The Drive Show

What do you get when you combine one of Australia’s leading motoring experts, co-founder of, motoring journalist with more motor knowledge and passion than all nine instalments of Fast & Furious combined, and a fast-talking, wise-cracking, radio host with a not-so-secret passion for cars? This. The Drive Show. With Paul Maric and Gordie Waters.

No Stig. No Schtick. Just two guys talking about what they know and love – cars. The Drive Show with Paul and Gordie is a weekly podcast covering all the latest car news and reviews and even puts a few of Australia’s best loved celebs in the hot seat to see what grinds their gears and revs them up.

Whether you’re totally into cars or your car just gets you from A to B, The Drive Show with Paul and Gordie is a must-listen podcast, delivering all the car news your need to know in an easy to digest way. Available now, wherever you download your podcasts.

E2: LandCruiser 300 Series tested, semiconducto...
We deep dive into Paul's childhood, talk Suzuki's tack-on stereo, and Paul about talks the links between the crypto market and electric car market. Gordie smiles politely and pretends he understands. More importantly we compare notes on the ALL NEW Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series! Follow us on insta And if you have any comments...questions or complaints, email us at
33 min
E1: We test the Genesis GV70, chat with Shane J...
Welcome to our first ever episode!! How exciting. This week we get behind the wheel of the all-new Genesis GV70 and chat about the brand, plus what the car is like to drive. We also interview Aussie legend Shane Jacobson who has an epic collection of cars, plus some insight on his time as one of the hosts of Top Gear Australia. Finally, we recap some of the biggest car news in the country to make sense of what's going on.
45 min