The Most Important Medicine: Respondi...

The Most Important Medicine is where physicians and healthcare professionals meet to discuss what trauma is and how it presents in primary care. Then, we talk about how to respond and mitigate trauma by building resilience and other buffering mechanisms that address adversity and build connection. We'll listen to physicians and healthcare providers tell their stories about how to bring humanness into medicine and transform how we think about medicine through relational leadership, early relational health and connection. It's truly, the MOST important medicine!

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Episode 35: 3 Myth Busters About Loving Yoursel...
Join Dr. Amy as she debunks 3 myths about loving ourselves and loving others.
12 min
Episode 34: 5 Ways to Reframe Trauma Narratives
Dr. Amy discusses 5 common narratives about trauma and discusses positive ways to help people reframe their narratives.
16 min
Episode 33: Your Brain is Beautiful with Dr. Amy
How I talk to my clients about trauma and neurobiology
17 min
Episode 32: Dr. Amy Reflects on 6 Months of Pod...
6 Months and 32 episodes later, we've covered a lot! Take a listen!
31 min
Bonus: Join us at the Mini-Retreat in April
Learn about Dr. Amy's mini-retreat in April focused on her trademarked curriculum, Cards for Connection
4 min
Episode 31: Why building a wall won't work with...
Dr. Harker's kind, compassionate but frank feedback about physician burnout, entrepreneurship and wellness is a breath of fresh air!
41 min
Episode 30: Be the Calm in the Storm with Dr. R...
Dr. Amy & Dr. Stone discuss what it was like leading the nation's largest healthcare system in our country during a global pandemic.
53 min
Episode 29: Don't talk over, around or about me...
Friends, be ready to have your eyes WIDE-OPEN. Dr. Beegle's insight and lived experience with poverty is a must listen.
61 min
Episode 28: Changing how we see people changes ...
Join Dr. Amy & her friend, Robyn Gobbel as we discuss the complex field of relational neuroscience, that Robyn, so beautifully, makes accessible.
44 min
Episode 27: Being the Voice of Children: Healin...
Hayley Runnels of The Undone Mama shares her inspirational story of advocacy, survival and community as she discusses her quest to heal trauma and help others.
39 min
Episode 26: A Sandwich of Yuck - Discussing bou...
Learn from the Deputy Director of New Avenues for Youth how to create positive change for individuals, especially youth; but be ready to do your own work first!
40 min
Episode 25: The Soul's Growth - Breathwork with...
Breath work and energy work with my colleague, Nicole Smith-Levay. Join us as we explore why this work is so important!
53 min
Episode 24: Do Good, Serve Others and Decrease ...
Join Dr. Amy and the founder and director of McLean Hospital's Institute for Trauma-Informed Systems Change - Dr. Moreland-Capuia!
48 min
Episode 23: In the Storm with Dr. Miriam Zylber...
Join Dr. Amy and Dr. Z, physician, author and teacher, as we discuss the importance of vulnerability and being human in medicine.
43 min
Episode 22: Stop Checking Boxes and Dive into M...
You're in for a treat with my friend Gretchen!
39 min
Episode 21: Early Relationships Matter with Dr....
Join Dr. Amy as she talks with Dr. Willis about the importance of early relational health.
41 min
Episode 20: My Breath is Always There for Me wi...
Listen to Lisa Springer's incredible journey from nurse to trauma-informed yoga practitioner.
39 min
Episode 19: We're Not Dangerous - Advocacy for ...
Kitt shares her story about mental illness, advocacy and human beingness to our show.
48 min
Episode 18: Honor What You've Seen with Dr. Sha...
Dr. Shah-Haque shares her perspective on physician burnout, unrealistic expectations and why practicing medicine can feel like only surviving if you're not careful.
40 min
Episode 17: Circling Back to Ourselves with Ant...
Join Dr. Amy and the founders of RNegade as we have some deep conversations about trauma in the field of nursing.
49 min
Episode 16: Tell Me Your Story - The impact of ...
60 min
Episode 15: Complex Medical Needs and Clear Bou...
52 min
Script in Your Pocket #2 Asking About Trauma
5 min
Episode 14: Every Memory Deserves Respect with ...
46 min
Episode 13: Balancing Tolerance with Impatience...
49 min