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Sustainability Leaders
<p>Sustainability is a rapidly evolving field, driven by billions of dollars in global investment. Join hosts Michael Torrance, Manju Seal and David Sneyd in this podcast series, as we introduce you to the innovative minds and diverse perspectives that are pushing the boundaries in sustainability good practice. With topics ranging from climate change to sustainable finance and green bonds to human rights and responsible investing, we explore the world of corporate sustainability through interviews with corporate practitioners, investors, scholars and the NGO community.</p>
11 Green Finance in China
China’s enormous growth and development in the last 25 years have presented significant challenges to environmental sustainability.
45 min
10 Sustainable Finance is the new normal
A special episode as part of our partnership with Bloomberg for Sustainable Finance Week
25 min
09 The power of collaboration in ESG investing
Explore ESG issues including the Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) which promotes better labour standards through investment engagement.
48 min
08 Pricing Climate Risk with Bob Litterman
All about the Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividend Plan and why pricing carbon is imperative for informed decision-making.
38 min
07 World Bank: Mobilizing Capital Markets for S...
Learn about the World Bank’s funding programs, their influential work in sustainable development and how they mobilize capital markets to reduce social inequality and support UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
31 min
06 Responsible Investing - Industry Trends and...
Exploring the growth and implications of responsible investing with Alison Schneider and Dustyn Lanz
30 min
05 Climate Change: Transitions and opportunities
Atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe discusses a "just" transition to a low carbon economy.
21 min
04 Sustainability Disclosures: financial report...
Learn about a sustainability disclosure framework created by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).
36 min
03 Green Taxonomy: The EU Sustainable Finance A...
Learn about how the European Union is defining sustainability for investors and business.
30 min
02 Analyzing Climate Risk for Financial Markets
Explore climate-related risk and how it is being managed in today’s financial world.
31 min
01 Understanding Green and Sustainable Bonds
Today we’re exploring the world of green bonds and the emerging market of sustainability bonds.
33 min
Sustainability Leaders - Trailer
Sustainability Leaders launches on May 7th, 2019.
5 min