The Bulletin

The Bulletin is a podcast for Christians seeking insights into the events, questions, and people that are shaping their world. Each episode will help Christians consider the intersection of faith, culture and spiritual formation. Subscribe today!

Religion & Spirituality
We The People, They The Enemy
CPAC, Trump, Retribution, and Eradication. Oh…and the Oscars too!
57 min
Slopes Keep On Slippin’ Slippin’ Slippin’
Fox News faces depositions, Scott Adams cries cancel culture, and the SBC boots Saddleback.
51 min
The Resilient And The Inept
Ukrainian courage, mishandled abuse, and the future of Christian higher education.
56 min
And Now For Something Completely Different
Don’t let the Asbury University revivals, American politics, or even the Enneagram turn you into a cynic.
62 min
Introducing: The Slow Work
36 min
Mind The Gap
Tyre Nichols and our failure to love, mushrooms and the search for God, and Dr. Phil heads for the exit.
47 min
1,000 Typing Monkeys Can't Be Wrong
Classified documents, Pride Night at the NHL, and ChatGPT.
40 min
More Old People! More Babies!
Rising deaths of despair, the future of Roe, and gaslighting over gas stoves.
46 min
Special Episode: The Bono Interview
Mike Cosper interviewed the U2 frontman for December’s cover story. Here’s the whole conversation.
55 min
Whatever It Is, I’m Against It
We’ve grown accustomed to dissension in much of American life. Should we bother hoping for something more?
43 min
2023: Here Comes the Sun?
Analysis of the year’s best and worst offers a hopeful look toward 2023.
40 min
But Who Owns the Moon?
Science and finance may determine who’s in or out, but the kitchen table welcomes all.
39 min
Still Bowling Alone
Loneliness and isolation continue to plague us despite more connection available through technology than ever before.
51 min
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Disregard for our neighbor leaves Christians a people living in darkness, in desperate need of light.
40 min
Violence, Protest, and Pumpkin Pie
Culture war in a crust: the surprising connection between Club Q, Iran and pumpkin pie.
27 min
Maybe Babel Was Bad?
At the polls and in the pews, we’re searching for where we belong.
55 min
The "Meh"-term Elections
After two years of pandemic tension, are we finally too tired to get angry at the polls?
60 min
1 min