The Money Lap

Buckle up, because the Money Lap Podcast is here! Hosted by professional racecar drivers and witty commentators, Parker Kligerman and Landon Cassill, this high-octane podcast will turbocharge your motorsport experience. Parker and Landon give you the inside track on the latest news, race results, and behind-the-scenes stories from NASCAR, F1, Indycar, and beyond.

But that's not all - our dynamic duo also dives into the business side of motorsports, revealing the secrets of their entrepreneurial success and what it takes to build thriving careers both on and off the track. With lively interviews, expert analysis, and a healthy dose of humor, the Money Lap Podcast delivers a fresh and entertaining take on the world of motorsports.

So, join us for a thrilling ride as we rev up the future of modern motorsport media! Subscribe now, and don't miss a single lap of the action.

Ep. 6 Is the F1 Honeymoon Over?
We discuss Landon's mistaken congrats to Ryan Blaney, Parker's Last Lap Move, F1's pitfalls, Isle of Man's new lap record, 24 Hours of Le Mans/Garage 56, and Bumpy IndyCars!
98 min
Ep 5. Who Really Threw the Temper Tantrum?
The Money Lap podcast is a top 1% podcast (no big deal), chatting F1 @ Monaco, professing our crush on a motorsport series, settling NASCAR squabbles, and hot takes over that Indy500 finish.
91 min
Ep 4. Dirty Air Killed The Motorsports Car
Parker and Landon talk about Parker’s missed qualifying, Larson’s dominance, Mercedes’ corporate village, Honda’s comeback to F1, and more.
79 min
Ep 3. Racing is a Contact Sport
Parker and Landon unravel the chaos of elbows out racing, wild finishes, and late-race controversies, while exploring Hamilton's career beyond F1, and more in the racing world.
66 min
Ep 2. The Motorsports War
Is Formula 1 at war with US motorsports?
68 min
Ep 1. Landon vs the World, The Money Lap is Born
Landon sparks massive controversy about the versatility of NASCAR drivers, Tesla's potential in Formula 1, and the aggressiveness of Ross Chastain on the racetrack!
88 min