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The '90s Sucked
Were the '90s really as great as we sometimes make them out to be? Not really! On this weekly podcast, comedians Adam Tod Brown and Chet Wild explore all the assorted awfulness the 1990s had to offer!
The Y2K Bug
Adam and Chet look back on a mass panic that scared the entire world in the late-90s...the Y2K computer bug, which threatened to transport every computer in the world back to the 1900s
51 min
Beanie Baby Mania!
Adam and Chet look into the fast rise and even faster fall of the first internet sensation, Beanie Babies
48 min
The 1994-1995 Baseball Labor Strike
Adam and Chet talk about the mid-90s labor dispute that brought the game of baseball to a screeching halt and impacted the game for the worse for years to come
58 min
The Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card Scandal
Adam and Chet talk about the over-printing scandal that made all those baseball cards you collected in the '90s completely worthless today
45 min
Operation Desert Storm Pt. 2: The Warrior Media
Adam and Chet explore the borderline fanatical media coverage of the first Gulf War
56 min
Operation Desert Storm Pt. 1: The Dead Baby Myth
Adam and Chet begin a month long deep dive into Operation Desert Storm, America's "good" war in the Middle East. Up first, we examine the US government's complicated relationship with Saddam Hussein, myths and misconceptions about the invasion of Kuwait, and the fake news that sold Americans on supporting the war.
48 min