The Bulletin

The Bulletin is a podcast for Christians seeking insights into the events, questions, and people that are shaping their world. Each episode will help Christians consider the intersection of faith, culture and spiritual formation. Subscribe today!

Religion & Spirituality
Fever Dream
RFK announces his running mate, pro-lifers talk pro-choice, and Beyonce goes country.
50 min
Bonus Episode: Iran Attacks Israel
Iran launches a missile attack on Israel
25 min
Don’t Bet the Farm On It
White Rural Rage, Christians and sports betting, and Israel’s complicated path forward.
51 min
I Wear Suits Now
The House GOP majority slips, Christians learn civility, and Bernie proposes a 4-day work week.
54 min
Play to the Balcony
Trump promises pardon, terrorists attack Moscow, and a bridge falls in Baltimore
55 min
How High's The Blood Pressure, Mama?
51 min
Would I Lie to You?
41 min
No Lifeguard on Duty
47 min
Where's That Line, Anyway?
Mike and Nicole reflect on the recent death of protestor Aaron Bushnell and its implications for a Christian ethic of protest.
45 min
Once Upon a Time Not Long Ago
Anxiety about AI in the workplace, Navalny’s death, and Black History Month’s continuing relevance.
52 min
One on One with Rob Reiner and Dan Partland
A conversation with the duo at the helm of the documentary "God and Country"
34 min
Promised Land: The Zionist Story
The roots, identity, and inspiration of Zionism
60 min
Watch This
U.S. response to Iran’s actions, the weight of celebrity endorsements, Mark Zuckerberg apologizes, and a report from Sundance.
40 min
Your Own Personal Jesus
Trump wins the NH primary, TikTok Jesus hawks a prosperity gospel, and Lenin is dead (still).
41 min
Three's A Crowd
Trump wins in Iowa, Israel goes to court, and polyamory is trending.
48 min
Don't Go There
The pope condemns surrogacy, evangelicals critique their own, and politics returns to the pulpit.
52 min
Reproach Carefully
Harvard removes Claudine Gay, Republicans struggle as caucuses approach, and we’re all tired of being tired.
47 min
Ready For It?
The Bulletin looks back and ahead and makes resolutions for the new year.
43 min
He Said, He Said
The pope blesses same-sex relationships, Colorado bumps Trump from the ballot, and Brian Houston’s got a new church.
52 min
Promised Land: It's Complicated
What happened on October 7 changed everything for Israelis. We visit Kfar Aza to understand why.
47 min
Do You See What I See?
Footballers acknowledge disability, Satan arrives at the Iowa Capitol, and biblical critical theory makes its mark.
46 min
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Our Stories
Universities defend hate speech. Famous people are human, too. And, multiethnic churches are growing.
48 min
That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man
The climate changes, Merriam-Webster celebrates authenticity, and Mike returns from Israel.
43 min
Wombs, Shrooms, and Classrooms
Embryo adoption invites new questions, international students return to US colleges, and psychedelic churches offer alternatives to traditional religious communities.
51 min
Not On Our Watch
Laws restrict pornography access, the Supreme Court codifies its ethics, and pro-life advocates look for what’s next.
52 min