Tenna talks with ForConstructionPros and special industry and contractor guests in this TennaTALK podcast mini-series to inform the construction industry about business systems and tech trends built for construction companies owning and operating an equipment fleet. Listen in to learn how contractors can choose and use the right tools for success. 

Episode 6: Leverage Telematics to Realize Insur...
16 min
Episode 5: Contractors Share Success with Multi...
Buy-in Across The Organization Contributes to Construction Technology Adoption Success
24 min
Episode 4: Improve Every Facet of Your Business...
Learn the value of construction integrations and how a mature and connected technology ecosystem improves the lives of those in the construction industry.
30 min
Episode 3: Successful Construction Tech Adoptio...
Cultural shifts are taking place on both sides of the aisle as contractors continue to adopt construction tech.
29 min
Episode 2: Best Practices for Telematics Instal...
Reasons contractors see failure with telematics adoptions and the right ways to build buy-in from the field to ensure success (from contractors who have done it first-hand).
18 min
Episode 1: Consolidated and Focused Equipment F...
How consolidated and focused equipment fleet management software allows contractors to adopt with success.
31 min