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Mehrban Iranshad from Tennis Files ( is committed to helping you improve your tennis game. He will uncover the best strategies, training methods, mental attitudes, and techniques that will enable you to reach your tennis potential. Mehrban will interview the top minds in tennis on The Tennis Files Podcast, including professional and elite tennis players, coaches, trainers, authors, and other tennis experts. Tennis is a demanding and complex sport which requires hard work, consistency, problem solving, and the determination to reach your tennis goals. Mehrban will find the answers to your tennis problems so you can break through your struggles and become a better tennis player.

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TFP 300: Celebrating 300 Episodes of The Tennis...
Today's episode is a very special one! We are celebrating 300 episodes of The Tennis Files Podcast by featuring clips from 10 of the most downloaded interviews and discussions over the years on the show!
176 min
TFP 299: Winning Gold Balls on the Senior Tour ...
On today’s episode of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with elite coach from Web Tennis, Brent Abel, about winning gold balls on the senior tour.
73 min
TFP 298: The 5 Elements of a Solid Tennis Found...
On today’s episode, I interviewed elite tennis coach John Craig about the five areas of your game you need to develop to have a solid tennis foundation.
81 min
TFP 297: [Tennis Summit 2023 Preview] - Optimal...
For today’s podcast episode, I put together a preview of three summit sessions: (1) Jeff Salzenstein on optimal performance, (2) Marc Sophoulis on how to use data to level up your game, and (3) Dr. Mark Kovacs on the most important fitness misconceptions for adult players.
50 min
TFP 296: How to Become a Complete Player with M...
On today’s episode, I spoke with Marc Sophoulis, Head Coach at Melbourne International Tennis School, about how you can become a complete player.
83 min
TFP 295: USTA Doubles Strategies and The Role o...
On Episode 295 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll learn about USTA doubles strategies and the role of confidence.
20 min
TFP 294: The Winner of My Racquet Bracket Battl...
On Episode 294 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I will reveal the winner of my racquet bracket battle with Sam Jones.
51 min
TFP 293: The 10 Best Tips From the Podcast That...
On Episode 293 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll learn the 10 best tips from the podcast that helped my tennis game.
23 min
TFP 292: How to Use Time to Your Advantage Duri...
On Episode 292 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll learn how to use time to your advantage during matches.
16 min
TFP 291: How to Become a Resilient Competitor w...
On today’s episode, I spoke with Dr. Larry Lauer, a mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, about how to become a more resilient competitor. This episode was originally recorded and published in 2020.
59 min
TFP 290: How to Play Aggressive Tennis with Emi...
On today’s episode, I spoke with former ATP Top 10 singles and doubles player and Grand Slam Champion, Spanish pro Emilio Sanchez, about how to develop a more aggressive tennis game.
61 min
TFP 289: How to Serve and Volley Like A Pro wit...
On today’s episode, I spoke with former ATP pro Taylor Dent about how you can develop a solid serve and volley game that will put your opponents on the defensive.
85 min
TFP 288: Dr. Mark Kovacs—Strength and Condition...
On today’s episode, I spoke with world renowned sports science and fitness expert Dr. Mark Kovacs about strength and conditioning for tennis.
66 min
TFP 287: Rick Macci — How to Develop Rock Solid...
On Episode 98 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with legendary coach Rick Macci about the most important principles for developing rock-solid technique on our strokes.
30 min
TFP 286: How to Become Mentally Stronger and Ex...
On Episode 286 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll learn how to become mentally stronger and excel under pressure.
66 min
TFP 285: 8 Key Fitness Principles for a Strong ...
On Episode 285 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I’ll reveal the key fitness principles for a strong and healthy 2023.
20 min
TFP 284: Nick Bollettieri — How to Achieve Your...
For this episode, I have resurrected my 2019 interview with Nick about how to achieve your dreams and help those around you reach their true potential.
27 min
TFP 283: Top Takeways From the Podcast in 2022
On Episode 283 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll learn the best advice in tennis strategy, technique, mental game, and much more from the top episodes of the podcast in 2022!
164 min
TFP 282: How to Win Singles Matches with Jonath...
On Episode 282 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with tennis coach and fellow podcaster Jonathan Stokke about how to win singles matches.
57 min
TFP 281: 8 Tennis Goals for 2023 with Peter Fre...
On Episode 281 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I interviewed Peter Freeman from Crunch Time Coaching to talk about our 8 tennis goals for 2023.
53 min
TFP 280: Nick Saviano — How to Unleash Your Ful...
On Episode 280 of The Tennis Files Podcast, coach Nick Saviano from Maximum Tennis will reveal how to unleash your full tennis potential.
72 min
TFP 279: Brain Based Tennis Training with Richa...
On Episode 279 of The Tennis Files Podcast, Tennis Hacker founder Richard Brice reveals brain based tennis training techniques to help you level up your game.
65 min
TFP 278: Doubles Strategy for Club Level Player...
On Episode 278 of The Tennis Files Podcast, founder of Tennis Tribe Will Boucek will talk about doubles strategy for club level players.
85 min
TFP 277: The 8 Racquets I'm Testing To Choose M...
On Episode 277 of The Tennis Files Podcast, Tennis Express playtester and content writer Sam Jones will talk about the 8 racquets I’m testing to choose my next stick.
58 min
TFP 276: 8 Keys Tennis Players Need to Level Up...
On Episode 276 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I’ll reveal the 8 keys tennis players need to level up their games.
20 min