Support is Sexy Podcast with Elayne F...

Elayne Fluker is author of the new book, Get Over ‘I Got It’: How to Stop Playing Superwoman, Get Support and Remember that Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All Alone (HarperCollins Leadership). As host of the SUPPORT IS SEXY podcast, Elayne interviews more than 500 successful women entrepreneurs around the world, who share inspiring, true stories of the ups and the downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. Elayne Fluker is also founder of SiS.Academy, an online learning platform for women entrepreneurs. For more information about Elayne Fluker, please visit Thank you for listening!

743: Fitlosophy Founder Angela Mader Talks abo...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
61 min
BONUS EPISODE: Join Support is Sexy Podcast Hos...
Join Van Jones, John Legend, Alicia Garza, Jessie Williams and, Yep, Elayne Fluker at INBOUND 2020!
7 min
742: How Tech Women Network Founder Jumoke Dada...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
33 min
741: Speaking Your Brand Founder Carol Cox Tel...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
55 min
740: Becoming Nadia Lopez: How One of the Natio...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
86 min
739: Taking the Leap from Corporate Executive t...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
77 min
738: What Every Black Woman Entrepreneur Needs ...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
56 min
737: Mary Hyatt Tells How to Restore that Flic...
54 min
736: How to Raise Anti-Racist Children and Prac...
A podcast reminding women entrepreneurs that having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone
56 min
735: Why Stylist and Author Morgan Wider Says I...
"The Worthy Wardrobe" author Morgan Wider shares how she "digs through a woman's literal and figurative closets to get rid of what no longer serves her and helps her create magic with what she already has."
50 min
Special Episode: BLACK LIVES MATTER. A journey ...
My journey of self-reflection through the last few weeks of heartbreak and hope.
14 min
734: How to Overcome Failure, Optimize F.O.M.O....
From having to close her first business to having the heart to start her second, Karen Young opens up to us about her entrepreneurial journey to creating Our Shave
71 min
Special Episode: How to Pivot Your Career, Mast...
Emotional intelligence expert Tieko Nejon shares how to pivot your career, find your peace and understand the role of your emotional intelligence.
109 min
733: 'Queen Sugar' Star Tina Lifford on Her 'Li...
"Little Book of BIG LIES" author and 'Queen Sugar' star Tina Lifford shares the biggest lies we tell, mastering inner fitness and choosing vision over ego.
85 min
732: How to Find Your V.O.I.C.E. and Use Podcas...
Melanated Conversations co-host and Levels to Launch founder Yana Reynolds shares how to use your voice, spread your message and launch your own podcast.
67 min
Special Episode: How to Manage Stress and Anxie...
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Robin D. Stone helps us talk through how to manage stress and anxiety during these times; how to breathe through it all; and how to do what we need to do to feel good again.
59 min
731: How to Pivot Your Business from Non-Profit...
Rahama Wright shares the major pivot she made to a for-profit business with Shea Yeleen and why the right pivot in your business could be just what you need to have greater impact than you imagined.
55 min
730: Serial Entrepreneur Jen Groover Tells How ...
"The More Method" author and serial entrepreneur Jen Groover shares what shifts she made as a business owner to be more grounded and in flow; not in force.
54 min
Special Episode: How to Use Journaling to Heal ...
Taiia Smart Young -- creator of "Love You, Mean It" self-love journals -- shows you how to shift your mindset and embrace self-love and self-acceptance through journaling
82 min
Special Episode: How to Get Financial Support D...
From the stimulus to unemployment to SBA grants to PPP to federal student loan deferments and more -- you've got options!
95 min
729: How To Become a Professional Speaker and G...
Motivational speaker Dr. Chery Wood shares how to become a professional speaker, how to build your speaking business, how price your speaker fees and more!
67 min
Special Episode: How to Homeschool Your Childre...
Many parents are homeschooling their children and working from home for the very time simultaneously. Homeschooling expert Dr. Traci Baxley shares tips on how to stay organized, stay sane and show yourself some grace.
65 min
728: How Miss Jessie's Co-Founder Miko Branch B...
In an honest conversation, Miss Jessie's co-founder Miko Branch talks about rookie mistakes, aha moments and the dangers of growing too quickly.
61 min
727: Nikki Rausch, The Sales Maven, Tells How t...
Nikki Rausch teaches how to sell with confidence, close the deal and help your business survive during uncertain times.
61 min
Special Episode: Dr. Khadeja Johnson's YouTube ...
In a tearful YouTube video, Dr. Khadeja Johnson pleads for you to stay home, and shares how she had to tell her son what to do if she does not make it home.
40 min
726: Everybody Can't Come (And That's Okay!)
Everybody ain’t gonna get it, so everybody can’t come along for the ride. And you know what? We shouldn’t expect them to.
16 min
BONUS: Let's Talk about How to Manage Stress an...
These are uncertain times. Let's talk about it. Tonight, on Facebook, join me for a conversation with licensed mental health counselor Robin D. Stone
6 min
725: How to Build a Million-Dollar Etsy Busines...
Kelly Parker Smith of Hello World Paper Co. shares insider tips to launching and growing your business on Etsy.
48 min
724: How Celebrity Stylist And Salon Owner Syre...
Duafe Salon owner Syreeta Scot shares how our hair trauma affects us, how she helps her clients feel confident and how reinvention helped her sustain her business for 20 years and counting.
62 min
723: Worry is a Poor Use of Imagination (How to...
During this time that we're all being encouraged to slow down and sit down, let's choose not to worry but to get to work.
15 min
722: How Do You Become the Woman You Are Meant ...
Getting a lil' reflective on my birthday and remembering that I can become the woman I envision for myself TODAY! And so can you!
8 min
721: How Partake Foods CEO Denise Woodard Raise...
Partake Foods Founder Denise Woodard shares what it means to go "all in" on your dream and what it's really like to raise $1 million for your business.
46 min
720: Media Personality Tai Beauchamp on the Tro...
Tai Beauchamp gets real and reveals the not-so-glamorous parts of entrepreneurship, the moments that are sometimes lonely and the empowering epiphany she had around support.
52 min
719: How to Expand Your Business On Purpose and...
Karen Taylor Bass shares how she's moving through life an business on-purpose, how she's drawing a circle around her dreams and how you can, too.
50 min
718: How to Handle Rejection and Let It Fuel Yo...
On this episode, I share what I learned from the experience, and three ways that you can handle rejection as the journey to your dream.
16 min
717: How to Trust Your Spirt and Live Courageou...
In an open and candid interview, Regina Louise shares her powerful story about overcoming abuse, holding onto her dreams, and thriving in her life.
52 min
716: How Celebrity Makeup Artist Camara Aunique...
"Your dream has to scare you in some way for it to change the world." -- Camara Aunique Helps
46 min
715: FRQNCY Founder Michelle Khouri On Building...
We check in with previous guest Michelle Khouri, Founder of FRQNCY, and find out where her business is today, what she has learned and what's next!
55 min
714: How to Change Your Life in 5 Seconds (Less...
If, within just five seconds, you challenged yourself to do the thing you said you were going to do, think of how different (and productive!) life would be.
15 min
713: How to Choose Happiness with Magazine-Edit...
Taking Off The Golden Handcuffs And Choosing Happy With Magazine Editor-Turned-Television Producer Mitzi Miller
63 min
712: How to C.R.A.V.E. Your Goals and Find Your...
"Working with Wisdom" author and speaker Tricia Molloy shares how to CRAVE your goals, build your speaking business and find your authentic voice.
52 min
711: The One Thing You Can Do that Will Make Ev...
Lessons learned from the book, "The One Thing."
13 min
710: How to Create 7 Streams of Income for Your...
Dorie Clark shares her top strategies from Entrepreneurial You to help you “monetize your expertise, create multiple income streams and thrive.”
63 min
709: How to Build Your Emotional Grit with Emot...
Dr. Neeta Bhushan talks about moving beyond grief, finding self-love and healthy relationships, and how to have emotional grit and create a life you love.
34 min
708: Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox Tells th...
Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox Tells How to Stay in Business and in Love When Working with Your Spouse, and the Top Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
64 min
707: Dr. Manisha Singal Shares How to Make Cann...
Dr. Manisha Singal of Aethera Beauty shares the benefits about Cannabis and CBD oils and tells how the Cannabis industry is evolving to include many different categories.
70 min
706: How to Play the Game to Change the Game wi...
Tamika Milburn, the newly appointed Commissioner of the Women’s Professional Basketball Association (WPBA), is changing the game when it comes to women’s basketball. Find out how.
45 min
705: Remembering Your Ripple
What's your ripple? We all have one. But there are times when we forget that? Don't. Here's why...
10 min
704: Building a Co-Working Space for Women to C...
How The Lola Co-Founders Martine Resnick And Eileen Lee Created Atlanta's First Women-Only Co-working Space
61 min
703: Celebrating the Lessons of 2019; Looking F...
Plenty of lessons learned in 2019 that have shaped my vision for 2020! In this episode I share how to create YOUR vision and intention for the new year.
58 min
Ballerina Misty Copeland Talks about Transition...
From the ballet to the boardroom, history-making ballerina Misty Copeland is taking control of her body of work in more ways than one.
30 min
701: How to Bounce Back and Get Up When You Fal...
How to recover from the embarrassment of falling flat on you face
8 min
700: 7 Lessons Learned from My Run Through New ...
Celebrating 700 episodes of the Support is Sexy podcast today, and though the lessons are many -- there are 7 that came to me during a recent run in New York that I must share!
24 min
699: Stop Hiding and Stand in Your Light!
The world is waiting for you to show up. It's time to stop hiding and to stand in your light.
13 min
698: 2020 Vision with Vision Coach and Spiritua...
As 2020 approaches, listen to spiritual teacher Barbara Biziou talk about creating your vision, setting your intention and saying "yes" to the possibilities.
54 min
697: Are You Willing to Do the Work?
A reflection the habits that separate dreamers from DOERS...
7 min
696: How To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy With ...
Danielle Mercurio shares how to tap into your feminine energy, and the best ways for ambitious women to be embrace that beautiful part of yourself.
38 min
695: Why Mindset Plays an Important Role in You...
Cherri Dallas explains why mindset is key to your success, how visualization guides her life and how to adopt a survivor’s mindset.
42 min
694: Everyday May Not Feel Like a Win, But Ever...
Some days, you take the "L," but you can still make it count!
9 min
693: Kimberly Blackwell, CEO of PMM Agency, Tel...
Kimberly Blackwell, CEO of PMM Agency Tells How to Go from Side-Hustler to Multimillionaire and Why You're Only as Strong As Your Network
65 min
692: How to Channel Your Anger, Manage Your Emo...
Business coach and licensced counselor Margo Geller shares how entrepreneurs can get support, manage your emotions and stress a whole lot less.
58 min
691: How to Leverage the Power of First Impres...
How to Leverage the Power of First Impressions with Popup Florist Founder and CEO Kelsie Hayes
38 min
690: Diversity & Inclusion and the Importance o...
Carolynn Johnson, the new CEO of Diversityinc, on why women need allies and why she's committed to giving us a seat at the table.
56 min
689: Mighty Networks Founder and CEO Gina Bianc...
Mighty Networks CEO Gina Bianchini shares how building brand awareness while creating a sense of community is a win-win for businesses and customers!
59 min
688: Ok, But What Are Your Intentions?
Sometimes you can let your head get the best of you. Drop into your heart and remember your intentions.
12 min
687: Show Me the Money: 7 Rules of Engagement f...
What's your money mindset Is it possible that it's holding you back from getting the money you deserve? Let's talk about it!
21 min
686: What Every Retailer Needs to Know about Bu...
Endear co-founder Leigh Seven tells how to reinvigorate your brick and mortar sales by putting the relationship back into retail.
36 min
685: How 90 Meetings in 90 Days Saved the Busin...
Belinda Filippelli Shares How to Survive the Valleys of Entrepreneurship and Make Connections Even While Things Are Messy
91 min
684: Insider Secrets on How to Level-Up Your Li...
Learn insider secrets on how to level-up your LinkedIn Profile and leverage your connections with Ty Heath, Global Lead of LinkedIn's B2B Institute
78 min
683: How to Cook Up Unique Experiences for Your...
Customers are starting to value experiences over "things." Learn how Jenn Nicken of The Chef and the Dish creates new experiences for food lovers.
41 min
682: Embracing the Both-And in Bulgaria with Yo...
How Kremena Yordanova embraces the both-and instead of the either-or as she builds her yoga business and works as an Adidas marketing exec.
47 min
681: 3 Questions to That Will Help You Uncover...
Confidence, clarity and discovering your purpose with business coach Jodie Rogers.
58 min
680: How Kate Redding Saw a Gap in Spain's Trav...
Kate Redding fell in love with Valencia, Spain, so much that she created a touring company to share the city with other travelers
21 min
679: A Message about Vision, Commitment and Fai...
Sometimes Mama truly does know best...
5 min
678: How Hotelier Meryanne Loum Martin Made her...
In this episode, recorded in Marrakech, Morocco, at Jnane Tamsna hotel, owner Meryanne Loum-Martin shares her journey of becoming a pioneer in the boutique hotel industry
94 min
677: Why I FINALLY Decided to Launch Support is...
I've been stalling on launching courses for way too long. Now is the time!
8 min
676: How Brooklyn Native Yvette Gayle Is Creati...
44 min
675: Take Some Time to Reflect (and Walk Barefo...
Take a break, reset, reflect and spend some time walking barefoot in the grass.
4 min
674: Why Mommies Make the Best Entrepreneurs w...
Jill Salzman shares why mommies make the best entrepreneurs (and the most common mistakes many mompreneurs make)
44 min
673: 3 Most Common Barriers Between You and You...
Dr. Marcia Morgan, author of "GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams at Any Age," shares the three most common barriers that women face when it comes to their goals and how you can overcome them
54 min
672: The Importance of Recognizing Your Value a...
As generous women, we want to give everything away; as business women we have to remember that recognizing our value helps us become better entrepreneurs and better women
12 min
671: Whenever Things Don't Go Your Way, Embrace...
"No" is a part of the process when you're an entrepreneur. Make the "Bounce Back" part of YOUR process for moving on
5 min
670: The Power of Going from "Have to" to "GET TO"
How being intentional about your language can help you level up your mindset and approach life's necessities with optimism
5 min
669: How to Develop Atomic Habits (Lessons from...
Who do you have to become to create that habits that will change your life?
10 min
668: Don't Be Afraid to Skip Chapters
When inspiration hits you or eludes you, don't be afraid to skip that chapter.
5 min
667: Show Up! No Matter Who's There, Show Up fo...
Don't stop showing up just because you think no one is watching.
4 min
666: Pursuing Your Moonshot and Changing the Wo...
"If you're not willing to fail, you're not willing to win big."--Lucrezia Bisignani
51 min
665: Just One More: How Taking That Extra Step ...
One more rep, one more step, one more minute working on that project can put you way ahead of the competition.
8 min
664: What I've Learned in Three Years of Hostin...
Today we're celebrating three years of the Support is Sexy podcast! Here are three key things I've learned!
10 min
663: Lesley Jane Seymour, Founder of Covey Club...
CoveyClub Founder Lesley Jane Seymour tells why every woman needs a reinvention plan and how to prepare yourself for your second act.
57 min
662: How to Set Up an Online Business That Prov...
Stefanie Gass shares secrets for how online courses could be the key to passive revenue for your business.
58 min
661: Insider Secrets No One Ever Tells You Abou...
Cheryl Contee on building startups, pitching ideas, making authentic connections and realizing mechanical bulls tell us a lot about gender inequities.
62 min
660: Commit, and Then Recommit, and Then Recomm...
2019 is halfway completed. It's time to commit to recommit to your goals!
5 min
659: How to Build a Global Beauty Brand with In...
Ouidad shares the value of integrity when building your brand and handling your business
42 min
658: 5 Videos You Need to Use in Your Business ...
Media expert and Inspired Living CEO Keri Murphy shares five videos you should have in your business today and how to be the confident face of your business
48 min
657: The Lip Expert Sara Happ on How to Make Yo...
Sara Happ, The Lip Expert, shares how she built her mega beauty brand by focsing on doing "one thing" better than anyone else.
40 min
656: Accountability is Sexy!
Let's do this together!
2 min
655: Leaving a Good Thing and Recognizing Your ...
Bestselling Author Denene Millner on A Writer's Duty, Leaving a Good Thing and Recognizing Your Worthiness
64 min
654: How to Make Volunteerism Part of Your Comp...
36 min
653: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart with "Always a...
"Always and Never" author Lisa Shumate shares 20 truths for a happy heart!
44 min