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Fabrice Martin on the doubles stigma in France
"Whenever we have a doubles team they are very good, but none of the coaches think of a second option as a doubles career, which is shame."
26 min
Danielle Collins on pursuing her passions
"Whether I’m at Court 7 at Jack Puryear Park in St. Pete, Florida or I’m on Arthur Ashe at the US Open, I’m going to bring the same energy and effort."
28 min
Caroline Wozniacki on what's coming next
"I love my tennis identity. It's given me so much in life and it's part of who I am. I've worked so hard for everything I've done on court and I think I enjoy having that part of me."
33 min
Penny Lerner on being creative with Citi Taste ...
"This is what the Taste does, it brings people of all different cultures together to celebrate tennis and food and the cities that we’re in. It’s just cool to be a part of."
27 min
Ajla Tomljanovic on life inside of the New York...
"I'm never really used to seeing people in the hotel especially not in New York because usually we all kind of do our own thing with where we stay. And now you see all these players and it’s such a big event that it’s just different so it’s kind of like our own little village."
15 min
Steve Johnson on there being more to life than ...
“I don’t want to be gone when important things are happening. So hopefully I can play for a few more years, but there’s going to be a side of me that probably will be more at home than he is on the road.”
27 min
Tennys Sandgren on rocking and rolling onward
"It was interesting trying to think about what to do after I got inside of 100; that was always my goal to get inside of 100. It took six years to do that for me. It was like what do I do now?"
27 min
Genie Bouchard on making the most of her opport...
"If someone calls you and is like, 'Hey, do you want to be in Vogue, yes or no?' What are you going to do, say no? And tennis brought me that opportunity, so it’s like, of course, I'm a tennis player first and foremost, but it opened other doors."
29 min
Daria Gavrilova on finding out what makes her h...
"My last year was so bad that actually, I'm not going to lie, it feels like this year is better."
25 min
Julia Elbaba on keeping her pro dreams alive
"Right now it’s just deciding between whether you want to play tennis or you want to just end the career, so at this point it's just, yeah I want to continue, so I’ll have to make the sacrifice obviously."
34 min
Brandon Nakashima on being mentally tough
"One of my biggest strengths on the court is definitely my mental game and just being in every point, in every match and not getting too down on myself or getting too excited."
26 min
Elliot Loney on impersonating tennis stars
"Comedy is in a way is a lot like tennis. You’re by yourself, you’re thinking through a lot of things. If you have a great gig you feel amazing, if you have a terrible gig it’s like taking a hard loss."
42 min
Leslie Allen on speaking freely
"In my generation, it's all new, a black woman on the tour; I better be on my best behavior because I don’t want to mess it up for the next generation. So for [Coco] to have that freedom and to take advantage of that platform, it's fabulous."
39 min
Sachia Vickery on raising positive awareness
"I’ve experienced a lot of discrimination. I've been kicked off courts before and told like I don’t belong here and I shouldn’t be playing here. That actually happened really recently."
31 min
Jason Harnett on coaching wheelchair players
"I think as a wheelchair coach you have to have some comfort of being in the chair and understanding mobility patterns, understanding chair set up. That takes time."
34 min
Donald Dell on always pushing for progress
"I think athletes, if they are organized, can be the biggest element of change of anybody because they have a platform. They can stand up and talk everyday and people want to cover them."
40 min
Christina McHale on stretching her comfort zone
"Sometimes it’s uncomfortable the changes that you need to make in your game, but you know that if you don’t make them you’re not going to get to that level."
31 min
Artist Bruce Sulzberg on painting Rafael Nadal
"He picked the image by the way, and my time that I spent with him is absolutely priceless."
35 min
Andy Gerst on developing a coaching philosophy
"When you’re deeply rooted in the principles and the values that are most important to you then navigating rough waters are a little bit easier."
39 min
Rajeev Ram on achieving his Grand Slam dreams
"It is somewhat of a life changing moment. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s not because it was. I tried to win one of these for a long time."
36 min
Tom Gullikson on coaching the American greats
"Pete and Andre were obviously as different as a mongoose and a cobra."
28 min
Dr. Larry Lauer on improving your mental skills
"It’s hard sometimes when things aren’t going well, but realizing it’s a moment and the next one could be much better allows you to move forward."
41 min
Ryan Harrison on ignoring the haters
"That period of my life was tough because I had to try and figure out, at 21, 22, 23 years old, how I was going to turn my career back around into a positive direction where the later stages of my career could be more successful than the early stages."
28 min
Sally Bradfield on writing Not Quite 30-Love
"All of the scenarios of what players' lives are like on the tour, and what people who work with them lives are like on the tour, I tried to make as real as possible."
33 min
Taylor Townsend on resetting her 2020 mindset
"The more time that goes by, and the more that we’re out of our routine, the harder that it is."
30 min
Sam Querrey on becoming a stay-at-home dad
"That's the one good part in this, for me, is that I get to be home with my little newborn son."
26 min
Kristie Ahn on producing TikTok hits
"I’ve just been trying to help keep people entertained, even if it's for a couple seconds, couple minutes of the day."
40 min
Katrina Adams on making tough decisions
"The decisions that have been made in the sports world, as drastic as they may be, it's the best thing that has happened to, at least, protect those athletes and their families."
29 min
A special episode on the coronavirus upending l...
With so much uncertainty stretching before us, and news changing daily, we try to make sense of what has happened in the tennis world, and what players are doing to stay busy.
24 min
Richard Ashby on working with America's young t...
"Some were going to be great no matter what we did, but we try to treat all the players that come through with the idea: Look at your game now and where do you want to go?"
32 min
Pat Cash on what he looks for in a new player
"You’ve got to have everything. That’s not easy. We’ve picked the toughest sport in the world to be professionals at. It is the toughest sport in the world without a doubt.”
28 min
Brian Baker on dealing with the physical grind ...
“Being Top 100, it’s such a grind physically on tour sometimes, you don’t really need to be a better player you just need to play more tournaments feeling better.”
29 min
Caty McNally on finding ways to have fun while ...
"I think me and Coco have a good time and we like to separate that. We still are young, we’re still kids, we like to have fun, and not always think about tennis 24/7."
27 min
Jamie Loeb on not letting results define her
"If I start something I want to finish it and I want to say, 'Look I gave it my all.' And I don't think I was ready to stop. At the end of the day, I do love competing and giving myself a chance."
29 min
Talaya Schilb on what brings pro players to Mic...
"It's great tennis. However, it's so much more than tennis. We have dining from all over the area. We have concerts. We have free events. There's just so much going on."
23 min
Brett Haber on having confidence in the TV busi...
"I think that it does come from reps and that confidence is one thing that’s essential in a performance business, which this is. And I think that confidence is the one thing in life you can’t fake."
40 min
Joel Drucker on Roger Federer and the 2020 Aust...
"I love it. I still keep all my credentials and I get excited when I get my credential and I think, wow, yeah, they’re paying me this time."
31 min
Emilio Nava on making the leap from the juniors...
"When I was playing juniors last year it was all Grand Slams and nice tournaments. Now it’s going to be that grind day in, day out, every week, so I’m looking forward to that."
22 min
Todd Martin on preserving and promoting the game
"My memories are about: conflict and how I resolved those conflicts on the court, off the court, relationships that I built, the fun times in the hotels messing around, and friendships that I didn’t enter into the business thinking that I would leave with."
36 min
Craig Acker on working out the top talent at th...
"I can never want it more than the athlete, like it starts and ends there."
28 min
Sam Crawford on getting back on court in 2020
"I was doing physical therapy and trying to get range of motion back in my knee, and that was probably one of the most painful things that I’ve been through. I was like, why am I doing this to myself?"
30 min
Fed Cup captain Kathy Rinaldi on leading Team USA
“The pros and the cons of having so many great American players is OK you have a great pool of players to pull from but you can’t take them all. And so I would say when people ask me what the toughest part of the job is, that is it."
29 min
Chris Eubanks on learning sophomore season less...
"At the end of the year you think back at some of the weeks that maybe you weren’t all there mentally...and you just squander some opportunities. It gets to you; it really, really gets to you. It's something you don’t really expect."
38 min
Paul Annacone on how belief can set the greats ...
"You better believe in what you're trying to do and the way that you’re trying to deliver it. Time and time again that philosophy has rung true in my mind because I’ve seen the greats do it."
37 min
Irina Falconi on making a comeback with a reset...
"I would put tennis in front of almost everything. Back in the day that was just that way it was. Now it’s like tennis is third, maybe fourth compared to everything else, happiness is the No. 1 thing."
30 min
Bob and Mike Bryan on retiring at the 2020 US Open
"I told Micaela the plans for retirement. She actually was crying and she was like, 'You can still go back, if you’re retired you can still come back and play, right?' I'm like, yeah, but it’s pretty final."
28 min
Pete Bodo on the past, present and future of te...
"What's a little bit sad now really is that there's pressure to produce a lot, there's the pressure to produce almost on a 24-hour cycle, if you fall into it, certainly during the majors."
36 min
Eddie Elliott on helping Lauren Davis return to...
"A lot of times it’s like I’m trying to live my best life—whether it’s working out, having a positive approach after matches, before matches, having a positive attitude at tournaments. Because that’s a big thing I feel on tour, your player feeds off of that type of energy."
26 min
Noah Rubin on finding happiness in the grind
"I got to my career-high ranking at about No. 120 in the world. Not a lot changed… I just didn’t feel, I say this line all the time, but I didn’t feel—even at that point where I was at my best—that tennis was conducive to happiness." 
36 min
Nick McCarvel on covering the sport in new ways
"It's just that sort of natural approach that I've always had and, yeah, it's taken some fine-tuning. For the most part, it's just breaking down that fourth wall and letting the viewer feel like they're there with you."
32 min
Jim Courier on making tennis better for everyone
"The business side has been something that I’ve been really educated in. I didn’t go to college, so for me it’s been a real learning curve and a real wonderful one to understand how the world of tennis actually operates."
42 min
Anne Worcester on becoming UTR's president
"The chance to use use 35 years on all sides of pro tennis—the player side, the tournament side, the sponsor side, my Virginia Slims days and then the governing body side—to make a difference and grow the sport, using technology, was just sort of the chance of a lifetime."
31 min
Craig Kardon on the coaching carousel
“That’s one of the things I learned right away is you have to be willing to go on the court every single day and get fired, and stick up for what you believe in."
32 min
Mary Carillo on acing the broadcasting world
"Say yes! If you can’t do it they’ll tap you on the shoulder and get you gone, but just say yes. Experience it and work hard and be curious and do your thing, say yes."
49 min
Sascha Bajin on working with Grand Slam champions
"Getting paid playing with Serena Williams on a daily basis, I don't care if it's in Palm Beach Gardens or a stadium, it doesn't get much than that."
30 min
Melanie Oudin on the 10-year anniversary of her...
"To have that kind of run, and people cheering for me, and the whole believe thing, and inspiring a lot of people: I couldn't have asked for anything more than that."
34 min
Caroline Dolehide on finding her way on tour
"Right now I'm just really thankful, not that I'm winning, but that I feel good because it was really rough six months at the beginning of the year. It's something that we all have to go through."
26 min
Former No. 1 Liezel Huber on reaching new heigh...
"For me it wasn't about reaching No. 1, but really that platform that I had to stand on to make a difference."
25 min
Tournament director Joe Ceriello on the NYJTL B...
“We are the largest youth tennis and education nonprofit in the nation. That’s our daily work. Now the NYJTL Bronx Open is the ultimate aspirational event for our kids.”
31 min
Love Serving Autism founder Lisa Pugliese on ad...
"I kind of was stunned because I knew he enjoyed tennis, but I didn’t realize how much he loved it, and that was his way of expressing himself."
27 min
CiCi Bellis on enduring four surgeries and plan...
“Each one I was like, no, I’m not doing the surgery. I’m done with tennis. I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to put my body through this anymore. It’s just not worth it… But I ended up doing it."
31 min
Wrapping up Roland Garros 2019 and debating grass Podcast co-hosts Nina Pantic and Irina Falconi reflect on the fortnight, and look ahead to the grass season—which is already underway.
12 min
Debating Federer’s chances against Nadal at Rol...
Week 2 of Roland Garros has been highlighted by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer setting up their 39th career meeting in Friday’s semifinals.
14 min
Youth swagger rules Week 1 at Roland Garros podcast co-hosts Nina Pantic and Irina Falconi break down and react to some of the most exciting storylines.
15 min
Gigi Fernandez on transitioning to the real world
“Back then, 33 seemed like I was ancient. I did not know what I was going to do and it was a really difficult transition. I struggled a lot for a lot of years trying to do different things that were not in the tennis world."
28 min
WTT CEO Carlos Silva on innovating the game
“If you can’t make a little bit of noise, you’re going to be forgotten. I didn’t join WTT to be forgotten, I joined so that I could help take the 40+ years that it’s been around and now grow it into the next era."
18 min
Steve Weissman on getting into broadcasting
"If you can’t lift people up and help them and make others successful, then what are you? At the end of the day you need to pay it forward and try to help as much as possible."
28 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Entrep...
On this week’s episode of Beyond the Baseline, host Jon Wertheim talks with Washington Kastles owner, investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mark Ein. As a longtime fan and player of the sport, Ein discusses how he was introduced to tennis as a chi...
38 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — World ...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — World No. 3 Petra Kvitova on the 2019 Season
40 min
Jared Hiltzik explains the new ITF World Tennis...
“Last year towards the end of the season, I put myself in a good position. Had the changes not occurred I’d be close the Top 300 right now..."
25 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — David ...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — David Epstein on Roger vs. Tiger and Generalization vs. Specialization
52 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Felix ...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Felix Auger-Aliassime and Miami Open wrap-up
58 min
Charleston tournament director Bob Moran on Sou...
"That's what we hold our hat on: We've got to work a little bit hard than everyone else to be successful."
26 min
Shelby Rogers on her tour return in Charleston
“There’s no real moment where you’re 100 percent sure you’re ready to play again. You just kind of have to jump back in and go for it.”
25 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — James ...
After being named the Miami Open tournament director in January 2018, James Blake joins the Beyond the Baseline podcast to talk about the tournament’s move from Key Biscayne to its new location at the home stadium of the Miami Dolphins.
38 min
Judy Murray on building a legacy for Andy and J...
“You need to prepare for a legacy. You can’t just say, ‘Oh they stopped playing. We need a legacy.’”
49 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Checki...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Checking in from Indian Wells
30 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Kevin ...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Kevin Anderson on sustainability in tennis
43 min
Nicole Gibbs opens up about depression, motivat...
"For all of the trolling we get on social media, I find it fascinating how positive and supportive people are when you talk about mental health issues."
36 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Former...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Former Player, Daily Show Correspondent Michael Kosta
38 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Rowan ...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Rowan Ricardo Phillips on the Year in Tennis in 2017
51 min
From Team Stephens and now Team Puig, Othmane “...
"You’ve got their back, that goes both ways for a male or female tennis player. You have to earn their trust in the beginning."
26 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Pam Sh...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Pam Shriver's Proposal for the USTA
40 min
Bjorn Fratangelo on embracing the grind
"I just try to do as well as I can every week and make the most of what I can and can’t control. I’ve learned a lot over the past year with how things have kind of gone and where my faults were."
32 min
A look at the most memorable storylines from th... Podcast co-hosts Nina Pantic and Irina Falconi dissect the fortnight by pointing out the storylines that grabbed their attention.
25 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Martin...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Martin Blackman on the State of American Tennis
28 min
An in-depth chat with Madison Keys
"I have gotten to a point where if I don’t make make a quarter of a Slam or a tournament, it wasn’t good, and even then it’s still not great, it’s barely acceptable. So I’m pretty tough on myself."
32 min
Beyond the Baseline with Jon Wertheim — Chris E...
At the start of the 2019 season ahead of the Australian Open, Chris Evert joins the Beyond the Baseline podcast and gives an update on her own life, including what it was like to attend the funeral of George H.W.
55 min
Jarmere Jenkins on being part of Team Serena
"Being Serena—she doesn’t just wake up and she’s Serena. Every single day there's a purpose for the training, there’s an objective for the fitness—and she’s so much more than the tennis."
28 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Discus...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Discussing the 2019 ITF Transition Tour with Geoff Grant
54 min
Living legend Nick Bollettieri on his humble be...
“In order to do what I’ve done, you have to be a little crazy. You can’t listen to people that say you can’t do it.”
36 min
Sven Groeneveld on the art of coaching
"What kind of computer system am I running here—is it Apple or is it Microsoft? We need to speak the same language and the language of the player is more important than my language."
36 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Mike B...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Mike Bryan on Twin Brother Bob's Comeback, 2019 Season
46 min
Kent Kinnear on life in Lake Nona and the futur...
"Tennis has been unbelievable to me—I've had the opportunities to experience it at a lot of different levels and places."
26 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Mary C...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Mary Carillo Talks 2019, New Davis Cup
63 min
UTR’s Stephen Amritraj on the business side of...
"I think you’re essentially starting a business when you turn pro.”
31 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Jimmy ...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — Jimmy Arias on Coaching Tennis's Next Generation
53 min
Danielle Lao on pro life from the perspective ...
"I told myself, Danielle, if you can make a Grand Slam qualifying [draw] you are totally overachieving in life."
37 min
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — What W...
Beyond the Baseline, with Jon Wertheim — What We'll Remember from the 2018 Season
31 min
Alison Riske on taking part in the Fed Cup final
“In my experience, not even one week, it’s one match—if I’m able to get through that one match to give me the confidence back—honest to God, that’s usually all it takes to turn something around.”
38 min