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Goats & Golazos at Arrowhead - Shades of Blue
Sporting KC beaten by Messi & Inter Miami in a record-breaking thriller at Arrowhead Stadium.
81 min
First win in the playoffs - The Blue Turf
First win in playoffs for coach Stokic
45 min
Alexa Spaanstra - One Shots
Alexa Spaanstra has a great start to the season
15 min
Uniquely Frustrating - Shades of Blue
Sporting KC can tease you with brilliance, but don't ever seem to hit full stride.
74 min
Three wins in a row - Keeping Current
Three wins and a sub co-host
38 min
Jake Downtown Davis - Shades of Blue
Recapping the bangers vs Toronto, previewing Portland, and discussing the raging Current.
52 min
Ready to face Utica - The Blue Turf
Utica is the new rival
59 min
Two wins to start the season - Keeping Current
A win on the road to make a perfect start
58 min
A new formation!? - Shades of Blue
Sporting KC used a new formation. The cows have come home and pigs are flying.
57 min
Vanessa DiBernardo - One Shots
Talking to the first EVER goal scorer in CPKC stadium
12 min
Leo retiring and playoffs clinched - The Blue Turf
Leo the Legend Retired
32 min
A momentous occasion - Keeping Current
Setting new standards on and off the field
55 min
Benny Feilhaber relives his greatest moments - ...
The Sporting KC Legend joins the show to hear his Top 5 moments and settle the Messi vs Pele debate.
36 min
A monumental weekend in KC! - Shades of Blue
Big wins for all 3 teams as the Sporting KC offense shows signs of life, and the Current turned a dream into reality.
57 min
Some thoughts and predictions before the season...
Not too serious predictions
32 min
On the verge of clinching playoffs - The Blue Turf
Conmets on a winning streak and headed for playoffs?
38 min
Who is Daniel Shalloy? - Shades of Blue
Apple TV announcers continue to miss the mark on broadcasts. Hugo Joris... seriously?
54 min
Food, parking and more about the stadium - Keep...
Food tasting but where to park?
51 min
MLS Parity or Parody? - Shades of Blue
Don't blame the replacement refs... the real ones sucked too.
50 min
SKC Media Day 2024 - Shades of Blue
Interviews with Vermes, Salloi, Afrifa and Vargas from SKC media day
48 min
Shaking off the dust - Shades of Blue
Why Sporting KC's point in Houston is actually a nice result to start the season.
42 min
A savage overtime loss - The Blue Turf
Comets struggle in overtime and player intrigue
30 min
2024 MLS Season Preview - Shades of Blue
Everything you need to know and all the questions you need to ask ahead of Sporting KC's season.
63 min
Replacement Refs - Shades of Blue
Sporting KC kicks off the MLS season this weekend. We wrap up the preseason, talk about a potential third kit, and discuss the referee lockout.
45 min
Winless woes continue - The Blue Turf
Special guest Brian Budzinski on the Blue Turf
64 min