, but we do offer a space for real dialogue. Resist certainty, embrace ambiguity, and get some cool takes on a very hot world. Formerly the Vox Conversations podcast. New episodes drop every Monday.

News Commentary
The meat we eat affects us all
The human costs of eating meat
33 min
A dark, dangerous debate
In a special, post-debate episode, I'm joined by Matt Yglesias to discuss the most unnerving presidential debate I've ever seen.
68 min
A radical — or obvious? — plan to save American...
Lee Drutman's case against America's two party system
66 min
RBG, minority rule, and our looming legitimacy ...
Political scientist Suzanne Mettler on whether American democracy will survive 2020
70 min
David French and I debate polarization, secessi...
Competing paths to solve our polarization crisis
87 min
The Matt Yglesias Show
Vox's Matt Yglesias on Twitter, climate change, and one billion Americans
88 min
Race, policing, and the universal yearning for ...
52 min
How to think about coronavirus risk in your life
Julia Marcus on how to make important life decisions in a pandemic
64 min
Black Republicans, Donald Trump, and America's ...
83 min
Andrew Yang on UBI, coronavirus, and his next j...
The 2020 candidate on how to fix the economy, and the government
83 min
Why the hell did America invade Iraq?
The enduring relevance of America's disastrous Iraq invasion.
79 min
How to decarbonize America — and create 25 mill...
The US has the technology to decarbonize by 2035. Here's a plan to do it.
65 min
Isabel Wilkerson wants to change how we underst...
A new way of thinking about race and class
93 min
What it would take to end child poverty in America
Rep. Barbara Lee on why rebuilding the economy means investing in our kids
48 min
Hannah Gadsby on comedy, free speech, and livin...
How Hannah Gadsby's mind works
88 min
What would Keynes do?
What the 20th century’s most influential economist can teach us about rebuilding the US economy
98 min
A devastating indictment of the Republican Party
An insider perspective on the GOP’s march to Trumpism
56 min
How inequality and white identity politics feed...
Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson on the conservative dilemma
73 min
Best of: Jia Tolentino on what happens when lif...
The New Yorker writer explains how technology has transformed the very nature of human interaction
100 min
Dadding out with Mike Birbiglia
73 min
A rabbi explains how to make sense of suffering
Why God can't solve our suffering problem
52 min
The crisis in the news
Margaret Sullivan on the disastrous state of local journalism -- and what we can do about it
46 min
Bryan Stevenson on how America can heal
A conversation is about truth and reconciliation in America
75 min
What a post-Trump Republican Party might look like
How Oren Cass is challenging conservative economic orthodoxy
76 min
Free speech, safety, and ‘the letter’
Yascha Mounk and I discuss free speech, safety, and ‘the letter’
85 min