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Back of the Napkin unfolds the ideas and innovations that help small business owners drive customer loyalty, develop, and retain employees and grow revenue—as told by the people who risked it all to chase their dream. Hosts Karen Stoychoff from SurePayroll and entrepreneur Dusty Weis talk with small business owners from across the country about their inspiration, success, hard knocks, lessons learned and relentless entrepreneurial spirit.

The insights shared by the small business owners featured on Back of the Napkin are especially important as the number of new business start-ups are increasing dramatically across the U.S. According to a recent report from the National Bureau of Economic Research, new business applications from the second half of 2020 through May 2021 mark the greatest on record since 2004.  

At SurePayroll, we empower the dreams of small business. From online payroll, health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp, pre-employment screening, and more, SurePayroll makes it easier for small business owners to focus less on payroll and taxes and spend more time doing what they love and do best.  

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26. tinyB Chocolate Friday Fail: Tempering the ...
In this season 3 episode of Back of the Napkin, Renata and Andrei Stoica from tinyB Chocolate in San Francisco, CA, share how a single personnel decision changed how they operate their boutique chocolate and team-building experience company.
10 min
25. tinyB Chocolate Rolls Brigadeiros Virtual T...
In this season 3 episode of Back of the Napkin, Renata and Andrei Stoica from tinyB Chocolate in San Francisco, CA, share how they built a thriving online retail and virtual teambuilding business from a hand-rolled Brazilian delicacy and giving adults permission to “get messy.”
34 min
24. Friday Fail: Paulo Hutson Solórzano on Navi...
In this season 3 Friday Fails episode of Back of the Napkin, Paulo Hutson Solórzano, owner of A Medida Communications in Chattanooga, TN, discusses the importance of focusing on what you do best, embracing your ninja power and identifying what is more appropriate to bring to the beach – a towel or toilet paper.
11 min
23. The Power of Cross-Cultural Inclusion with ...
In this season 3 episode of Back of the Napkin, Paulo Hutson Solórzano, owner of A Medida Communications in Chattanooga, TN, talks the importance of cross-cultural inclusion, overcoming self-imposed barriers to networking, and the power of tooting your own horn.
28 min
22: Friday Fail with Café L’Appetito: The Value...
In this season 3 Friday Fails episode of Back of the Napkin, Licia Accardo and Tony Spatara, owners of Cafe L'Appetito in Chicago, share a valuable lesson about staying true to who you are and what you know best.
9 min
21. Café L’Appetito Second Generation Owners St...
30 min
20. Victor & Mika's Bakery Chew on the Savory T...
The proprietors of Florida's hottest vegan bakery share how failure is a key step in the baking process.
9 min
19. It Doesn’t Taste Vegan: The Meaty Success o...
In this season 3 episode of Back of the Napkin, Mika Altidor and Victor Munoz, owners of Victor & Mika’s Bakery, discuss owning and operating the first and only vegan establishment in Polk County, FL, and how they balance being partners in business and life. Plus, they explain why 98% of their customers aren’t even vegan.
33 min
18. How “Safe Fail” Training Helped CFAH Owners...
Challenge + Recovery = Adaptation in Small Business Ownership
12 min
17. CrossFit Arlington Heights: When Members Be...
How Jeff Arce & Web Eby, owners of CrossFit Arlington Heights, Inspire Members to Market Their Business
43 min
16. Back of the Napkin Friday Fails: Failure as...
In this Back of the Napkin Friday Fail, Kelly O’Neill, owner of Fusion of Iron and Earth, talks about intrinsic value, knowing your worth and tooting your horn. Plus, Kelly reveals her favorite Detroit Coney.
13 min
15. The Art of Business and the Business of Art...
Kelly O'Neill, owner of Fusion of Iron and Earth, talks about her transition from the corporate world to starting a small business from little more than clay, scrap metal, sheer determination, and the passion to honor her father's legacy.
34 min
14. Friday Fails: Former Coca-Cola Executive on...
Former Coca-Cola VP of Communication Ben Deutsch shares some big business lessons for small business entrepreneurs.
14 min
13. A Family Legacy in Ice Cream, with Jon Snyd...
From his grandfather's Carvel ice cream stand to the business he started at age 19--and then sold--Jon Snyder's entire unconventional path has been leading him toward a career in gelato.
32 min
12. Friday Fails: Tips to Avoid Common Small Bu...
SurePayroll's online payroll training expert warns us about three common small business payroll mistakes.
10 min
11. Building a Habit of Mindfulness and Meditat...
Building a Habit of Mindfulness and Meditation with Aisha Chottani, founder of Moment
28 min
10. Friday Fails: Hiran Patel Explores Failure ...
Hiran Patel, owner of the Indian restaurant Naansense, remembers a time early in his small business journey that he failed.
12 min
9. Turning a Passion for Cooking Indian Food i...
Hiran Patel has always had a passion for cooking, and after a chat with his father where he was reminded how important it is to follow your dreams, he decided to pursue his fortune in the kitchen.
27 min
8. Friday Fails: Rachel Doyle Explores Failure ...
Rachel Doyle, the founder and CEO of the nonprofit GlamourGals, shared a time early in her business when she failed.
13 min
7. How the Nonprofit GlamourGals Provides Compa...
Rachel Doyle founded GlamourGals, a nonprofit in New York City, when she was just 17 years old.
36 min
Season 2 Launches on March 31!
Steph and Dusty check in and share a sneak peek of what Back of the Napkin has in store for Season Two.
2 min
6. Hiring Post-Prison People and Serving High-Q...
Pete Leonard is a serial entrepreneur whose latest business venture pairs high-quality coffee with a mission to hire post-prison individuals.
37 min
5. Friday Fails: Maria Erna Explores Failure in...
In this Friday Fail, Maria Erna, owner of WaG Grooming Salon and Spa, shares a fail she had early in her career.
13 min
4. How to Plan a Wedding in 5 Minutes with Mana...
Inspired by their own struggles with wedding planning, Manali Shah and Raj Kamaria launched Pyaari Weddings in early 2020.
32 min
3. Friday Fails: Lee Kitchen Explores Failure i...
Failing in business is never fun, but those fails have the power to inspire big success.
10 min
2. Why Quality Service and Supporting Employees...
Maria Erna is the owner of WaG Grooming Salon and Spa in Salem, NH. Inspired by her own struggles to find quality dog grooming for her dogs, Maria opened WaG to provide a holistic, dog spa, salon experience to her furry clientele.
38 min
1. How to Inspire Creativity in Business with L...
Lee Kitchen is a brainstorming facilitator in the Orlando, Florida area who arms businesses across the country with tools to inspire creativity and launch new ideas.
36 min
Coming Jan. 27: SurePayroll's Back of the Napki...
Where Entrepreneurs Share Stories of Their Big Journeys in Small Business
1 min