The Cross-Check NHL Show

Join NHL writers Andrew Berkshire and Mary Clarke for The Cross-Check NHL Show, the podcast that addresses the biggest narrative trends in the world of hockey and crosschecks them against what the hosts are seeing, and what the numbers are saying. Each Tuesday, Andrew and Mary dig way below the surface on the biggest stories in the NHL, while Thursdays bring special guest appearances from the smartest minds in the sport. Is William Nylander as bad as Toronto media says he is? Are we learning anything from the NHL's wacky realigned divisions? And which would-be Stanley Cup contenders are for real? Get the answers to those questions and more on The Cross-Check, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. 

Vancouver's COVID concerns, decision-time in Na...
Mary Clarke and Andrew Berkshire discuss the Canucks' team-wide COVID outbreak, the Nashville Predators' direction, and other teams of note ahead of Monday's trade deadline.
58 min
Stars behaving badly, Bruins playing poorly & a...
Andrew Berkshire and Mary Clarke discussing the struggling and aging Boston Bruins, misbehaving star players, and the latest from the NWHL with Marisa Ingemi.
62 min
Ekblad's injury, the deal with Tim Peel, deadli...
Andrew Berkshire and Mary Clarke dive into the Aaron Ekblad's injury, reffing reform, ideal trade deadline moves and the Flyers tough season in the debut episode of The Cross-Check.
64 min
The Cross-Check NHL Show Coming Soon!
1 min