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275: What to eat to balance your chakras | Sere...
Serena Poon, a celebrity chef, nutritionist, and Reiki master, discusses the best foods to balance each of your energy centers and how to infuse love into your food.
44 min
274: How COVID will affect future generations |...
Joel Warsh, M.D., discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect kids' mental health (and how to support them through it).
46 min
273: The best & worst foods for sleep | Michael...
Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., discusses the fundamentals for the best sleep of your life and why you should take a caffeine-induced nap.
48 min
272: What nutrition science gets wrong about we...
Gary Taubes discusses why conventional nutrition advice sometimes doesn't work for weight loss (and what actually does).
51 min
271: The do's & don’ts of intermittent fasting ...
Dave Asprey discusses the most common fasting mistakes to avoid and how to turn off raging hunger during a fast.
59 min
270: Everything you’d ever want to know about p...
Steven Kotler discusses how to biohack your productivity so it lasts and why you get more pessimistic as you age.
56 min
269: Your brain on comfort food | Mitzi Joi Wil...
Mitzi Joi Williams, M.D., discusses the neurological reason you reach for comfort food (and how to break the habit).
33 min
268: The keys to fulfilling relationships, self...
Matthew McConaughey discusses how to foster self-awareness on a daily basis and must-have qualities to make a relationship work.
36 min
267: The connection between your relationships ...
Marta Zaraska discusses the underrated ways social interactions impact your longevity and why lonely people tend to get worse sleep.
39 min
266: The fundamentals of plant-based cooking | ...
Dawn Thomas & Joe Girard discuss how to cook professional-level plant-based meals and why perfecting your knife skills is the first step.
37 min
265: The gut-skin axis & the skin microbiome | ...
Whitney Bowe, M.D., discusses how to strengthen your skin microbiome (and how you may be unintentionally compromising it).
44 min
264: We need to talk about death more | Shoshan...
Shosana Ungerleider, M.D., discusses why talking about death can help you live a better life and why we need to shift our "death denying culture."
35 min
263: Subtle signs you're dealing with a narciss...
Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy, discusses how to know when you're dealing with a true narcissist (and what to do about it).
44 min
262: How spirituality changes your brain | Anna...
Anna Yusim, M.D., discusses the link between spirituality and psychiatry and how to connect to a higher power in times of crisis.
42 min
261: What your tongue reveals about your health...
Paige Bourassa, DACM, L.Ac., discusses what your tongue color means for overall health and how to become your own director of energy traffic.
32 min
260: Do macronutrients really matter? | Garth D...
Garth Davis, M.D., discusses the most optimal diet for heart health and why we need to look beyond macronutrients.
46 min
259: Where do you hold stress in your body? | G...
Gail Parker, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, discusses common areas people store stress and how to release it and how yoga can help strengthen your emotional resilience.
48 min
258: Finding opportunity in a crisis | Shefali ...
Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., discusses how to find opportunities in any crisis you come across and how to reclaim your natural superpowers.
45 min
257: What we got wrong about COVID lockdowns | ...
Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D.,M.Sc., discusses what we know about COVID transmission today (and what we got wrong with lockdowns).
47 min
256: The best & worst foods for your skin | Kei...
Keira Barr, M.D., discusses how to get glowing skin (with and without skin care products) and why we need to be talking more about menopausal skin care.
30 min
255: You’re probably eating too much protein | ...
Frank Lipman, M.D., discuses how much protein you actually need (and what kind) and why "micro-movements" are better than the gym.
39 min
254: The connection between cortisol & weight l...
50 min
253: What we know about COVID today | Patrick H...
Patrick Hanaway, M.D., discusses how to strengthen your immune system in the face of COVID and how our forests' microbiomes affect disease.
50 min
252: We have success all wrong | John Mackey, c...
John Mackey, the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, discusses how we should redefine success and how to find your true purpose in life.
53 min
251: How I reversed my type 2 diabetes | Eric A...
Eric Adams discusses how he reversed his type 2 diabetes and low-lift ways to focus on your health right now.
43 min
250: The connection between fertility & longevi...
Cleopatra Kamperveen, Ph.D., discusses why women who have children later in life are more likely to have a longer lifespan, and why we should approach fertility from the psychosexual level.
39 min
249: Common misconceptions about Ayurveda | Sah...
Sahara Rose discusses how to follow the ancient concepts of Ayurveda in a modern world and how to discover and balance your own dosha.
51 min
248: What you need to know about metabolic heal...
Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, M.D., M.S., discusses why it's so hard to tell whether you're really metabolically healthy and why metabolic dysfunction stays silent for so long.
41 min
247: How to reduce your exposure to endocrine d...
Leonardo Trasande, M.D., MPP, discusses how to reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors and how to tell if your canned food is really BPA-free.
35 min
246: The best & worst foods for anxiety | nutri...
Uma Naidoo, M.D., discusses how to eat for better brain function and which foods to avoid.
45 min
245: You’re not healthy if you’re not breathing...
James Nestor discusses how to breathe your way to better health and how to increase your lung capacity.
47 min
244: You’re mislabeling your emotions & why it ...
Susan David, Ph.D., discusses why correctly labeling your emotions can help you better handle them and why emotional agility is critical right now.
54 min
243: We eat a credit card’s worth of plastic a ...
Jesse Daystar, Ph.D. discusses how to follow more sustainable clothing practices, the future of fabric, and how to change your laundry habits to better the environment.
43 min
242: Grit, gratitude, & the power of anger | Ri...
Rick Hanson, Ph.D., discusses the benefits of anger, how to cultivate resilience, and how to strengthen your grit muscle.
51 min
241: What is methylation & why it’s critical to...
Kara Fitzgerald, N.D., discusses why a healthy methylation balance is critical to our health and how certain foods can help regulate DNA expression.
51 min
240: Listening to your gut with food & business...
Elizabeth Stein, founder of Purely Elizabeth, discusses how to stay inspired amid the global pandemic and how to build and evolve a successful brand.
39 min
239: Fast carbs vs. slow carbs | David Kessler,...
David Kessler, M.D., discusses how to change your diet for optimal metabolic health and why eating less and exercising more isn't always effective for weight loss.
46 min
238: You’re probably breathing wrong | Brian Ma...
Brian Mackenzie discusses why we should all be nasal breathers and what to do if you can't breathe in your mask.
54 min
237: Why anxiety is your friend | Caroline Leaf...
Caroline Leaf, Ph.D., discusses how to use your mind to change your brain and how to use your anxiety to your advantage.
57 min
236: Light as medicine & afternoon diabetes | M...
Max Lugavere discusses the types of medicinal light, the dosage you need, and why you shouldn't have surgery in the morning.
31 min
235: How to build a relationship with our spiri...
Shaman Durek discusses how to take true authentic action in the fight against systemic racism and how we can spiritually heal as a society.
22 min
234: We need a COVID reality check | David Katz...
David Katz, M.D., discusses how we can reach middle ground (and why we should) when it comes to the coronavirus.
60 min
233: Why our oceans are everything | Chad Nelse...
Chad Nelsen, Ph.D., discusses "surfonomics" and how protecting our oceans does more than save the planet.
41 min
232: Becoming a radical peace warrior | Maya Fe...
Maya Feller, R.D., discusses how to practice self-care during the fight for social justice and why the health and well-being space needs a racial awakening.
20 min
231: You probably have dysbiosis—here’s what to...
Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., discusses how to optimize your gut microbiome right now and how to make sure your frozen foods retain their antioxidants.
55 min
230: We can’t fix what we don’t see | LaRayia G...
LaRayia Gaston discusses how to implement social good into your daily life and how to reach love without reason.
27 min
229: Navigating the blood sugar rollercoaster |...
Kelly LeVeque discusses how to pick the best foods for your natural blood sugar curve and why starting your day with protein is the best way to cut cravings.
54 min
228: How to see beyond your own bias | Light Wa...
Light Watkins discusses why a regular meditation practice is crucial right now and why discomfort is the true sign of progress.
28 min
227: Good intentions don’t lead to proper resul...
Hill Harper discusses what we can do from here to make our country better for the minorities who have suffered for far too long.
46 min
226: The science of spontaneous healing | Jeffr...
Jeffrey Rediger, M.D., discusses incurable diseases, how to set the stage for healing, and why germs aren't the problem.
62 min
225: A return to ancient superfoods | Julie Smo...
Julie Smolyansky discusses why functional food is returning to comfort food and why we should always invest in our guts.
71 min
224: There are no accidents in life | Jay Williams
Jay Williams discusses how to cultivate a sense of purpose in every situation and how to reinvent yourself after a setback.
55 min
223: The truth about metabolism | Cate Shanahan...
Cate Shanahan, M.D., discusses what blood tests can help determine your metabolic health and how to tell if you have "healthy" body fat.
55 min
222: Your genes are not your destiny | Jeffrey ...
Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., discusses how to approach your genes with a functional medicine lens and the top five plant-based foods for longevity.
76 min
221: Reimagine your happiness | Sharon Salzberg...
Sharon Salzberg offers advice (plus a real-time meditation) on how to bring our attention back to the breath and the power of letting go.
59 min
220: The stigma of religion in the wellness wor...
Todd McCullough discusses why we need to talk more about religion in mindfulness and how to cultivate your spiritual well-being.
50 min
219: The strange future for restaurants | Kimba...
Kimbal Musk discusses what the restaurant scene look like post COVID-19 and why he and his brother, Elon, like to play strategy games.
48 min
218: Micro moments for macro shifts | Kelsey Pa...
Kelsey Patel discusses how to check in with yourself daily and prevent mental burnout during the coronavirus.
32 min
217: COVID-19: Best nutrients & practices for i...
David Sinclair, Ph.D., discusses the best nutrients and practices for immunity and to support longevity genes and the real reason the coronavirus spread might slow in the summer.
37 min
216: Can we still live sustainably during COVID...
Lauren Singer discusses how to live a zero-waste lifestyle in a COVID-19 world and why prioritizing function over form always wins.
29 min
215: Self-actualization, spiritual curiosity & ...
Jen Hatmaker discusses how to listen to your inner voice and why we should choose our "yeses."
54 min
214: What you're experiencing is probably grief...
David Kessler discusses the different types of grief during the coronavirus and how to deal with loss right now.
49 min
213: Why fear can be good & the power of perspe...
Ryan Holiday discusses how to remain resilient in the face of COVID-19 and endure the unexpected.
27 min
212: How to shop sustainably | Joey Zwillinger,...
Joey Zwillinger discusses what consumers should look for in sustainable products and how consumers can lead the charge against climate change.
27 min
211: How to be comfortable with the unknown & l...
Roxanna Namavar, D.O., discusses the power of spiritual experiences and how to become comfortable with the unknown.
61 min
210: Kevin Love’s playbook for conquering panic...
Kevin Love discusses what to do when you feel yourself slipping into a panic attack and how to stick to a routine during the global pandemic.
44 min
209: How to change your life from the inside ou...
Joe Dispenza, D.C., discusses how we can use findings from neuroscience and quantum physics to enjoy a more purpose-driven and fulfilling life.
34 min
208: The power of purpose, poetry & therapy (a ...
IN-Q offers a live poetry reading and discussion about his creative process and why we should be more vulnerable and embrace therapy.
50 min
207: Life lessons from a doctor who almost died...
David Fajgenbaum, M.D., discusses how he created his own treatment for Castleman Disease and the importance of finding positivity during tough times.
44 min
206: What an herbalist, midwife, & MD says abou...
Aviva Romm, M.D., discusses how to adapt to the ebbs and flows of your new life and how to support immunity through nutrition, supplementation, herbs, and adaptogens.
21 min
205: How we can embrace the mystery & make our ...
Mama Medicine (aka, Deborah Hanekamp) discusses how to practice energy healing in our own homes and why embracing mystery will help us become stronger.
16 min
204: Mental comfort food from a nutritional psy...
Drew Ramsey, M.D., discusses how we should eat to minimize anxiety and why playfulness is key during the coronavirus.
36 min
203: How to practice gratitude during the coron...
Light Watkins discusses why a gratitude practice is crucial during this time and how to approach fear-mongering friends.
18 min
202: How to deal with COVID-induced anxiety, fr...
Ellen Vora, M.D., discusses how to deal with our anxiety surrounding the coronavirus and how to ramp up self-care amidst a global pandemic.
22 min
201: Deepak Chopra on how to spiritually naviga...
Deepak Chopra discusses how he's using this time at home for a spiritual reset and the difference between a positive mind and a quiet mind.
18 min
200: 3 meditations for when you’re feeling pani...
Gabrielle Bernstein offers three guided meditations to help regulate the nervous system and reduce anxious thoughts.
23 min
199: How we're handling uncertain times & a gui...
Founder and Co-CEO Jason Wachob shares what he's been doing to navigate this global pandemic.
5 min
198: How friendship affects your immune system ...
Lydia Denworth discusses why you should maintain friendships even in a time of social distancing and How many hours it takes to make a best friend.
48 min
197: This is your brain on cake & how to train ...
Jud Brewer, M.D., Ph.D., discusses how to rewire your brain to combat anxiety and addiction and how to train your brain to crave vegetables over cake.
60 min
196: Why it’s bad to self-identify as an introv...
Celeste Headlee discusses the health benefits of slowing down and doing something with no productive purpose.
42 min
195: How we can fight Alzheimer’s & why you sho...
Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D., discusses how cognitive decline differs between men and women and why you should get a brain health assessment in your forties.
54 min
194: Why not all collagen is created equal | Ro...
Robert Rountree, M.D., discusses how to use collagen to reverse skin damage and how to make sure your collagen is 100% pure.
21 min
193: Broccoli isn’t as nutritious as it once wa...
Mark Hyman, M.D., discusses what we're getting wrong when it comes to our food system and what we can do to fix it.
38 min
192: Reversing autoimmune disease, ice baths & ...
Terry Wahls, M.D., discusses the Wahls Protocol and what she swears by for reversing autoimmune disease.
30 min
191: Meal prep & pantry hacks from Instagram's ...
Rachel Mansfield discusses meal prep hacks for when you're just too busy, and how to make healthy meals if you don't know how to cook.
41 min
190: Everything you’d ever want to know about r...
Stephen Cowan, M.D., discusses tips and tricks on how to raise mindful, independent kids and how to stop tantrums in their tracks.
75 min
189: How to hack your health (eating, sleeping ...
Ben Greenfield discusses how to take the perfect nap, how to never be hungover again, and how to get the most out of your workout.
63 min
188: How your surroundings can help or hurt you...
Amitha Kalaichandran, M.D., MHS, CPH, discusses how our physical environments can either help heal or harm our overall health, the benefits of forest bathing, and how to read a research study.
44 min
187: Why you’re stressed about stress & making ...
Ethan Weiss, M.D., discusses the small tweaks that make keto more heart-healthy, the egg-cholesterol debate, and the peaks and valleys of hunger.
53 min
186: The secret to true love & how to make it w...
Margaret Paul, Ph.D., discusses the secret to finding true, intimate love, how to heal from a breakup, and why you attract emotionally unavailable people.
35 min
185: The two veggies you’re probably not gettin...
Robert Rountree, M.D., discusses how many servings of vegetables you should really have in a day and how to get more veggies.
21 min
184: This is why breathwork is better than medi...
Gwen Dittmar, certified breathwork teacher, joins Jason Wachob to discuss why practicing breathwork is better than meditation
41 min
183: Bloat-busting foods, energy vampires & how...
Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., discusses how nutrition can help solve burnout, the best bloat-busting foods, and the modern approach to detoxing your body.
34 min
182: The mycobiome, digestive plaque & how we s...
Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., discusses the mycobiome, how it differs from our microbiome, and the best ways to optimize it.
34 min
181: Reversing insulin resistance, the carb cha...
Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D. and Robby Barbaro, MPH, join Jason Wachob to discuss how they reduced their blood glucose levels and reversed insulin resistance through food alone.
66 min
180: What medicine is missing with hormones & h...
Alisa Vitti discusses why optimizing our infradian rhythms is just as—if not more—important as our circadian rhythms.
31 min
179: Busting CBD myths, the entourage effect, &...
Robert Rountree, M.D., discusses how our specific blend of hemp extract and other potent botanicals can foster relaxation, promote a positive mood, and support a healthy central nervous system.
38 min
178: The neurological reason you're making poor...
David Perlmutter, M.D., and Austin Perlmutter, M.D., discusshow empathy can have real health benefits, how being in nature can make you more productive, and why we really make impulsive, instantly gratifying decisions.
59 min
177: Ketamine, MAPS & what’s next for psychedel...
Gita Vaid, M.D., discusses what happens during a typical doctor-monitored ketamine-assisted therapy session and how it can help people better access their emotions.
48 min
176: You're probably not getting quality sleep—...
Robert Rountree, M.D., explains why getting quality sleep is crucial for our health—and how our magnesium+ supplement can help.
20 min