The Most Important Medicine

The Most Important Medicine is connection! If you’re a professional who wants to have a greater impact in the lives of children and families, building resilience in relationships, this podcast is for you. It's where pediatricians, educators, nurses, advocates and other folks who are in children's lives meet and discuss how to respond and mitigate trauma by building buffering mechanisms that address adversity and build connection. We'll listen to stories and bring our humanness into spaces to transform how we think about children, early relational health and connection. It's truly, the MOST important medicine!

Join us to become a trauma-informed champion by nurturing connections through relational health to help kids and families thrive. Every time you join me, I want you to hear practical information and leave with tangible tools you can use every day.

Mental Health
Episode 68: Sharing Values Amidst Violence: Tal...
Lean into a conversation with my friend and colleague, Ann Brown, as we discuss how to talk to kids about war and violence.
43 min
REPLAY: The "B" Word: Boundaries
Learn the continuum of boundaries and why we should all take a radical look at our own boundaries.
27 min
Episode 67: What Good Is Our Yes If We Can't Sa...
As soon as Ashley said, "I'm in a relationship with boundaries," I was all in!
38 min
BONUS: My Teacher Friends are NOT Okay: FREE LI...
Join Dr. Amy and about 500 educators as we discuss why behaviors are so darn complex today!
63 min
Episode 66: Boundaries Are For Protection Not P...
When families are tough, toxic, or hurtful to you and your children, what do you do?
51 min
Episode 65: Balancing Acts: Doing it All and Re...
Balancing Acts: Dr. Whitney Casares, author of Doing it All, talks about how we can reclaim boundaries, empower working moms, and prioritize our needs!
31 min
Episode 64: The Wrap! October Gems with Dr. Amy
Join Dr. Amy as she highlights the messages of The Most Important Medicine for October - How to connect with kids that are tricky to connect with at times.
14 min
Episode 63: Bridging the Gap: Unveiling the Pow...
You're about to uncover so much about how we can approach people in a more compassionate way with my friend, Danni Verona.
54 min
Episode 62: Unlocking Insights: What Profession...
Get out the tissues, friends, as Dr. Amy invites two special guests to the podcast!
34 min
Episode 61: Connection or Protection: How we un...
Learn about why connection is a biological imperative, the science of behavior and relationship, and how to understand behavior that feels complex.
49 min
Episode 60: The Wrap! September Gems with Dr. Amy
Here are your cliff notes for all-things connection & education from the month of September, plus a sneak peek into October and our upcoming launch.
17 min
Episode 59: The Science Behind Feeling Safe: No...
If you're curious about what it means to become regulated and create regulation for you and children with whom you work, this episode is for you!
46 min
Episode 58: Hearing from Little Voices - Kids' ...
Listen to the littlest experts on what safety, kindness and what being known as a child means.
25 min
Episode 57: "I'm glad you're here!" How to crea...
You're in for a treat as Dr. Amy interviews a veteran mother/daughter duo about how to build resilience through relationships in classrooms!
60 min
Episode 56: We all play a part!
Hear a beautiful story about how we all play a part in the lives of children and get a sneak peek into this fall's lineup!
11 min
Episode 55: Telling Your Story, Hearing My "Why...
Learn about ways to build a community for you, a holding space for your story and Dr. Amy's "why" of less aloneness.
24 min
Episode 54: It Takes a Village: Creating Circle...
It takes a village of support to create relational health and connection.
20 min
Episode 53: Calling All Champions!
Join us as we continue on our August journey of rebranding and hear Dr. Amy discuss 3 pillars of becoming a champion for children.
16 min
Episode 52: Re-envisioning Ourselves
We cannot wait to share what's been going on behind the scenes of this podcast so that we can invite MORE of you IN!
16 min
Episode 51: Three Ways to Recognize a Trauma Re...
Dr. Apigian reminds us that time and love DO NOT heal all things; rather we need to be able to recognize and respond to trauma with compassion and tools.
49 min
Episode 50: The Passion Found Me with Dr. Susan...
Get inspired and learn how to create a movement with my friend, Susan Davis.
43 min
Episode 49: The Moments that Shape Us with Jenn...
Listen as Jennifer shares her humanity, professionalism and lived experience as a way to connect and bring more of our humanity into medicine.
40 min
Episode 48: Dr. Renee Thompson Tells Us How to ...
Learn practical tools & scripts you can utilize right away to create healthy boundaries and help your workplace thrive!
40 min
{REPLAY} Episode 27: Being the Voice of Childre...
Hayley Runnels of The Undone Mama shares her inspirational story of advocacy, survival and community as she discusses her quest to heal trauma and help others.
39 min
Episode 47: Learning to Advocate for Yourself a...
Get ready to be inspired by this fireball!
47 min