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FYI, (Some) Bacteria Is Actually Good For Your ...
46 min
How To Treat Your Breakouts And What To Do When...
In this ep we chat to dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross about how/why pimples form and how to manage your breakouts. Plus: The tweezers - yes tweezers! - that’ll change your life & the foundation for luminous skin.
63 min
The Pros & Cons Of Dermaplaning (AKA Shaving Yo...
In this ep we cover what dermaplaning is and why people are falling over themselves to shave their faces, plus styling products and tricks to make fine hair look thicker, and our beauty MVPs of the week.
47 min
The Basics Of A Good Hair Routine
In this episode with guest coh-host Ruchi Page, we cover the basics of a good haircare routine, what it takes for beauty products to be cruelty-free, and the products for enhanced skin. Plus, Adore Beauty's Global Shades campaign and our beauty MVPs
63 min
So What’s The Deal With Prescription Skincare?
In this ep, we chat the ins and outs of prescription skincare, including our experience with the whole process and product. Also, a lowdown on primers and the different options out there. And if you need some beauty recs, we've got plenty!
55 min
The Dos & Don’ts For Dealing With Blackheads
We chat to dermatologist Dr Ranella Hirsch all about blackheads, plus the difference between dandruff and a dry scalp, and our beauty MVPs of the week
54 min
How To Tell If Your Skincare Is Actually Working
In this episode we’re talking about all the ways you can enhance your lashes - from the easy, low commitment, and low cost, to the things that require more effort and perhaps more money. We’ve also reached out to some of our favourite experts to answer your questions.
44 min
You Can’t Get Addicted To Lip Balm, Bakuchiol I...
In this week’s ep, we speak to beauty’s biggest truth-teller, Paula Begoun to bust some of the biggest myths in skincare.
63 min
Dealing With Sensitive Skin & WTF Are Soap Brows?
In today's ep, we're talking about sensitive skin - how to tell if you have it and the best way to keep it happy - and the biggest trend in brows right now, soap brows.
39 min
Yes, You Can Humidity-Proof Your Hair And Makeup
Expert tips for avoiding fuzzy hair and melting makeup on hot and humid days, plus the gist on face masking.
65 min
Probably The Best Foundation Tips You’ll Ever Hear
Pro makeup tips for finding your perfect foundation, the right shade, and the application method for the results you're After. Plus the volumising hairspray that won’t leave hair feeling crunchy and the brow grooming product for fluffy, full brows.
64 min
The Rules Every Blonde Should Follow, According...
We chat all things blonde with Jennifer Aniston's long-time colourist, Michael Canalé, plus talk the right way to cleanse and your cleansing options, and our beauty MVPs of the week
53 min
A Scientist Weighs In On Collagen Powders
How much collagen powder do you need to consume to see results? Is dermaplaning worth doing? And why do I need a skin check? We got some of the industry's top experts to answer. Plus: What to do when you get a hot tool burn, our verdict on the TikTok famous mascara and easy recipes for better skin.
34 min
Can We Eat Our Way To Good Skin?
In this ep, we chat eating our way to better skin with clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel, go back to basics on skin exfoliation, and share our beauty MVPs of the week (including a dry lip saviour and hair removal cream for sensitive skin)
52 min
Why Is The Ordinary So Cheap?
We chat to DECIEM'S Nafisah Abdalla to answer our listener questions about The Ordinary (including why it's so cheap), discuss cream vs. powder makeup, and chat through our MVPs from the holiday break.
73 min
Getting Your Skin Through The Holiday Season Un...
Skin hacks to get through party season, how to get event ready in just a few minutes, and the skincare product worth the splurge.
40 min
A Makeup Artist Says Everyone Should Tint Their...
We chat to TikTo star Brandon Scott about being self-taught, blowing up, and using his platform for good, as well as his tips for great brows and bold makeup. Also: MVPs, finding the right fake tan for you, and car lip balms.
51 min
How To Get Your Party Hair To Actually Hold, Ac...
Hairstyling tips with Mandy Moore's go-to stylist, Ashley Streicher, how to pick a new perfume, and the products we're loving this week.
53 min
How To Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup
We take a deep dive into sunscreen - what does SPF mean? When should you apply? And more importantly, how do you reapply? Also - why mists are skincare's most underrated product, masking in the morning, and we discuss: should your hair be clean when you show up to the hairdresser?
54 min
BONUS: Our Top Picks For Holiday Gifts To Suit ...
Our Top Picks For Holiday Gifts To Suit Any Budget
37 min
Elle Ferguson: “My body has never looked this g...
We sat down with Elle Ferguson to talk fitness, fake tanning and the products she buys in bulk. Also, we get some experts to weigh in on when it's time to up your retinol strength and how to deal with brittle nails.
53 min
You Can Clear Your Skin Through Your Belly Button
In this episode, we chat to Uma Oils founder Shrankhla Holecek all about Ayurvedic beauty (including tongue scraping and belly button oils), if you should make the switch to natural deodorants, and our beauty MVPs of the week (including the dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and the facial in a bottle).
57 min
BONUS: How Your Beauty Routine Can Be More Eco-...
Beauty is a helluva lot of fun. But our choices and how we behave can have a huge impact on the planet. In this episode, we cover the ways in which you can make your beauty routine more sustainable.
52 min
“I’m All About The Silk Pillow. Buy A Silk Pill...
Not only is Thelma Plum insanely talented when it comes to singing and songwriting, but she's pretty beauty obsessed, too. The proud Gamilaraay woman has just been named Herbal Essences' first-ever Australian beauty ambassador, so we sat down to talk about what that means for the beauty industry, her beauty routine, how she once had a few wines and ended up with a hot pink yoga kit. Also in this episode: easy skincare tips for guys, the gadget that makes facial hair removal a breeze, and Go-Tos newest product lives up to the hype.
40 min
Vitamin C: Why It's So Good, When To Use It & H...
A derm confirms just why vitamin C is so damn good (and how absolutely everyone can reap the benefits), plus we talk grown-up glitter, the surprising most-Googled fragrance, and the dos and don'ts of at-home brow care
41 min
Your Makeup Brushes Are A Cesspool Of Dirt And ...
Why you want to wash your makeup brushes, the hacks that'll get you to hair mask more, plus the fake tanner's favourite new accessory and the tint that'll give you cheeks a natural just-run-up-the-stairs flush.
31 min
Yes, We Really Think You Should Roll Tiny Needl...
What's micro-needling and is it really worth the effort? This week we cover the what, how, why, and the hell yes you should. Also: MVPs of the week!
43 min
Sophie Monk's COVID Beauty Disasters & Her $4 D...
Sophie Monk shares all of her (many) COVID at-home beauty fails, and we talk the insane skin benefits of using AHAs and BHAs
35 min
Can I Use Retinol And Niacinamide Together?
We take you through the ingredient combinations that do (and don't) work, plus the 2-step routine for glowing skin, and our top beauty products of the week.
33 min
We're Back! With Trinny Woodall! Talking About ...
38 min
Vincent Ford: The easiest eye makeup ever, how ...
Vincent Ford: The easiest eye makeup ever, how many concealers you need in your kit & the cheat's guide to contouring
46 min
Hannah English: On picking a mascara that won't...
19 min
Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan: On adult acne, at-hom...
Skin junkies, this one's for you! Melbourne-based, award-winning dermatologist Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan joins TBP to chat why breakouts don't hit the road when we leave our teens (& the reason it's not a coincidence that you get pimples when you have your period), if at-home LED devices are worth the time, effort, and hard-earned cash, and what could happen when you get a little exfoliator happy
43 min
Chantelle Baker: On glowy skin, concealing dark...
Did you know that if you haven't bothered with proper skin prep before you apply your makeup your efforts are pretty much all for nothing? That's just one of the gems we got from our chat with L'Oréal Paris makeup artist, master of glowy skin and the go-to for local and global celebs, Chantelle Baker.
34 min
Sia Hendry: On anti-ageing laser facials & if f...
What in the world is a laser facial treatment and why would you want to put yourself through one/fork out big bucks for it?
30 min
Joey Scandizzo: On cutting Anna Wintour's bob, ...
We chat to four-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, about what to consider before cutting a fringe, taking care of iso hair, and spending a week with Anna Wintour.
26 min
BONUS: How Do I Treat My Maskne?
Who would have thought back in 2019 that maskne would have been one of the most Googled beauty terms and a skin issue so many of us would be dealing with? What a wild time we're living in.
21 min
Dr Katherine Armour: On the skin products worth...
35 min
BONUS: The skin ingredients worth using with co...
26 min
Rumbie Mutsiwa: On hair inclusivity in the beau...
Rumbie Mutsiwa, what a woman. We came into this interview thinking we'd get some great styling tips for wavy, curly and afro hair (and we did - the woman is a genius, after all), but our conversation was far more important than that.
50 min
Dr Joseph Hkeik: On why preventative Botox isn'...
Who doesn't have a million questions about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections? Luckily we got the best in the biz to join us (virtually) to talk all things injectables.
32 min
BONUS: The power of natural, vegan haircare wit...
What does paraben and sulfate-free hair care even mean? Why does it matter? And can natural ingredients actually get good results?
19 min
Lisa Caddy: On why your hair is falling out, sh...
We've all experienced the sheer terror and panic of too much hair in the shower drain/hair brush. So what's the deal? In this ep, Philip Kingsley Trichologist Lisa Caddy explains the difference between hair shedding and thinning, why it's happening, when it's time to worry, and how to manage (and come back from) excessive hair loss.
35 min
Arabella Preston: On the importance of removing...
Are you really removing your makeup of properly? In this ep, makeup artist and co-founder of UK skincare brand Votary Arabella Preston challenges us to a cleansing face-off.
28 min
Rae Morris: On eyeshadow for hooded lids, anti-...
We hate to break it to you, but if you're still applying your makeup the same way you did as in your teens and 20s, something's going to have to change. In this ep, legendary makeup artist and human beauty encyclopaedia Rae Morris talks reconsidering your application and the textures/shades you use, shares her anti-ageing tricks, and explains how to apply eyeshadow on hooded lids. Hit play to get the goods, and make sure to visit our Instagram account @thatbeautypodcast for some of the visuals she refers to.
39 min
Anthony Nader: On the breakup haircut, chunky h...
Welcome to That Beauty Podcast! In our first episode we talk to award-winning Sydney hairstylist Anthony Nader about the latest hair colour trends (yep, chunky highlights are back), if a breakup haircut is really the right decision, and the products he's got on high-rotation right now. But first up, we're revealing our most recent beauty purchases (one coming in at a whopping $4!)
34 min
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