The Football History Dude

The Football History Dude is a show dedicated to teaching fans about the rich history of the NFL and other professional football leagues. Each episode your host, Arnie Chapman, asks you to him and a guest in his Delorean and go back in time with him to explore the yesteryear of the gridiron.

Scottie Graham (Former NFL Running Back, NFLPA,...
Scottie Graham starred at running back for The Ohio State University and then in the NFL for 6 seasons. Then he worked with Gene Upshaw at the NFLPA. And after a stint in the athletic department, Scottie is on the field again as an RB coach for Arizona.
28 min
Arena Football League History (with Tim Capper ...
Tim Capper stops by to share some history of the Arena Football League through the eyes of a podcast host covering the league over 2 decades and as a contributor to
61 min
The World of Football (w/ Randy Snow)
Randy Snow from "The World of Football" podcast (and website) join me to discuss some football history, mostly revolving our favorite team, the Detroit Lions. The main topic we cover is "The 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Detroit Lions," an article Randy published for The Coffin Corner by the PFRA.
69 min
Marques Ogden (Former NFL Player, Business Coac...
Marques Ogden is a former NFL Player, drafted in 2003 by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He played for 5 years in the league, had some rock bottom moments, and now uses these stories to help people in his business coaching career.
22 min
The USFL Project (with Executive Director Kyle ...
The USFL Project is a long-term project that is documenting and preserving the history and story of the United States Football League, leaving a foundation of knowledge for future generations. Kyle Smith stops by to share some USFL history with us.
54 min
Row One Brand Founder Ray Durbin (College Footb...
Ray Durbin is the founder of Row One Brand, a company dedicated to digitally restoring and selling American sport art from the 20th century on interesting products. You'll find out in this episode that Ray is a huge fan of sports history.
85 min
"Just Win Baby!" - An Outlaw Raider Discussion ...
Author Rich Shmelter shares the story of the Outlaw Oakland Raiders from his point of view. Not only is he a fan, but he also wrote the Raiders Encyclopedia, chronicling the first 50 years of one of the NFL's most outrageous and highly successful teams.
57 min
CFL History and the XFL Merger (w/ Truly the GO...
Truly the GOATs host, Os Davis, joins The Football History Dude to teach him a little about the history of the Canadian Football League. They also discuss the impending merger between the XFL and the CFL.
68 min
George Bozeka (Executive Director for the Profe...
Learn what it was like growing up at the footsteps of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a little history about the Pro Football Researchers Association (PFRA), what's in store for this year's PFRA Convention, some fun DeLorean questions, and much more!
56 min
SHN Presents: Total Sports Recall - SHN Trailers
0 min
NFL Films Producer / Director (Joe Zucco)
Joe Zucco is a produce/director for NFL Films. Some of his work includes The Great Brady Heist, The NFL 100 All-Time Team, and many more. Joe shares many "behind the scenes" stories on how the films are made.
50 min
Ben Liebenberg (NFL Director of Photography)
Ever wonder how much goes into planning the photography for an NFL game, such as a Super Bowl? Peer behind the curtain with me to talk to the Director of Photography for the NFL - Ben Liebenberg.
36 min
Who Was Marshall Goldberg of the Chicago Cardin...
I read an article about J.J. Watt "getting permission to wear #99 from the daughter of Marshall Goldberg." I was intrigued. I did not know this name, but when I realized the Cardinals retired his jersey, I had to bring on Joe Ziemba to share the story.
38 min
Karl Mecklenburg (Denver Broncos Ring of Fame M...
Karl Mecklenburg was drafted in the 12th round by the Denver Broncos in 1983 as a player just hoping to earn a roster spot. What he did was nothing short of amazing, storming through the league, becoming one of the greatest Broncos of all-time.
58 min
The Search For Jackie Wallace (with Ted Jackson)
In June of 1990, Ted Jackson (photojournalist for the Times-Picayune) snapped a photo of a homeless man named Jackie Wallace (former NFL star,) and it changed both of their lives forever.
70 min
Super Bowl History (with Tommy Phillips - Host ...
Tommy Phillips is a partner of the Sports History Network. His podcast (Lombardi Memories) covers each Super Bowl in-depth, starting with the first one way back in 1967. In this episode, we discuss a brief overview of each decade of the Super Bowl era.
53 min
Pigskin Dispatch (with Darin Hayes)
This week I talk to Darin Hayes about his podcast and blog, Pigskin Dispatch. Darin is also a "founding father" of the Sports History Network. You'll find out he is our resident "Terminator," because the dude is a machine when it comes to content.
49 min
The Game Before The Money (With Author Jackson ...
This week I talk to author Jackson Michael about how he created his first book - The Game Before The Money. We also get into his latest work revolving around the Houston Oilers teams from the 70s.
53 min
Amos Alonzo Stagg (With Author Jennifer Hall)
Amos Alonzo Stagg: College Football’s Man in Motion is Jennifer Taylor Hall’s first book. Jennifer’s love endures, and she is thrilled to share the story of college football’s pioneering coach Alonzo Stagg, “The Grand Old Man of Football”.
48 min
Shaun Horrigan (Multimedia Storyteller) - Forme...
Shaun is the son of Joe Horrigan, longtime "Mr. Everything" for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Shaun shares how he used this base to produce some great stories in multiple formats. (NFL Network, documentaries, etc.)
46 min
AE Staley: Founder of the Chicago Bears Franchi...
Julie Staley is the wife of AE Staley's great-grandson. The Staley name is extremely important to the history of the NFL, as the Chicago Bears were originally known to the league as the Decatur Staleys, part of the original NFL teams.
56 min
Morgan Park Military Academy (with Joe Ziemba)
Joe Ziemba stops by to share stories from his book - Cadets, Cannons, and Legends: The Football History of Morgan Park Military Academy. What he says might be "the best high school football team no one ever heard of?"
58 min
Partners of the Sports History Network
This week after Thanksgiving, I give thanks to all the great partners of the Sports History Network. Listen to all the trailers and check out the ones that intrigue you the most.
33 min
Thanksgiving Special (Interview with Bill Keeni...
This week I get to talk to Bill Keenist, a member of the Detroit Lions since 1985.
67 min
NFL's Forrest Gump? (Bill Curry Interview)
Bill Curry played for Vince Lombardi and Don Shula. He snapped the ball to Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas. He played in the first Super Bowl, including winning 4 total NFL championships. He was the head coach at Alabama. But he learned so much more.
46 min