The Control Group

In season two of THE CONTROL GROUP (Civil Defense), the airwaves are filled with announcements of a nuclear attack on the United States. As panic threatens the community of New Canaan, a housewife (Tess Malis Kincaid) tries to protect her daughter (Allie Ficken) from both the atomic and the human dangers that surround them. Woven throughout the story are fragments of “Quasar-1,” an animated children’s television program about a space pilot (Hannah Fierman) assigned to protect a distant planet from self-destruction.

Performing Arts
Introducing - 13 Days of Halloween: The Sea
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1 min
S2 E7: Epilogue
15 min
S2 E6: Make Believe
34 min
S2 E5: The Fortress
33 min
S2 E4: A Prophecy
23 min
S2 E3: L.M.O.E.
35 min
S2 E2: Shelter
36 min
S2 E1: Red Alert
40 min
Introducing The Control Group: Civil Defense
2 min
S1 E10: Terminal Studies
Somerhill convenes a meeting at the abandoned Founder's Mansion. Dr. Hayes is challenged to demonstrate the effectiveness of his radical treatments by performing a type of experiment that, under ordinary circumstances, is forbidden in scientific research.
27 min
S1 E9: Midnight Climax
Now that Dr. Hayes has penetrated the Dixie Hotel’s chamber of secrets, Somerhill and Dr. Gottfried reveal the hidden workings of the plot in which Karen has been entangled. Grath finds Karen in the hospital basement, and a bitter grudge is settled.
32 min
S1 E8: Cages
Following the incident at the Dixie Hotel, Dr. Hayes returns to Central State Hospital just as its orderly operation is interrupted. In defiance of Dr. Hayes, Verdrey attempts to hide Karen where the hospital’s darkest secrets are kept.
23 min
S1 E7: Charlotte
Housebound and suffering from mental collapse, Charlotte receives an encouraging message from an unlikely herald. Dr. Hayes requests Charlotte’s special assistance in a personal investigation into the circumstances of Karen’s crime.
34 min
Somerhill receives word of Hayes’s revelation from both the proud doctor and a rogue agent, who is furious at having been exposed. Unsatisfied with Hayes’s explanation, Verdrey begins to investigate the identity and purpose of the S.I.H.E.
28 min
E1 E5: Sodium Amytal
Intent on exposing Karen's secrets, Dr. Hayes subjects her to chemical hypnosis and coerces her to reenact the events at the hotel. His unhealthy obsession with her reaches new depths, but his unorthodox role-playing leads to an unexpected breakthrough.
24 min
S1 E4: Phenobarbital
Karen spends days confined to a "sleep room." Somerhill encourages Dr. Hayes to become more aggressive in his therapies, just as Verdrey begins to question Hayes's methods. Charlotte is released.
36 min
S1 E3: Psychic Driving
Dr. Hayes conscripts Karen to tape record a message of cooperation and compliance, to be used in future therapies. When Karen attempts to escape, attendant Grath, who is prone to bullying and abuse, volunteers to find her ... and succeeds.
25 min
S1 E2: Sleep Therapy
Dr. Hayes realizes he must cultivate more ambitious therapies if he expects to win the fiscal support of a large research group. Long term patient Charlotte grows jealous of the doctor’s obvious fascination with the new patient, Karen.
39 min
S1 E1: ECT
After being apprehended fleeing the scene of a crime, an outspoken woman is placed in the Central State Hospital for examination and evaluation. After a terse interview with Dr. Hayes, she is quickly acquainted with the harsh realities of life in B Ward.
22 min
The Control Group: Trailer
Encouraged by a private research group, a doctor at a mental ward sheds his ethical restraints in an effort to pioneer a new form of mental cleansing.
1 min