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The Cut on Tuesdays
The Cut on Tuesdays brings you women’s voices on culture, style, sex, politics, and people: It’s everything The Cut can’t stop talking about. Join host Molly Fischer every week for arguments, obsessions, dissections, reflections, confessions, and other deep dives. From New York Magazine and Gimlet Media.
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How Tamara Mellon Gets It Done
How fashion designer Tamara Mellon gets it done
34 min
Selling Out
Author Curtis Sittenfeld talks about what it means to sell out -- from short stories on Chipotle cups to brand-written tweets.
39 min
How Yasmeen Hassan Gets It Done
How Global Executive Director for Equality Now, Yasmeen Hassan, gets it done.
26 min
I Love You I Love You I Love You
Marriage: Why do we bother? Our theory is that it all comes down to a good story -- so this week, we've got two couples with really good stories.
37 min
Family Money
On this week’s show, Stacey Abrams tells us how she wound up $200,000 in debt, and Abigail Disney explains why no one should have a private jet.
38 min
How Nora McInerny Gets It Done
How author, podcast host, and self-described "tragedy connoisseur" Nora McInerny gets it done
22 min
What Is Sex?
We’re returning to the dawn of sexual knowledge to answer the question: what is sex?
32 min
How Rukmini Callimachi Gets It Done
We talked with Rukmini Callimachi, award winning journalist and host of the podcast Caliphate, about how she gets it done.
36 min
A Normal Person Conversation with Sally Rooney
We talked with Sally Rooney, author of Conversations With Friends and Normal People, about why she writes, how she’s smuggled socialism into page turners, the best way to keep her readers hooked, and much more.
24 min
How the Stars of Russian Doll, Shrill, and Top ...
Natasha Lyonne, Greta Lee, Padma Lakshmi, Aidy Bryant, and Hope Solo tell us how they tackle rejection, imposter syndrome, new job stress, and get it all done.
24 min
A Story We Love From The Nod
35 min
Can You Be Ambitious and Happy?
This week, we take a look at ambition: the internal force that wakes you up at 2:30 am full of ideas, that makes you want to do more than you thought you could, or than anyone else said you can.
30 min
Who Even Was Karl Lagerfeld?
A cartoon, a genius, a man who hated sweatpants... Making sense of one of the greatest fashion designers of all time, with Vanessa Grigoriadis, Carl Swanson, and Cathy Horyn.
25 min
23 Weeks, 6 Days
In the fight over later abortions, the political rhetoric is miles away from the lived reality. This week, we tell one woman’s story.
26 min
Everybody Must Get Stoned
How are we feeling about weed? On this week's show, we talk to Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld of HBO's High Maintenance, Jia Tolentino, Aminatou Sow, Allison P. Davis, Nazanin Rafsanjani, Alex Blumberg, and many more.
28 min
Listening to Estrogen
When Lisa Miller's editor came to her with this story idea, she didn't want anything to do with it. But then she started poking around... and wound up spending the next year reporting what she found. On this week's show, the link between menopause and late-onset schizophrenia.
26 min
Like It or Not
"Likeable" has always been a loaded word when it comes to women in politics--it sounds a lot like barely-veiled sexism. But what if everything's changing? How does a politician make voters like her in 2019?
25 min
Bad Sex, Good Sex, Book Sex: Fiction That Makes...
Two different eras of sexual tumult, two very different blockbuster stories about sex. This week, we discuss books and boning.
27 min
How Sarah Koenig Gets It Done
Sarah Koenig is the host and co-creator of Serial, the show that made podcasts a cultural phenomenon. After three seasons of exhaustive reporting, we wanted to ask her: how does she get it done? We sat down with Sarah to talk about how she balances work demands and supporting her family, her work wife, how she got over her fear of flying; and much more.
25 min
Escape from Shame Jail: On Apologies
It's the perfect time of year for apologies. Instead of thinking about everything you're going to do right in the future, what about everything you did wrong in the past? We asked our listeners what they were sorry for... and they had A LOT to say.
25 min
Hello and Welcome to My Bad Dinner Party
Samin Nosrat, Angela Dimayuga, and Carla Lalli Music do their best to help Madeleine Aggeler--the Cut's semi-competent food columnist--throw a dinner party for her friends.
31 min
How Jill Kargman Gets It Done
22 min
The Women of the Caravan
A caravan of migrants from Honduras reached the U.S. border a few weeks ago. Now, thousands are living in a camp in Tijuana, waiting to find out whether they'll be allowed in the country. We visited the camp to talk to women about what life is like in limbo -- caught between countries, separated from their families, with no idea what comes next.
28 min
How Amy Sherald Gets It Done
We talk with artist Amy Sherald for our "How I Get It Done Series" about sudden fame,
20 min
Down the Street from a Mass Shooting
40 min
How Robin Roberts Gets It Done
For the first in our "How I Get It Done" series, Stella Bugbee talks with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.
25 min
Beat Around the Bush: On Pubes
34 min
Motherhood: "You Can't Back Out"
This week, stories about motherhood, and the bullshit that comes your way.
32 min
Ferrante Forever: We Revisit My Brilliant Friend
This week we’re talking about the Neapolitan novels, by Elena Ferrante. An adaptation of the first book in that series, My Brilliant Friend, is coming to HBO later this month... and we’re using that as an excuse to revisit Ferrante's world.
29 min
A Totally Different Game: How Alexandria Ocasio...
It's election day. There are a record 257 women are running for Congress, and on this week’s show, we're focusing on one of them: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
28 min
"She's Never Done Anything Halfway": Making a F...
The violence of the last week has clearly shown how hateful rhetoric can translate to real-world violence. So, what do we know about the conditions that allow hate to take hold? In this episode, Cut writer Anna Silman examines the path to right-wing extremism taken by her high school classmate, Faith Goldy.
28 min
"He's Coming After Us": A List and a Lawsuit
24 min
"If It Were Easy, We'd Have Done It": Power
On our first episode, we’re talking about power: from the inadequacy of empowerment, to what it feels like to be powerful (and powerless); and how to change who actually has power.
26 min
Introducing The Cut on Tuesdays
2 min
Introducing Three New Gimlet Shows
New series premiering This October
2 min