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351 - Jon LaLanne: Part Two
92 min
350 - Jon LaLanne: Part One
Board builder Jon LaLanne joins us to discuss how obstacles become ladders, the value of shame, the Gemini board design, and how to carve a unique life path as a son to a father who is larger than life. Enjoy.
64 min
349 - Post-Script: Billabong Pipe Masters
Welcome back to Post-Script, a brief yet thorough overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a recap of the opening events of the 2021 season.
32 min
348 - Andrew Kidman
Filmmaker, writer, surfboard shaper Andrew Kidman joins us to discuss the delicate art of communicating surfboard design to water performance through film, why it's important to look back in order to move forward, and why he's doubling down on print publishing in 2021. Enjoy!
119 min
347 - Stretch
Bill "Stretch" Riedel is today's guest. He discusses growing up in Malibu with Tom Morey and Mickey Munoz, the ocean accident that left his right side paralyzed, how he relearned to shape with his left arm, maintaining lifelong relationships with athletes, and the sweet ecstasy of a good quality cigar. Enjoy!
81 min
346 - Michael Arenal: Arenal Surfboards
A brief ten years into the surfboard game, Michael Arenal is establishing a reputation as a deft and reliable shaper for some of the industry's leading labels and as an astute craftsmen for his eponymous small batch customs. Today he talks about how to navigate entry into the business without stepping on toes and how he plans to use the benefits of this current boom to grow into the next decade. Enjoy!
73 min
345 - Brad Gerlach: WaveKi
Brad Gerlach opens up about navigating through depression, the paramount importance of connection, and why he's dedicated the next phase of his life toward getting you to slow down. Enjoy!
87 min
343 - Sean Doherty: Golden Daze
New owner of Surfing World magazine, Sean Doherty discusses his acquisition, his latest book "Golden Daze", and why it's important for surf media to be helmed by passionate surfers and not by private equity controlled conglomerates. Enjoy!
92 min
342 - Mark O. McInnis
Oregon based surf photographer lost everything he owned last week as his house burned to the ground in the Holiday Farm Fire. Today he discusses the value of a complete reset, how a limitation can become a virtue, and the importance accepting help. Enjoy!
75 min
341 - Simon Jones: Morning Of The Earth Surfboards
Simon Jones discusses the power of collective consciousness, how one surf soundtrack changed his life's trajectory, and why 3 stringers and 2 fins is all you'll ever need. Enjoy!
91 min
340 - Welcome to the Sunday Joint
At long last Matt Warshaw bestows an Encyclopedia of Surfing podcast upon the world. The Breuer brothers (Swell Season) roll up Warshaw's Sunday Joint and take a deep inhale of surfings, past, present, and future. Welcome to episode one. Enjoy.
121 min
339 - Lauren L. Hill
Lauren Hill is a mother, author, and ecofeminist. In today's show she explains how a commitment to curiosity has resulted in an unlikely surf career, an even less likely life as a farmer, and a cosmic premonition that inspired her to move across the world in a quest to stay centered. Enjoy!
73 min
338 - Sterling Spencer
Self proclaimed "#1 Surfer In The World", pro surfer antagonist, aspiring Centaur, and the greatest to ever surf Alabama, Sterling Spencer joins the podcast to discuss the paradoxical relationship between comedy and depression, why you shouldn't go vegan, and being kissed on the lips by Jeremy Flores. Enjoy!
76 min
337 - Dave Parmenter
Surfboard shaper, former pro surfer, writer, surf historian, Dave Parmenter discusses how “old” surfboard designs are more advanced than many modern designs, why he doesn’t read surf mags nor watch surf films, and why he’s spending most of his water time miles off the coast. Enjoy!
100 min
336 - Dr. Dani Burt
Dani Burt is an Adaptive World Surfing Champ, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and above knee amputee as a result of near death motorcycle accident. Today she shares her origin story, reveals what she experienced while in a 45 day coma, and how she leveraged anger and depression to grow and empower radical life change. Enjoy!
74 min
335 - Murf The Surf: National Champ, Jewel Thie...
Convicted murderer, national surfing champ, and mastermind of America's biggest ever jewel heist, Jack Roland Murphy is the subject of today's show. Journalist and podcaster Nathan Scott spent 9 months with Murphy and his peers to investigate facts new details of this decades old case. We chat with Nathan to hear about his new podcast series and about the dramatic confrontation that ended his relationship with Murf the Surf. Enjoy!
82 min
334 - Richard Kotch
Richard Kotch is a surf photographer and 50% of the dynamic surf guiding duo on the Maldivian island of Hudhuranfushi, along side his wife (and last week's podcast guest) Amy Kotch. Richard explains his early surf experiences that primed him for surf guiding, the challenges of island life, and how to continually improve your surfing into your 50s. Enjoy!
88 min
333 - Amy Kotch
"She Surf" cover surfer Amy Kotch joins us to share how, at 30, she left So Cal suburbia behind in pursuit of hollow, warm surf and a simplified life focus. Kotch explains life on a remote atoll as a surf guide, the challenges and joys of raising a kid there, and the quickest way to shift your perspective, values, and worldview. Enjoy!
71 min
332 - Malcolm Campbell
Board builder Malcolm Campbell discusses the Bonzer design, the role it’s played in surfing and the quirky dynamics that sometimes push and often impede board design evolution. The Bonzer is the first truly functional, high-performance three finned surfboard design, and the Campbell Brothers introduced it a full decade prior to the invention of the Thruster. We bring today's episode straight from the Malcolm’s kitchen in his home in Oxnard. Enjoy!
96 min
331 - Spoons filmmaker Wyatt Daily
Wyatt Daily shares his discovery of previously unseen surf footage of Greenough, Yater, and dozens more who would spark a design revolution and indelibly change the trajectory of surfing, as documented in his latest film, "Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story". Enjoy!
81 min
330 - 1Planet1People: Selema Masekela & Ryan Ha...
Selema "Sal" Masekela and Ryan Harris join us for a discussion about how the surf industry can respond to Black Lives Matter to foster a healthier, more robust industry, why they are both more optimistic about the future of America than ever, and they introduce 1Planet1People. Enjoy!
87 min
329 - Jon Rose: Waves 4 Water
Waves 4 Water is aiming to solve the world water crisis and has already provided sustained solutions for 3.75 million people. Jon Rose discusses his transition from a self-focused life of professional surfing into a life of effective altruism and the challenges of running an international organization. Enjoy!
90 min
328 - William Finnegan: Barbarian Days
William Finnegan has been an important figure contributing to surfing for the past 30 years or so, mainly as a writer, but also as a discoverer and explorer. Author of the Pulitzer winning "Barbarian Days", he and David discuss his journey and navigating how surfing fits into relationships, work, and life. (This episode was original published on December 20, 2015).
82 min
327 - Josh Hall: Round 2
San Diego board builder and Skip Frye apprentice Josh Hall joins us to pay homage to Kauai, discuss his recent elk hunt in New Mexico, survey the surfboard biz in the time of COVID, and reevaluate how to love and care for our parents as they age. Enjoy!
79 min
326 - Billy Hamilton: Part Two
Billy Hamilton joins David to discuss the difficulties of raising Laird, discovering Nazare, the benefits of psychedelics, and how his relationship with John Milius ended with a punch and a transfer of one millions dollars. Enjoy!
62 min
325 - Billy Hamilton: Part One
Billy Hamilton joins David to discuss growing up in Laguna before the ocean was poisoned by detergents from civilization's expansion, his early travels to Kauai in the 60's, meeting Laird and his mother on the beach at Rocky Point, surfing Pipeline naked, and living (partying) with Bunker Spreckles when he inherited $100 million dollars. Part one of two. Enjoy!
63 min
324 - Terry Chung
Kauai waterman Terry Chung joins us to talk about his recent trip to foil Nazare with Laird, raising well-adjusted children on Kauai, his journey through board building, the evolution of the surf foil, and how to sustain big wave wipeouts at the age of 65. Enjoy!
80 min
323 - Luke Evslin
Kauai Council Member and co-founder of Kamanu Composites Luke Evslin joins us to talk about the challenges of being a small composites manufacturer in Kauai, how he's addressing housing and climate change from City Hall, and how a near death experiences shifted his life's trajectory. Enjoy!
78 min
BONUS - Nic Timpone on Sustainable Surfboards
8 min
322 - Dustin Barca: Part Two
Professional MMA fighter, surfer, activist Dustin Barca discusses homelessness in Kauai, the environmental impact of genetically modified agriculture, political corruption, and how discipline has helped him find focus and purpose. Part two of two. Enjoy!
70 min
321 - Dustin Barca: Part One
Professional MMA fighter, surfer, activist Dustin Barca discusses homelessness in Kauai, the environmental impact of genetically modified agriculture, political corruption, and how discipline has helped him find focus and purpose. Part one of two. Enjoy!
68 min
320 - Jeff Hakman
Mr. Sunset and co-founder of Quiksilver USA Jeff Hakman talks about dressing in drag to avoid Vietnam, earning and losing a small fortune, conquering a 30 year substance addiction, and positioning himself to surf into 100 years of age. Enjoy!
99 min
319 - Nathan Meyers talks "Here & Now"
As part of our contribution to The Lockdown Surf Film Festival, David Scales interviews The Surfer's Journal Editor and film director Nathan Meyers about his film "Here & Now". The film is screening for 24 hours on Enjoy!
29 min
318 - Mark "Papa Sau" Sausen
Californian Mark Sausen made his way with one board, a Terry Martin shape, to Kauai in 1970. Over the next 50 years he'd marry into a native family, develop a craft for building some of the most acclaimed boards for the local waves, and come to share ownership of the most prized land in all of Hawai'i. This is his story. Enjoy.
82 min
317 - The Garden Isle
Kauai has long been it favorite destination for surfers. It's recently become a prized location for tech billionaires and agricultural corporations, the convergence of which has led to an erosion of culture. Today we hear from Max Medeiros, Bronson Lovell, and Lance Ebert about building boards and adapting to life on the Garden Isle. Enjoy.
144 min
316 - Taylor Knox
Twenty year ‘CT veteran, meditation teacher and envy of every single surfer since 1993 for his power prowess, Taylor Knox opens up about boneheadedness, the fallacy of regret, and why his power is based in stillness. Enjoy!
88 min
315 - Sticky Bumps: John Dahl
John Dahl is the founder/owner of Sticky Bumps and a pioneer of surf wax. Today he explains how he's been the beneficiary of serendipity, how he's leveraged incremental lessons into sustained returns and when it's the appropriate to fire or promote family members. Enjoy!
77 min
314 - Ryan Harris
Board builder Ryan Harris runs the world's only zero waste surfboard factory. Today he shares his origin story, how designing shoes translates to shaping, the importance of starting at the bottom, and how he'll make more money from his trash than he will from selling surfboards. Enjoy!
79 min
313 - Jeff McCallum: Creative Kin
In this new 6 part series surfboard shaper Donald Brink spends a week in the mountains with board builders and artists. Today he chats with Jeff McCallum about the fallacy of "sustainable" surfboards, the virtues of the twin-fin Egg, and the unimportance of legacy. Enjoy!
37 min
312 - Akila Aipa
Surfboard shaper and youth mentor Akila Aipa is expanding on his family legacy by building solutions for our modern needs on principles honed by his father. Today he discusses how he's embraced catharsis through missteps and how Kelly's success on Akila's boards will alter the next decade of his business and life. Enjoy!
90 min
311 - Joel Centeio
Pro surfer turned Hurley Hawaii team manager turned organic farmer Joel Centeio chats about the equitability of sponsoring surfers, the challenge of fostering drive while living in paradise, and confronting the internal dilemma of killing animals to feed your family. Enjoy!
57 min
310 - Jamie Dillberg: Aloha Exchange
Kauai retailer, Aloha Exchange co-founder Jamie Dillberg talks about the legacy of localism, starting Famous traction, recovering from failure, and the importance of community to modern retail.
91 min
309 - Rochelle Ballard
Rochelle Ballard's commitment to wellness was the guiding force behind her 15 year CT campaign. Today she chats about drawing from that experience to share wellness with others while attempting to maintain balance between life and professional obligations. Enjoy!
45 min
308 - Dane Hantz: Vulcan
Vitruvian disciple and board builder Dane Hantz joins us to chat about the endangered California surf industry, the psychological risks of a social media curated life, and navigating parenting while trying to run a business and still find time to surf. Enjoy!
83 min
307 - Mark Healey (Rebroadcast)
Originally published February 28, 2017. This week’s guest is unflinching big-wave surfer, champion spear fisherman, and part time Hollywood stuntman Mark Healey.
71 min
306 - Sal Masekela
Musician, host, producer, Sal Masekela talks about the power and treachery of growing through grief, the gift of plant-based medicine, and getting out of one's own way to find peak performance. Enjoy!
110 min
305 - A Compromised Country
Australia is burning. The 136 fires are burning so large that they are generating their own weather systems, have scorched millions of acres of land, killed 19 people, and millions of animals. Today we visit the singular uniqueness that makes this compromised country so important.
18 min
304 - Dick Metz: Part Four
In our fourth installment with Metz he tell us about a cross country road trip with Edwards, Alter, and Brown and how he got the Hilton Hotel's family to finance Hobie's skateboard business. He also addresses inquiries about potential illegitimate children sired from his travels and much more! Enjoy!
105 min
303 - Post-Script: Billabong Pipe Masters
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters.
18 min
302 - Dick Metz: Part Three
In our third installment with Metz he leaves South Africa and travels through subsaharan Africa, shoots arrows with the Masaii, dodges bulls in Pamplona, goes backstage at the Olympics and then finally returns home to inspire his friend Bruce Brown. Enjoy!
91 min
301 - Dick Metz: Part Two
In our second conversations with Dick Metz, he tells us about selling his family liquor license to Disneyland to fund his three year journey around the world where he was jailed in Bombay, lived in a brothel in Panama, and eventually discovering Cape St Francis with the guidance of John Whitmore. Enjoy!
113 min
300 - Dick Metz: Part One
Photos and stories from Dick Metz's three year global surf trip in 1958 inspired his friend Bruce Brown to chase The Endless Summer. Metz was the first employee at Clark Foam. He opened the ever surfboard shop and he co-founded The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center. Enjoy part one of our three part series with Mr. Dick Metz.
86 min
299 - Upcycled Surfboards with Donald Brink
Donald Brink chats with Surfrider CEO Chad Nelson and surfboard shapers around the world who have built boards from lobster buoys, miso barrels, and 200 year old savaged barn wood to outline options for sustainable surfboard building.
32 min
298 - Jamie Brisick: Origin Story
Jamie Brisick joins us for a discussion about the first time he smoked pot, his foray into BDSM, the absurdity of giant logos, losing his home to a fire, and how his life would have been different if he “succeeded” in his pro surfing goals.
73 min
297 - Jack Coleman: Zone Frequency
Filmmaker Jack Coleman discusses his latest film, the value of making radical life changes, and why he's leaving his home of 20 years to vagabond around the world. Enjoy!
68 min
296 - Nat Young
Era defining pioneer of the shortboard revolution, writer, World Champ; Nat Young discusses abandoning his animal aggression, reveals his favorite modern shapers, shares stories of Tom Blake & Miki Dora, and illuminates some of his greatest lessons learning as outlined in his latest book, “Church Of The Open Sky”.
88 min
295 - Matt Warshaw
Father, husband, surf historian, Matt Warshaw chats about how to nurse the bruising of online commenters, the virtues of quitting surfing, pays tributes to surf’s little known stories, and he outlines a grander EOS. Enjoy!
105 min
294 - Post Script: Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal.
24 min
293 - Derek Rielly
BeachGrit co-founder, writer, and general surf influencer through his many roles in media, Derek Rielly confesses to accidental overachievement, reflects on his departure from Stab, shares the perils of partnering with Chas Smith, and discusses his latest book "Gulpilil". Enjoy!
60 min
292 - Drew Kampion
In an apple orchard on an island thirty miles north of Seattle and eight years removed from his last surf is where I found Drew Kampion. Kampion reflects on his early years at Surfer, analyzes current surf media, and tells about the first time he got John Severson high. Enjoy!
99 min
291 - Bert Burger
Industrious surfboard shaper from Western Australia, Sunova Surfboard's Bert Burger joins us to extol the virtues of alternative materials, detail his role in co-founding Firewire Surfboards, and explain the benefits and misconceptions about building surfboards in Thailand. Enjoy!
119 min
290 - Sal Masekela
Sal Masekela is a professional broadcaster, television host, musician & television producer. In today’s episode we discuss his unique origin story, he weighs-in on the failures of the WSL broadcasters, & Slater’s potentially final year on tour. (This episode originally aired on March 15, 2017)
141 min
289 - Sid Abbruzzi: Water Brothers
Punk-flavored surfer, skateboarder, entrepreneur, and activist, from Newport, Rhode Island, often described as "the Godfather of New England surfing", literal godfather to Ian Walsh, defender of Ruggles, and friend to all, Sid Abbruzzi is our illustrious guest for today's show.
73 min
288 - Sunset Surfboards: Ed Wright and Brian Fr...
Ed Wright and Brian Fredrickson shares stories from 60 years of business, mentoring some of the industry’s most iconic board builders, and how to continue a legacy after closing a retail business.
69 min
287 - Channel Bottoms: Dale Wilson
Channel bottom guru, shaper and laminator Dale Wilson chats with David to discuss his early introduction to Allen Byrne and the life altering epiphany he had on a channel bottom surfboard. He illuminates it’s virtues, it’s limitations, and explains why all surfers should be riding one.
70 min
286 - Hansen Surfboards: Josh Hansen
Josh Hansen is a second generation heir to Hansen Surfboards. Founded by Don Hansen in 1961, Josh has helped usher Hansen from a local surf retailer into a 20,000 square footprint housing 55 employees. Hansen discusses the perils of the consignment model, working with family, and how he's positioning to incorporate the next generation of Hansen's.
61 min
285 - Post-Script: Tahiti Pro
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Tahiti Pro presented by Hurley.
22 min
284 - Harbour Surfboards: Robert Howson
Beginning as a team rider for Rich Harbour in 1980, Robert Howson has helped transition Harbour from a surfboard manufacturing facility into a thriving retail destination. He discusses the importance of honoring suppliers and how to retain saltiness and protect a legacy while incorporating modern business practices.
61 min
283 - The Dazzling Blue: Jamie Brisick and Will...
Today’s show is a conversation between Jamie Brisick and Pulitzer Prize winning author William Finnegan. The two chat about Brisick’s latest book, “The Dazzling Blue”, the process of writing, the struggle of maintaining a spot in the pecking order of your local line-up, and the virtue of taking time away from surfing.
55 min
282 - Bing Copeland
Bing Copeland started Bing Surfboards in 1959. After sharing his first wave with Greg Noll and under the tutelage of Dale Velzy, Bing became one of the largest board builders of the 60s. In today's episode Bing discusses his origin story, the value of delegation, transitioning the Bing legacy, and the incident that caused him to quitting surfing. This is part 2 of 5 of our limited run series #TemplesOfStoke presented by @SurfingHeritage Enjoy!
59 min
281 – Martin Daly
Captain of the Indies Trader Fleet and founder of the Beran Island Resort, Martin Daly joins us to chat about his greatest finds as a treasure diver, the best session he’s ever witnessed, two horrifying days at sea where he thought the ship was going t...
71 min
280 – The Frog House: TK Brimer
TK Brimer, owner of the iconic Newport Beach surf shop The Froghouse, joins us to talk about surf retail’s importance to surf culture. He discusses juggling debt, managing millennial employees, ignoring eComm,
70 min
279 – Post-Script: Corona Open JBay
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Corona Open JBay. Supported by, use promo code “podcast” to support this show and get your first mo...
16 min
278 – And Two If By Sea
A conversation with filmmaker Justin Purser, CJ Hobgood, and Damien Hobgood about their new documentary that traces the Hobgood’s early life, professional surf careers, development of their respective families, and ultimately,
69 min
277 – Jason Stevenson: JS Industries
Jason Stevenson sits near the top of the heap of shortboard surfboard manufactures worldwide. Parko’s ridden JS nearly his entire career, Julian and Sally are aiming for a title this year on JS sleds. Jason shares his origin story,
68 min
276 – Chris ‘Gally’ Stone: US Olympic Head Coach
Chris Stone is taking time off from traveling as Jordy Smith’s coach to fulfill this patriotic opportunity to head coach the US Olympic team. In today’s episode Stone outlines surfing in the Olympics, shares concerns,
71 min
275 – Post-Script: Oi Rio Pro 2019
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Oi Rio Pro. Supported by, use promo code “podcast” to support this show and get your first month fr...
19 min
274 – On The Edge Of A Dream
In today’s episode David chats with Andrew Kidman and Ellis Ericson about their new film “On The Edge Of A Dream”. The film documents five years of experimentation and development of the Edge design. The conversation begins 30 years ago,
92 min
273 – Nathan Fletcher & Michael Oblowitz: Heavy...
Heavy Water is Michael Oblowitz’s new film centered around Nathan Fletcher’s most significant traumas and his most meaningful accomplishments. In today’s episode Oblowitz details the long and storied history of drugs with the surf industry,
66 min
272 – Justin Jay: HI1K
Former personal photographer to Sean “Puffy” Combs, Justin Jay has spent the past 10 years traveling from NYC to the North Shore in December to document the denizens who congregate for the Pipe Masters. Snippets of his work has been published each seas...
92 min
271 – Post-Script: Margaret River Pro
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Maragaret River Pro. Supported by, use promo code “podcast” to support this show and get your first...
22 min
270 – Tony Roberts
Innovative photographer and filmmaker Tony Roberts packed his boards and camera gear and drove from Santa Cruz, California to Santa Cruz, Costa Rica 30 years ago to pursue a surf centered life. In today’s show he talks about adapting his career due to ...
78 min
269 – Post-Script: Corona Bali Protected
Welcome back to Post-Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Corona Bali Protected. Supported by, use promo code “podcast” to support this show and get your fir...
17 min
268 – Maurice Cole: Part 2
The enigmatic MC returns to discuss the aftermath from his first podcast appearance, Sunny Garcia, the concept of “sustainability” in surfboards, the 2019 Bells Beach Pro, and how confronting vulnerability is allowing him dispel past trauma.
80 min
267 – Dick Van Straalen
Iconic Queensland shaper Dick Van Straalen shares his origin story and details how living with dyslexia has informed his surfing and surfboard building. He discusses helpful treatment strategies and explains how his acute mindset has empowered him to p...
62 min
266 – Post Script: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
Welcome back to Post Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Supported by, use promo code “podcast” to support this show and get your ...
22 min
265 – Kinaroad’s Shaping Robot
David visits the Gold Coast of Australia to chat with Scott Fenton of Kinaroad to learn about their shaping robot and their plans to fortify domestic board building, increase wages for laminators, eliminate inefficiencies in the traditional board build...
64 min
264 – Bruce Ragan of Quiet Flight Surfboards
After a three year walkabout in his mid twenties, Quiet Flight’s lead shaper Bruce Ragan returned to shaping with a revitalized passion that has fueled his craft for the past thirty years. In today’s episode he discusses the perils that face teen pro-a...
74 min
263 – NYC Artist Richard Phillips
NYC painter Richard Phillips found surfing later in life. He restructured his life to accommodate his newfound obsession and in the last two decades surfing has inextricably informed his work and his relationships.
97 min
262 – Post Script: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast
Welcome back to Post Script, a quick overview of each event on the WSL championship tour. Today, a review of the off season and recap of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. Supported by, use promo code “podcast” to support this show and get your...
14 min
261 – Darren Handley
In today’s episode Darren Handley of DHD Surfboards details his first encounters with Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning, he explains the challenges of scaling his business internationally and why he’s chosen to outsource some of his manufacturing.
85 min
260 – Shark Attack Survivor: Brett Connellan
At the age of 22, Brett Connellan was surfing his local beach when he suffered the intense impact from the jaws of a Great White shark. Through the attack, Brett lost the majority of his left thigh and sustained serious damage to his hand,
64 min
259 – Nick Carroll and Donald Brink
Australian surf writer Nick Carroll inquires about all things asymmetry with South African board builder Donald Brink. Nick’s been quietly surveying the broad acceptance of asymmetrical board design in the US and he quizzes Donald on design theory,
47 min
258 – Ricky Carroll
Florida board builder Ricky Carroll illuminates the pioneers of Brevard County whom paved his path while sharing his origin story, his tribulations as a mechanic, and how licensing other board labels has allowed RC Surfboards to thrive. Enjoy!
67 min
257 – Sean Doherty
Australian writer and surf media mainstay Sean Doherty has become the unintentional tip of the spear in a public fight against a giant oil company. In today’s show he details the #FightForTheBight and misinformation that all Australian’s need to know.
90 min
256 – Charles Mencel: Shaper and English Professor
English professor and surfboard shaper Charles Mencel talks about rescuing drunken tourists from pounding surf at the Jersey shore, crafting literary-minded college students, managing time for maximum efficiency,
76 min
255 – Josh Kerr
Josh Kerr launched on to the world scene with two Air Show World Championships before the age of 20. After suffering a severe leg break he reset and found a home on the World Tour. During those 7 years, Josh’s family traveled with him and he developed ...
67 min
254 – Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell
In the new film, “Thank You, Mother”,  Ishka Folkwell showcases Torren Martyn’s surfing on Simon Jones boards to craft an abstract narrative which highlighting that life design and board design are at their fullest expression when simplicity is employe...
48 min
253 – Grain Surfboards: Mike LaVecchia
In today’s episode we chat with Grain Surfboards co-founder Mike LaVecchia. Based in York, Maine, Grain builders hollow, framed, locally sourced wood surfboards. Mike’s background in boat building and his reverence for historic surf craft positioned hi...
87 min
Bonus – 252 – Building Brand Awareness Through ...
Recorded at Surf Expo 2019, David Lee Scales and Chas Smith discuss new opportunities for brands to communicate their messaging through podcasting and how they utilize the Surf Splendor podcast network to access a broader audience,
31 min