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The year 2020 has created much fear and social, racial, and civil unrest. We are in need of healing. We are living with uncertainty and ambiguity. People are using old methods and tools to solve new challenges. Today’s leaders must evolve and pivot to be successful in this new 2020 workplace and society. The Dr. James Show, a growth mindset experience, promotes personal power, leadership, accountability, authenticity and diversity & inclusion in a time when people need it the most.The show’s host, Dr. James Smith, Jr. invites guests and Members from different industries and backgrounds to join him in discussing topics related to professional and personal development. The show’s audience is also encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback during the live zoom streaming.This hour-long show is broadcasted weekly on Tuesday’s at 12:00pm EST via zoom. The show’s audio is then created into a podcast. Dr. James (President and CEO Dr. James Smith, Jr.) passionately works with learners providing high performance solutions in the areas of leadership, authenticity, diversity and inclusion, presentation skills and personal power. The author, speaker, coach and educator has provided his JIMPACT nationally and internationally and has worked with leaders, managers and individual contributors. He also authored three books with his last book, The No Excuse Guide to Success being nominated for an NAACP Image Award.

Season 2 Episode #15 - Belief Impacts Outcome
Dr. James has a rich discussion with Allyson Ward, a Leadership Coaching and Training professional, dynamic speaker and best-selling author. Allyson shares her views on a woman finding her voice, the unique challenges women deal with in the workplace and more.
53 min
Season 2 Episode #14 - Diversity: More Than Jus...
Dr. James has an informational and compelling conversation Lenora Billings-Harris, a Council of Peers Award of Excellence Hall of Fame speaker and an internationally recognized authority in the areas of inclusion, diversity, and bias. Lenora shares her views on what DEI is about, the “S.T.O.P.” technique, your sweet spot with your audience as a speaker and much more.
57 min
Season 2 Episode #13 - Beautiful Voice and Big ...
Dr. James has a conversation filled with musical highlights with Jessy Kyle, a Philadelphia jazz/soul singer and songwriter with over 3,000 performances. Jessy shares her views on how a vocalist finds his/her true voice, aspiring vocalists pursuing this as a career, and much more.
58 min
Season 2 Episode #12 - No Health Without Mental...
Dr. James has a sober but encouraging conversation with Michelle E. Dickinson, an author, Tedx Speaker, Wellbeing Strategist and passionate mental health advocate. Michelle shares her views on the keys to good mental health, actions for a leader responding to staff mental illness, where to find mental health resources, and much more.
52 min
Season 2 Episode #11 - Impact The World Around Me
Dr. James has a thought-provoking conversation with Tufail Syed, a physician, entrepreneur, and strong global business leader who has a deep interest in education. Tufail shares his views on the global framework education revolution, stimulating the economy wisely during a pandemic, and more.
53 min
Season 2 Episode #10 - Make It About Growth
Dr. James has an informative discussion with Glade Holman, a professional who has tremendous expertise around providing feedback to grow and improve. Glade shares his views on how to give feedback, how to ask for feedback, how to recover from feedback given poorly, and much more.
59 min
Season 2 Episode #9 - Philadelphia Music Royalty
Dr. James has a conversation having fun and insight with Stacey Harcum and Donald Robinson, two world class musicians that have worked with renowned artists such as Grover Washington, Jr, Stevie Wonder and Patti LaBelle. They provide songwriting tips, share their views on focusing on both the creative music and the business side of the music industry, and much more.
57 min
Season 2 Episode #8 - Tell Me More
Dr. James has an enjoyable and informational conversation with Michael Sherlock, an author and speaker who creates positive, productive, and profitable workplaces by helping individuals and businesses unlock their ultimate potential. This creative businesswoman shares her views on the focus points of a company building more sales, networking and branding, and much more.
56 min
Season 2 Episode #7 - Michael Powers, Jazz Guit...
Dr. James has a fun discussion with Michael Powers, a skilled and energetic musician whose powerful musical performances have regularly commanded standing ovations. Michael shares his views on actions a professional musician and performer need to do, the dichotomy of Art vs Commerce, and much more.
52 min
Season 2 Episode #6 - Teach, Give, & Empower
Dr. James has an insightful conversation with Shoana Cachelle, a captivating and dynamic woman who has worked for more than 20 years dedicating her efforts toward women’s empowerment, gender equality and educating children. Shoana shares her views on self-image, learning to “love me”, marketing and growing your business and much more.
55 min
Season 2 Episode #5 - Fighting For Their Lives
Dr. James has an emotional and transparent discussion with Jennifer D. Garofolo, MPH, MBA, a sharp business professional and dynamic woman who is a national advocate for child mental health and suicide awareness. Jennifer shares her views on parenting a transgender child, her perspective on Gender Identity vs Mental Health, and much more.
57 min
Season 2 Episode #4 - The Global Journey Of An ...
Dr. James has a very informative conversation from an international perspective with Tan Sri Dato Palan, PhD, a Malaysian educator, social entrepreneur, writer, public speaker and international relations advocate. Dr. Palin shares three major factors to his success, his views on change and “Intergenerational Mobility”, and much more.
58 min
Season 2 Episode #3 - Successful Together
Dr. James has a candid discussion with Ed DeAngelis, an innovative business leader whose company values giving back to the community and embraces “Emotional Intelligence” as a part of its culture. Ed shares his approach to getting employees to buy into the vision, the importance of diversity, and much more.
54 min
Season 2 Episode #2 - The Postage
Dr. James has a vital conversation with Emily Cisek, a dynamic professional who had an epiphany after witnessing how difficult it was to wrap up the details of a loved one’s life. Emily communicates the importance of having full control over your legacy and how you can do this.
59 min
Season 2 Episode #1 - International Pandemic Pe...
Dr. James has an engaging discussion with a diverse group of professionals from different countries around the world. They communicate on the impact of the pandemic in their country from various perspectives- personally, professionally, societally and more.
56 min
Episode #33 - Committed To Family and Community
Dr. James has an enlightening conversation with guest Derek S. Green, Esq., a skilled business leader and committed elected official. Derek shares his insights on being a man parenting an Autistic child, his views on economic development, his thoughts on managing a demanding career and family life and much more.
60 min
Episode #32 - Collateral Consequences
Dr. James has a compelling discussion with guest Chalana McFarland, a vocal advocate for criminal justice and prison reform. Chalana shares her experience of dealing with an unjust circumstance, effectively mothering while being incarcerated, and overcoming a painful journey with the law.
59 min
Episode #31 - Working To Make Someone’s Life Be...
Dr. James has an enjoyable conversation with guest Tim Killion, a business executive, guest lecturer, and Mayor. During this conversation, Tim shares his views on shaping corporate culture, his perspective on lowering the trend of growing tension and polarization, and his overall big and WOW experiences.
60 min
Episode #30 - Pain Points Propelled Purpose
Dr. James has a transparent conversation with guest Terri Matthews, an Emmy nominated show host, entrepreneur, visionary, and award-winning author. During this conversation, Terri shares how “It’s Not About Her” when being an advocate and promoting autism awareness and addressing various challenges.
52 min
Dr. James has an energetic and emotional conversation with guest Kimberly S. Reed, an award-winning international speaker, author, corporate trainer and DEI executive. Kimberly provides her perspective on women in the workplace, offers discouragement eliminators, and much more.
56 min
Episode #28 - How Are The Kids?
Dr. James has an enjoyable discussion with guest Marcus Allen, a respected community leader and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence. Marcus shares his views on Social Justice, greatly impacting the over 200,000 children facing adversity in Greater Philadelphia, and other important subjects.
51 min
Episode #27 - A Faithful Trailblazer
Dr. James has an informative and penetrating conversation with guest Lou Holder, an Emmy award winning sports broadcaster, notable public speaker and educator. Lou shares his views on the right way to do broadcasting, athletes taking stances, and other noteworthy topics.
66 min
Episode #26 - Persist Past Pain
Dr. James has a dialogue with guest Madi Still, who communicates in a very vulnerable and powerful manner. Being a force for positive change as well as striving to leave her footprints in the sand, Madi shares her views on being a “MomPreneur”, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and more.
55 min
Episode #25 – Education During The Pandemic: A ...
Dr. James has an authentic conversation with a few leaders of tomorrow. Several Temple University students share their very real experiences on coping and navigating their matriculation during a pandemic.
57 min
Episode #24 – Information Warfare
Dr. James has a highly informative conversation with Dr. Tamara Schwartz, a recognized innovator with over 20 years of National Security experience. This serious subject matter is timely regarding cyberspace wars and the current overall technological climate in the world.
60 min
Episode #23 – Embracing The Richness of Black H...
Dr. James has a rich conversation with two gifted professionals and historians, Loraine Ballard Morrill and Michael Williams, M.S., as they share their informative and valuable perspectives on Black History.
57 min
Episode #22 – The Part That Talks
Dr. James has a heartfelt conversation including emotional moments with Norm Wood, an author and speaker who inspires others to identify and apply their strengths and talents toward personal and organizational excellence.
58 min
Episode #21 – Succeeding In The Virtual Space
Dr. James steers the vehicle as three dynamic guests, Theresa Hummel-Krallinger, Summer Owens and Toi Sweeney, navigate a fun and informative ride on how to lead, perform and engage others in a virtual space.
57 min
Episode #20 – Show Up And Be Present
Dr. James has an inspiring conversation with corporate executive Tonya Murphy, an influential leader who also mentors females about positive life choices.
56 min
Episode #19 - Perseverance: The Making of a Saint
Dr. James has a passionate and powerful conversation centered around perseverance with Michael Robinson, M.S.
54 min
Episode #18 - The Power Of Resilience
Dr. James has a lively and informative conversation with Resilience Expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa (aka “Dr. G”).
59 min
Episode #17 - An Ordinary Girl Pursuing A Dream
Kick off the new year with Judge Demetrica Todd-Ruiz's "No Excuses" mentality!
57 min
Episode #16 - Knowledge of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Listen as Dr. James discusses the pandemic with medical professional, Dr. Gregory L. Peck!
55 min
Episode #15 - Integrate For Good
Imagine a world where people of all abilities are hired because of their talents, strengths and abilities!
58 min
Episode #14 - Silent Overcomer
Corporate leadership, hr solutions, and Tracee Hunt's new book, Silent Overcomer, are just part of this conversation on The Dr. James Show!
60 min
Episode #13 - You're The Key
Valuation expert, Dave Bookbinder, and Dr. James Smith, Jr. have discussion about the most valuable asset of any organization - the employees!
55 min
Episode #12 - Helping To Transcend People
Learn why experiences/adventures outside of the standard business context are profoundly important to your career growth as Bob Weinhold talks about training and racing in 100 mile ultramarathons.
55 min
Episode #11 - Holiday Preparation With The Pros
Hosting this holiday season? Learn tips and tricks with food & beverage industry pros - Executive Chef Sylva Senat & Sommelier Rachael Barclay!
60 min
Episode #10 - Curiosity Is The Motivator
Shift your goal setting form box checking accomplishments to life changing experience.
59 min
Episode #9 - Bringing Entities Together
Learn how to deal with difficult people.
58 min
Episode #8 - Identity & Workforce
Tilt the room with your prescence!
58 min
Episode #7 - Make a Difference
Make a difference by serving the people with encouraging words from Jennifer Gomez Hardy Esq.
57 min
Episode #6 - Squeeze, Laugh, Love
Squeeze the juice out of life with Theresa Hummel-Krallinger's motivating message.
57 min
Episode #5 - Bounce Back
Listen to Lisa Bien's positive, uplifting message!
63 min
Episode #4 - Personal Style & Brand
Make a meaningful first impression by revamping your style with Tavia Sharp!
58 min
Episode #3 - Persistence
Listen to Alden Mills' principles for team, leadership and life success.
55 min
Episode #2 - Discrimination in the Corporate Arena
Get scrappy and become your own best advocate with Deborah Owens' advice from Corporate Alley Cat.
61 min
Episode #1 - Mental Health & Wellness
I invited two mental health experts, Sabriya Dobbins and Lynn Delgaudio, to The Dr. James Show in an effort to normalize discussions like these.
57 min