The Double Shift

The Double Shift is a narrative show that challenges the status quo of motherhood in America, hosted by Katherine Goldstein and Angela Garbes.

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This is Not Goodbye
While the podcast in this format will be on indefinite hiatus, our work is just getting started
44 min
The Check’s Not in the Mail
For six months last year, tens of millions of families could count on consistent, predictable support from their government.
43 min
Building a Movement for Paid Leave
We hear from listeners who fiercely advocated for -- and got -- better paid family leave at their companies.
42 min
Pro-Mother, Pro-Abortion
We love to dismantle stigma through storytelling. Any reason is a good reason to have an abortion.
47 min
“Good Moms” and the COVID Vaccine
It's OK to have "vaccine anxiety:" sorting through the information -- and emotion -- overload with Dr. Liz Baltaro
46 min
All Mothers are Essential Workers (Part 2)
While others have “moved on'' from talking about how mad and burnt out moms are, we’re just getting started.
41 min
“We’re All In This Together”? (Part 1)
In this two-part series, Katherine Goldstein shares her story of caring for newborn twins and a four-year-old as COVID shuts down the world down around her.
37 min
Introducing: Home. Made.
Today we are sharing a full episode of Home. Made. called, “Is There A Doctor In The Dollhouse?”
28 min
Our Moms
We hear from the Double Shifters who have influenced Katherine and Angela the most — their own mothers.
38 min
When 'Mom' Is The Safety Net
Shana Thomas is one of the 4.5 million women who has left a career behind since the start of 2020,
35 min
The Moms Are Not OK (Part 2)
We hear from listeners who’ve sent us voice memos about their mental health, and talk with Dr. Amber Thornton.
38 min
The Moms Are Not OK (Part 1)
Katherine and Angela share their own personal stories of mental health diagnoses during the pandemic.
38 min
This is our Moment
For Mother's Day: Some history that will blow your mind, and some hopeful ideas for the future.
37 min
Healing Our Grief From the Past Year
Is allowing ourselves to feel our feelings an act of political liberation?
33 min
Business Ladies
Katherine and Angela explore the complexities of being a mission-driven enterprise during a time of massive economic uncertainty.
30 min
The True Cost of the Pandemic for Moms
What the last year has been like for a flight attendant, a congressional candidate, and a nightclub worker.
32 min
It's been a year since the COVID shutdowns. A single mom in Oxford, MS shares her moving story on what the pandemic has cost her.
33 min
What We Deserve
Sharing glimmers of hope for building a more feminist future.
40 min
Caring for Each Other Is Political
This is an episode about surviving uncertainty, tapping into resilience and finding hope.
45 min
Introducing: Embodied
This show is an invitation to have conversations that most people consider impolite.
26 min
The Childcare Game-changer
Reporting on a bright light of hope in the childcare crisis in America.
39 min
Matriarchy Now
There's never been a more important time to hear from mothers.
37 min
Welcome Back to The Double Shift
Challenging the status quo of working motherhood, pandemic style.
2 min
Introducing Labor: The Social Science on Women,...
While we’re hard at work on Season 3, check out this great new show, Labor. We hear a lot about moms being miserable these days. But did you know there's a whole field of social science research dedicated to figuring out why, and what to do about...
31 min
Introducing: The Passion Economy
The Double Shift is still on hiatus, but while we dream big about Season 3, check out this new show from Planet Money creator, Adam Davidson, who sits down with people who’ve channeled their unique passions and interests into successful...
10 min
F*ck Mom Guilt World Tour Live
Host Katherine Goldstein is joined live on stage at Betabrand in San Francisco by Inflection Point’s Lauren Schiller and Hana Baba from The Stoop podcast. We discuss the mental load, cross cultural pressures on mothers, and of course saying “F*ck...
45 min
The Revolution Begins with Us
For our season finale, we talk to author Angela Garbes about the root of the deep pressures mothers feel in our society.
41 min
Living The Double Shift
Host Katherine Goldstein talks candidly with Senior Producer Rachel McCarthy about her life's own plot twists since season 1 as she prepares for big changes in her own family. She also discusses how the themes of the season have influenced her, her...
35 min
Don't Call Me "Mom," Call Me Ted
After giving birth to five children, Ted Rau now identifies as a transgender man, and he’s created a life outside the single family model by raising his kids in co-housing. His story presents a fascinating and nuanced take on community, gender and...
35 min
Choose Your Own Family
We've headed to Canada to highlight families making their own rules. First up, Sarah MacDonald, who's raising her kids with a queer man she found through a co-parenting "dating" site, and Natasha Bahkt and Lynda Collins, who've never been a couple and...
46 min
The 43% Mother
In Nataly Antar’s Orthrodox Jewish marriage, her husband worked while she cooked, cleaned, and took care of their young children. Nataly assumed her divorce would be just as traditional. She was wrong. In this episode, we explore what it means to be...
34 min
The Honor Student
Maria Ramirez was a straight-A high school senior gunning for the Ivy League when she found out she was pregnant. Her journey to college graduation was filled with huge personal and financial obstacles, until she found a program that viewed motherhood...
37 min
S2: The Revolution Begins at Home
In Season 1 we dove into work and careers, but no one’s work life is going to change if our home lives are stuck in the past. This season we’re bringing you six episodes of boundary-breaking conversations that present bold new ideas for our lives.
2 min
Introducing The Next Big Idea
Ideas are coming at you every day from all directions. How can you process it all? You can start with The Next Big Idea. Host Rufus Griscom and legendary thought leaders Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Dan Pink, and Susan Cain, will be your...
8 min
Bonus: Inflection Point on Paid Family Leave
If you loved Ep. 10 on family leave, check out this episode of Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller, a show about how women rise up. She’s joined by Katie Bethell, founder of Paid Leave for the US, who shares stories and strategies for getting paid...
52 min
BONUS: Unladylike preview
We’re still on break working hard on Season 2, but in the meantime, check out this preview from our friends at Unladylike, a show about gender rules and the people who break them. This episode features Hillary Frank discussing a topic dear to us:...
16 min
Paid Family Leave: We Can Do Better
The paid family leave situation in America is so bad, mothers are conditioned to think that we’re “lucky” to get ANY time off at all to care for a new baby or adopted child. Erin Grau was a New York Times employee who wasn’t satisfied with...
33 min
Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
Angelica Lindsey-Ali is the mother of four and a sex educator. She’s also a practicing Muslim who travels around the country with a bag full of rainbow dildos teaching mothers that a sexually awakened woman is a powerful woman.... And the best...
36 min
A Mother's Day Revolution & Invitation
Author Amy Westervelt and host Katherine Goldstein discuss how we can recapture the revolutionary spirit of Mother’s Day
34 min
Co-Work, Co-Play
Most offices in America are still built by men, for men. Because of this, Tiffany Frye couldn't find any work and childcare arrangement that worked for her. So she built her own. We visit Nido, a workspace in North Carolina that puts the needs of...
19 min
On Not Having It All
Host Katherine Goldstein was dedicating her career to covering issues facing working moms when her own personal and work life came messily crashing together. Recorded as an audio diary, Katherine shares a very personal story about family, ambition,...
35 min
Inside the Brothels BONUS Episode
Our "Mamas of the Brothels" episode took a lot to pull off. We tell some of the wild, behind-the-scenes stories about how this story about sex worker moms almost fell apart. Executive Producer Sarah Ventre shares how she pulled the story together by...
21 min
Mamas of the Brothels
Natasha Star is one of the highest-earning sex workers at The Sagebrush Ranch in Lyon County, Nevada. She's also a mom to a five year-old son. In this episode we talk to moms, a madam at The Mustang Ranch, and experts to explore the perks and pitfalls...
33 min
The Candidate Who Carpools
Ashton Clemmons didn't think the voice of mothers was well represented in North Carolina's state government. So in 2018, she was one of the unprecedented number of women who ran for office. This intimate story gives a real look at what it's like to be...
24 min
Night Shift in Sin City
Nydia Sanchez runs one of Las Vegas' only overnight, 24-hour child care centers, serving 108 kids. Many of her clients are single moms who work in casinos, and as waitresses, nurses and dancers. We visit to find out how Nydia keeps her business...
18 min
Punk Rock Rabbi
How do you continue to have a creative and fulfilling professional life after you have a kid?
20 min
Introducing The Double Shift
Welcome to The Double Shift, the show about women who are challenging how society sees mothers and how we see ourselves. 
2 min