The Band: A History
Exploring the history of Canadian-American roots rock group, The Band.
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Interview: Elliott Landy
Famed Photographer of The Band joins the podcast to discuss his latest crowdsourced project Contacting The Band.
73 min
Rock of Ages
“Everybody had been so easily satisfied before and then it got harder to do what we did at ease… The feeling that the group had become what we’d rebelled against… that’s what a lot of the music after The Band was about.'' Robbie Robertson reflected in 1982 on the Rock of Ages period in The Band's history.
36 min
In 1993 Rick Danko told The News-Star: "I think we shipped a million copies of that second album and that changed a lot of people’s lives — in particular, the Band’s. After that, we were only getting together once a year, for a couple of months, to record. It was like we were too decadent to play.”
62 min
Interview: Daniel Roher
The Band: A History sits down with "Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band" director Daniel Roher.
61 min
Stage Fright
Everything was looking uncertain for The Band at the turn of the decade. The 1970s were about to get a whole lot more difficult.
61 min
Divide & Conquer
With two albums under their belt it was time for a little shake up. The Band spent the last year of the 1960s touring and doing session work.
47 min
Review: "Once Were Brothers" Documentary
We review the new Robbie Robertson documentary "Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band"
15 min
The Brown Album
While The Band had critical success on their first studio effort 1968's "Music From Big Pink" they didn't waste anytime before getting back into the studio to make their follow up.
68 min
Music From Big Pink
The mythical proportion that has graced "Music From Big Pink" has been there since the beginning. By the late sixties, everyone was buzzing about what Dylan and The Band were doing in upstate New York.
36 min
The Basement Tapes
This week we dive deeper into the legendary roots-rock group, The Band as they move up to join Bob Dylan after he recovers from his motorcycle accident. Excited to send some time off the road they took the opportunity to write and record some music
26 min
The Dylan Years
This week we dive deeper into the legendary roots-rock group, The Band as they join Dylan. Detailing the years between 1964 through 1966 we take a look at the group as they get to see the world. Private jets, A-list celebrities, turmoil and more
39 min
The Hawks After Hawkins
This week we dive deeper into the legendary roots-rock group, The Band after they left Ronnie Hawkins. Detailing the years between 1964 into 1965 we take a look at a group of young musicians who were experimenting with their sound.
28 min
Ronnie "The Hawk" Hawkins
Welcome to The Band: A History. Ronnie "The Hawk" Hawkins recounts the legendary singer from Arkansas role on music history, specifically rockabilly and his role in developing the sound in Canada through Canadian musicians.
20 min