The Double Shift

The Double Shift is a narrative show that challenges the status quo of motherhood in America, hosted by Katherine Goldstein and Angela Garbes.

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Society & Culture
This is Not Goodbye
While the podcast in this format will be on indefinite hiatus, our work is just getting started
44 min
The Check’s Not in the Mail
For six months last year, tens of millions of families could count on consistent, predictable support from their government.
43 min
Building a Movement for Paid Leave
We hear from listeners who fiercely advocated for -- and got -- better paid family leave at their companies.
42 min
Pro-Mother, Pro-Abortion
We love to dismantle stigma through storytelling. Any reason is a good reason to have an abortion.
47 min
“Good Moms” and the COVID Vaccine
It's OK to have "vaccine anxiety:" sorting through the information -- and emotion -- overload with Dr. Liz Baltaro
46 min
All Mothers are Essential Workers (Part 2)
While others have “moved on'' from talking about how mad and burnt out moms are, we’re just getting started.
41 min
“We’re All In This Together”? (Part 1)
In this two-part series, Katherine Goldstein shares her story of caring for newborn twins and a four-year-old as COVID shuts down the world down around her.
37 min
Introducing: Home. Made.
Today we are sharing a full episode of Home. Made. called, “Is There A Doctor In The Dollhouse?”
28 min
Our Moms
We hear from the Double Shifters who have influenced Katherine and Angela the most — their own mothers.
38 min
When 'Mom' Is The Safety Net
Shana Thomas is one of the 4.5 million women who has left a career behind since the start of 2020,
35 min
The Moms Are Not OK (Part 2)
We hear from listeners who’ve sent us voice memos about their mental health, and talk with Dr. Amber Thornton.
38 min
The Moms Are Not OK (Part 1)
Katherine and Angela share their own personal stories of mental health diagnoses during the pandemic.
38 min
This is our Moment
For Mother's Day: Some history that will blow your mind, and some hopeful ideas for the future.
37 min
Healing Our Grief From the Past Year
Is allowing ourselves to feel our feelings an act of political liberation?
33 min
Business Ladies
Katherine and Angela explore the complexities of being a mission-driven enterprise during a time of massive economic uncertainty.
30 min
The True Cost of the Pandemic for Moms
What the last year has been like for a flight attendant, a congressional candidate, and a nightclub worker.
32 min
It's been a year since the COVID shutdowns. A single mom in Oxford, MS shares her moving story on what the pandemic has cost her.
33 min
What We Deserve
Sharing glimmers of hope for building a more feminist future.
40 min
Caring for Each Other Is Political
This is an episode about surviving uncertainty, tapping into resilience and finding hope.
45 min
Introducing: Embodied
This show is an invitation to have conversations that most people consider impolite.
26 min
The Childcare Game-changer
Reporting on a bright light of hope in the childcare crisis in America.
39 min
Matriarchy Now
There's never been a more important time to hear from mothers.
37 min
Welcome Back to The Double Shift
Challenging the status quo of working motherhood, pandemic style.
2 min
Introducing Labor: The Social Science on Women,...
While we’re hard at work on Season 3, check out this great new show, Labor. We hear a lot about moms being miserable these days. But did you know there's a whole field of social science research dedicated to figuring out why, and what to do about...
31 min
Introducing: The Passion Economy
The Double Shift is still on hiatus, but while we dream big about Season 3, check out this new show from Planet Money creator, Adam Davidson, who sits down with people who’ve channeled their unique passions and interests into successful...
10 min