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The Cut on Tuesdays
The Cut on Tuesdays brings you women’s voices on culture, style, sex, politics, and people: It’s everything The Cut can’t stop talking about. Join host Molly Fischer every week for arguments, obsessions, dissections, reflections, confessions, and other deep dives. From New York Magazine and Gimlet Media.
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How Jill Kargman Gets It Done
22 min
The Women of the Caravan
A caravan of migrants from Honduras reached the U.S. border a few weeks ago. Now, thousands are living in a camp in Tijuana, waiting to find out whether they'll be allowed in the country. We visited the camp to talk to women about what life is like in limbo -- caught between countries, separated from their families, with no idea what comes next.
28 min
How Amy Sherald Gets It Done
We talk with artist Amy Sherald for our "How I Get It Done Series" about sudden fame,
20 min
Down the Street from a Mass Shooting
40 min
How Robin Roberts Gets It Done
For the first in our "How I Get It Done" series, Stella Bugbee talks with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.
25 min
Beat Around the Bush: On Pubes
34 min
Motherhood: "You Can't Back Out"
This week, stories about motherhood, and the bullshit that comes your way.
32 min
Ferrante Forever: We Revisit My Brilliant Friend
This week we’re talking about the Neapolitan novels, by Elena Ferrante. An adaptation of the first book in that series, My Brilliant Friend, is coming to HBO later this month... and we’re using that as an excuse to revisit Ferrante's world.
29 min
A Totally Different Game: How Alexandria Ocasio...
It's election day. There are a record 257 women are running for Congress, and on this week’s show, we're focusing on one of them: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
28 min
"She's Never Done Anything Halfway": Making a F...
The violence of the last week has clearly shown how hateful rhetoric can translate to real-world violence. So, what do we know about the conditions that allow hate to take hold? In this episode, Cut writer Anna Silman examines the path to right-wing extremism taken by her high school classmate, Faith Goldy.
28 min
"He's Coming After Us": A List and a Lawsuit
24 min
"If It Were Easy, We'd Have Done It": Power
On our first episode, we’re talking about power: from the inadequacy of empowerment, to what it feels like to be powerful (and powerless); and how to change who actually has power.
26 min
Introducing The Cut on Tuesdays
2 min
Introducing Three New Gimlet Shows
New series premiering This October
2 min