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The Dad Experience; A Podcast Where D...
A Place Where Dads and Moms Can Connect and Openly Share Parenting Advice and Stories. New dads, seasoned dads, dads that have transitioned to grandfathers. The Dad Experience is a podcast where we can come together and share our experiences and lets face it some dad fails too! Adam brings on Fathers from all walks of life to share their experiences and advice. All of this while we document our experiences with our kids. If you have a suggestion or would like to share your Dad Experience email us at experienceanddad@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @dadexppodcast or Facebook “The Dad Experience”.
Kids & Family
Society & Culture
How Do You Plan Your Child’s Party?
This episode we talk to Brett Pransky about party planning and how we can make it easier and more fun for everyone.
27 min
Family Values; With Dad and Backstreet Boy Howie D
This episode we talk to Howie D from The Backstreet Boys! We discuss his new family album Which One Am I?, raising kids, and how important culture and family values play into our children's growth.
34 min
Why is it important to Stay Fit and Healthy For...
We talk to Dad and personal trainer from Fit Dad Fitness Michael Ashford about finding ways to stay fit and healthy from exercise to eating the right foods.
35 min
How Do We Build Better Relationships with Our ...
Adam talks to Ryan from Daring to Dad, about his experiences with faith, raising children, and teaching our kids and family to be better members of society.
34 min
How do We Become a Better Parent? A discussion ...
In this episode we talk to an amazing dad and author of the new book Daddy Saturday about being a better dad, and building better more involved relationships with our kids!
34 min
Building Better Relationships and Breaking Down...
This episode we talk to Author and Podcast Host, Robert Kandell about breaking down gender norms, and building better relationships with our kids and our partners.
35 min
Corporate Musicals with Dad; Featuring Veteran ...
Adam talks with veteran comedy writer for David Letterman and subject of the documentary "Bathtubs Over Broadway" about fatherhood and his experiences with Cooperate Musicals.
32 min
Sharing Our Emotions and Feelings with Our Kid...
We talk to Dad and Author of Made for Me a children's book Zack Bush. They talk about letting our guard down and not being afraid to share our emotions with our kids, and our reoccurring segment "Things We Can't Wait to See Through Our Children's Eyes".
35 min
What's it Like to Be a Stay at Home Dad?; A Con...
This week we talk to Kent and Jeff about being a stay at home dad, craft beers and more!
32 min
Music For All Abilities; A Conversation with Gr...
Adam talks to Brady Rymer, a Grammy Nominated singer songwriter of family music. We discuss all the projects Brady is involved with and discuss how music can effect folks young and old of all abilities.
34 min
How Do We Save For Our Kids Education?
Adam talks to Abby Chao co-founder and COO of CollegeBacker. We talk 529 plans and how we can save better for our kids.
24 min
Harvesting Creativity With Our Kids
Adam talks to musician and Dad Randy Kaplan about the importance of music and creativity for our children.
32 min
The Importance of Mental Health as a Parent and...
On this episode we talk to mom and documentary film maker Ana Joanes about her latest documentary "Wrestling Ghosts" and why mental health is so important.
39 min
How Do We Build Better Relationships with our C...
Adam talks to father and son authors Brian and Jeff Becker about their book Tender Lions, and being honest with ourselves to build a better more positive relationship with our kids and our families.
39 min
How Do You Do Books With Your Kids?
This week we talk to Casey and Alex author and illustrator of the amazing children’s book When I Grow Up about children’s books and more.
40 min
Co-parenting; Being the Best Parents We Can Be ...
Adam sits down with dad and entrepreneur Peter Kolat we talk about his experiences with coparenting.
31 min
What Do We Do When Our Kids Are Too Busy?
Adam talks to mom and author Pam Lobley about her book "Why Can't We Just Play, What I did When I Realized My Kids are Too Busy"
35 min
Taking Care of Ourselves So We Can Be Better Pa...
Adam talks to Louise Webster, mother, vlogger, and author about the importance of taking care of your needs, in order to be a better parents.
33 min
How Do We Work Together To Be Better Parents?
Terry Manrique from Working With Parents sits down with Adam to discuss how to become better parents and better partners.
49 min
How Do We Stay Fit and Healthy as Busy Parents
This episode we talk to Zach Ganska about getting healthy and in shape as a busy parent.
44 min
Parenting Through Music; With Dad and Songwrite...
Adam talks to dad and reggae artist Aaron Nigel Smith about the importance of music for our children and being a dad.
32 min
Being an Entrepreneur and Dad; with Arash Shirazi
Adam talks to Arash an agent, entrepreneur and dad!
38 min
What's it Like Being a Dad; a conversation with...
Adam talks to actor Ryan Robbins from the WGN and Hulu show Pure. They discuss his parenting style and what works.
52 min
How Do You Harvest Collaboration and Creating W...
Adam talks to co-founder and CEO Benjamin Salka of the popular podcast and show The Story Pirates. In this episode Adam and Benjamin talk the importance of collaboration and creating with our kids.
35 min
Parenting and Work Life Balance; A Discussion w...
Adam and Eric talk to producer and director of The Bill Murray Stories about the ins and outs of parenting, work life balance, and breaking down dad stereotypes.
43 min
How Do We Balance our Family Budget: A Conversa...
Adam talks to family financial podcaster Andy Hill about budgeting your family, planning for college, and retirement
37 min
DADTV; What are Your Top Animated Films for the...
It's Oscar month, so Adam and Jorge talk the animated full length feature films that are up for an Oscar, and their predictions on who will win. All of that and their three favorite animated films.
36 min
Foster Care; A Conversation with Foster Dad and...
Adam talks to Dr John DeGarmo about foster care and how to become a foster parent.
25 min
How Have You Grown as a Dad? A Conversation wit...
Adam talks to Justin Mcclure about his life as a dad, getting sober, and his family's success on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.
43 min
What Do You Do With Your Kids During the Cold W...
Adam and Mike talk how they handle the cold winter months with their kids.
20 min
DADTV; How Do We Monitor Our Kid's Online Conte...
Mike and Jorge discuss the ins and out on how they monitor online content and games for their kids.
38 min
What Does Mom Think of Dad Life?
Adam and Eric sit down with their wives Lauren and Emily to discuss what do moms think of dad life?
34 min
What is Your Parenting Style?
Adam and Mike talk to Jason about parenting style, co-parenting, and growing beards!
38 min
Life in the Big City: Moving Away and Raising a...
Mike and Adam discuss the holidays, and moving away from family for work, and raising kids with out a support system.
40 min
What is Elf on the Shelf?
Adam, Eric, and Peter talk Elf on the Shelf, what it is and how they incorporate it.
18 min
What Does a Princess Look Like?; A Discussion w...
Adam and Mike talk to Mark about parenting, adoption, and his book What Does a Princess Really Look Like?
43 min
DadTV: Netflix Algorithms and Holiday Movies
Adam, Mike, and Guest Host Jorge talk about making algorithms work better for us in nettles and hour favorite holiday movies.!
43 min
Hip Hop Dad
Adam talks to Dad and Hip Hop artist Antoine Edmondson about parenting music and sharing his journey of fatherhood through music.
32 min
Movember, Parentng, and Families; A Special on ...
We sit down with the guys from Detroit Grooming and Old 13 Barber Company and discuss Movember, families, and parenting.
31 min
Balancing Your Family and The Holiday Season
Adam and Eric talk about the busy holiday season and how they manage their time with their families.
22 min
DadTV; How Do Parents Choose Movies and Content...
In this episode Adam and Mike are joined by Jorge to introduce a new reoccurring segment DadTV. In this special minisode they discuss their 3 favorite family movies.
39 min
What Do You Do to Bond With Your Family?
Adam talks to viral dad Derrick about how he bonds with his family through creating viral videos and social media content.
39 min
Is Parenting What You Expected? From Toddlers t...
In this episode we talk to Cary a divorced dad who tells us about his experiences of raising his daughter from infancy to her teenage years.
46 min
What Do You Want to Know about Being a Dad and ...
In this episode we turn the tables and talk to our hosts, Adam and Mike about being a dad.
32 min
Are Your Kids Protected Against Meningitis?
On this episode we discuss protecting our kids from the potentially deadly meningitis.
64 min
Reinventing Yourself as a Dad From World Series...
Adam and Mike talk to Rob about his experiences as a trader to World Series of poker player, to entrepreneur and stay at home dad. Rob has reinvented himself many times and share some great advice and stories.
40 min
Reinventing Yourself as a Dad From World Series...
Adam and Mike talk to Rob about his experiences as a trader,to World Series of poker player, to entrepreneur and stay at home dad. Rob has reinvented himself many times and share some great advice and stories.
27 min
Life Experiences From Parenting to Grandparents
Adam talks to ML Liebler about his experiences in parenting through language arts and fine arts. He also discussed the differences in parenting versus grandparenting.
50 min
Parents Traveling with Kids
Dads Adam and Eric talk about traveling with our kids and the ups, downs, and tricks that go along with it.
39 min
Sharing Our Feelings and Emotions With Our Kids
We talk to Dad and Author of Made for Me a children's book Zack Bush. They talk about letting our guard down and not being afraid to share our emotions with our kids, and our reoccurring segment "Things We Can't Wait to See Through Our Children's Eyes".
35 min
Film Score Dad
We talk to Chad, who moved away from family to fulfill a life long dream in film scoring. We discuss music, raising a family away from extended family, and our favorite segment "Things we can't wait to see through our children's' eyes".
43 min
The Video Game Parenting Theory; The Final Inst...
In this episode Adam and Eric continue comparing parenting to levels of video games in the final installment of our mini series. This will be the final episode in the miniseries.
24 min
Principal, Dad, and Harry Potter Fan
Adam and Mike talk to Peter about being a dad, principal, and avid Harry Potter Fan. All this and our favorite segment "Things We Can't Wait to See Through our Children's Eyes"
53 min
The Video Game Parenting Theory; The Sequel
In this episode Adam and Eric continue comparing parenting to levels of video games in part two of our mini series. This will be a reoccurring miniseries airing every other Thursday.
28 min
From Family Movies to Troubles of Conceiving
We talk to Dad and podcast host Kyle about Family movies and the difficulties in conceiving. All this and our favorite segment "Things We Can't Wait to See Through Our Childrens Eyes"
63 min
The Video Game Parenting Theory
In this episode Adam, Mike, and Eric compare parenting to levels of video games. This will be a reoccurring miniseries airing every other Thursday.
37 min
Skoolie Family and Dad
Dads Adam and Chad talk about Chads experience being a skoolie family traveling and all the great things his family is doing through their website www.lovealwaysadventureoften.com
47 min
Jazz Dad; Raising Kids Long Distance as a singl...
Adam chats with jazz trumpet player Kris Johnson and discuss raising his boys as a single long distance and helping them find and develope a love for music.
41 min
Single Dad; Bonding Over a Love for Disney
Single dad Robert sits down with the guys and talk everything from raising a daughter as a single dad, and all things Disney from parks to movies.
62 min
A Tribute to Dad; A Special Father's Day Special
We talk to children young and old what they love about dad, and what their favorite memory of their father is. Happy Father's Day!
32 min
Is There Humor In Parenting?
Adam and Mike talk to Comedian and Dad Eric about his experiences with fatherhood and the humor he finds in it to make him a better parent.
64 min
Mom and Dad Talking Partnerships in Parenting
Adam and his wife Lauren sit down and talk about sharing the parenting duties equally and the stigma society puts on Dad and Mom duties.
26 min
A Father's Balance; A Dad, Teacher, and Family Man
Dad and educator Tom joins us on this exciting episode and tells us about being an involved father, balancing family time, work, and still finding mom and dad time.
48 min
Dad Stereotypes?
The Fathers discuss Romper's article on dad stereotypes and if they are true or if the article is just a satire.
15 min
Parenting Our Kids in a World of Technology
Adam sits down with pete an information technology director about managing our kids in a world of tech.
65 min
A Growing Family; Going from One to Two Childre...
The woes of parenting more than one child from infancy to adolescence.
22 min
Taking Care of Yourself as a Busy Dad and Busin...
With Detroit Grooming CEO and Co-Founder Mike Haddad
46 min
The Mom Experience with Dad
25 min
Man Vs. Baby; A Conversation with Author and Da...
67 min
Keeping Our Families Healthy; How Do You Do It?
A Conversation with Lean Green Dad Cory Warren
43 min
Balancing a Full House
Raising Well Rounded Children
44 min
Middle School, High School, Voice Health Oh My!
43 min
Parenting and Work or Work and Parenting
34 min
Heart Health and Awareness
An Episode in Honor of Heart Month and Congenital Heart Defect Week
51 min
Four Weeks a Dad
Mike and Adam catch up after the holidays. They also sit down with Mark a dad who’s became a first time father. They discuss the awesome experience of becoming a dad, and talk about the parts of fatherhood that were expected and some that...
42 min
Raising a Family With No Support System
Living in a Big City
37 min
Finding Time to Be an Adult
In our latest episode, the guys discuss finding time to do things with their partner as adults, and fining time to do the individual things and hobbies we enjoy doing in order to keep your relationships and families going.  Getting into the...
28 min
Born Abroad
Raising a Child in a Different Culture
48 min
Dads Protecting Kids from Potentially Deadly Me...
Adam and Matt sit down and talk To Dr. Paul Lee and Blake Schuchardt about Meningitis, their experiences, and how it can be prevented.  Adam finally shares about his near death experience with meningitis, and the group discusses how to be strong...
64 min
Ep 12 Teaching Our Kids to Be Informed
Matt and Adam sit down with Tom a high school principal and educator. We discuss how to teach our kids to be informed members of society and how to encourage them to stand up against hatred, violence, and discrimination.   Have a show idea,...
72 min
Ep 11 Coping with Depression and Stress
In the latest ep the Guys let their guard down and talk about depression and stress along with being a dad. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at experienceanddad@gmail.com or reach out to us on twitter...
57 min
Episode 10 Becoming Dad
Thoughts from a soon to be Father
72 min
Be the Victor not the Victim
A Dad's Experience From Birth to Fighting His Son's Leukemia
69 min
The Kind of Parent You Are
A look at parenting styles
38 min
Ep 7 A Special Fathers Day
Happy Father's Day!!  In this very special episode, we share our special Father's Day experiences!  Matt talks about how he likes to spend his Father's Day and what he did on this exciting day.  Adam talks about his first Father's Day,...
31 min
Acknowledging Fear
In this episode, Adam and Matt discuss some listener feedback from episode six.  Afterwards, they discuss the fears they have as dads and the different ways in which men cope with their fears.  They dig a bit deeper and discuss Adam's...
41 min
The Mask of Masculinity
A look into masculinity and parenting
66 min
Ep 4 Dad's Survival
Tips on Surviving Fatherhood
83 min
Life With Twins
A dad's experience with children at home
49 min
Special Announcement
Please leave us some feedback where ever you get your podcasts.  Have a show idea, question, comment, or want to be on the show email us experienceanddad@gmail.com. Join our community like us on Facebook "The Dad Experience".  You can...
1 min
Episode 2: Staying Home With Dad
From A Career to Becoming a Stay at Home Dad
53 min
Brand New Dad
Experiencing everything from infertility, birth, to raising a child
37 min
The Dad Experience Trailer
The Dad Experience talks to dads and moms from all walks of life. We break down the typical stereotypes that are associated with fatherhood, and provide a place for dads to let their guard down.
0 min