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Tales from the Script
How John August fell in love with screenwriting -- and illuminates the craft for aspirants.
12 min
Best of 2018, part 2
Some of our favorite stories from the last year: Daniela Vega, the drudgery of a movie and TV quality control technician, novelist Lauren Groff’s complicated relationship with Florida and an oral history of the hip-hop pirate radio station WBAD.
49 min
Best of 2018, part 1
Some of our favorite stories from the last year: Library music, The Noid and Angélique Kidjo.
50 min
Welcome to The Jungle
How a new play puts the audience inside a migrant camp.
17 min
A movie hallmark, and Hallmark movies
John Ford’s problematic masterpiece “The Searchers” and an inexplicable love for Hallmark Christmas movies.
49 min
Art that grows on you
The Muppets, picture books and other childhood pursuits you never outgrow.
50 min
Can You Ever Forgive Lee Israel?
The literary con artist talks about her criminal past — now adapted into the Melissa McCarthy film, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”
13 min
Unhung heroes
A scholarly look at why men in classical art are so slightly endowed, plus how a writer thinks about her day job as a respiratory therapist and holiday fiction from Kurt Andersen.
50 min
My fair lyricist
Lyricist Alan Jay Lerner’s centennial, and more theater magic with impresario Jack Viertel and “Sweat” in the Rust Belt.
49 min
Aha Moment: An Odd Path to Plath
Where a troubled teen discovered Sylvia Plath: in a Charlie Sheen TV movie.
11 min
American Tricons: Harley, Hendrix and O’Keeffe
America’s love affair with a motorcycle, plus Georgia O’Keeffe’s Southwestern masterpieces and how Jimi Hendrix summed up the Vietnam War with a single guitar solo
50 min
Settlers, unsettled
A haunting opera about Homestead Act settlers, plus new leads in the Gardner Museum heist, a White Album obsessive, and a Buffalo Tom member’s day job in the leafy suburbs.
49 min
To Distill a Mockingbird
How the Harper Lee classic still finds fans — and detractors.
23 min
The deal of the art
Nathaniel Kahn’s documentary about the art market, plus the making of a Talking Heads masterpiece and Kenneth Lonergan on writing plays and movies.
50 min
Done and doner
The art of finishing — how creative people get unstuck and creative projects get back on course.
49 min
Home, Sweat Home
How Sweat, the Pulitzer Prize-winning labor drama by Lynn Nottage, made the jump from Broadway glitz to blue-collar communities.
12 min
Scents and sensibilities
How a perfumer concocts a scent from Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” the mysterious betrayal at the heart of the documentary “Shirkers,” and making sense of “American Pie.”
50 min
Pure speculation
The many aspects of speculative fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, alternate history and everything else otherworldly.
50 min
Day Jobs: Respiratory Therapist
Stacey Rose is a playwright, screenwriter, director, producer and...a respiratory therapist.
9 min
All most famous
Theresa Rebeck on the most famous actress of her day, Justine Bateman on fame waxing and waning, and a pirate radio station that got too famous for the FCC.
50 min
Mind the Generation Gap
Millennials and boomers do battle in “Boomer1,” learning to love Lawrence Welk, and Argentine experimental musician Juana Molina performs live.
51 min
Don McLean's "American Pie"
The song where everyone knows the words, but few what know what those words mean.
13 min
Ethan Hawke embraces the aging process, the enduring power of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks,” and the genre-defying music of Balún.
50 min
Pacific Northbest
The golden age of grunge — and moving beyond dumb grunge cliches — in the Pacific Northwest.
50 min
BoJack Horseman’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg
How a dark comedy got so dark and so funny.
22 min
Apocalypse, wow
How Ann Dowd makes her dystopian character on “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Aunt Lydia, more believable, and how hippies in the late ’60s started obsessing over Doomsday.
50 min
EGOT to have it
What’s it take to win entertainment’s grand slam?
50 min
Link Wray’s “Rumble”
The guitarist who Dave Davies and Jimmy Page worshipped.
6 min
A room with a viewfinder
Liz Diller on her favorite use of architecture in film, a classic Richard Pryor album turns 40 and a noteworthy summer for black cinema.
50 min
Framing the debate
How the politics of the past, and today, inspire art, music and poetry.
50 min
The Remarkable Bounce of Blindspotting
Poet Maya Phillips talks about how rap elevates this modern dramedy about race, friendship, and a rapidly gentrifying Oakland.
20 min
The golden age of anonymous music
The curious world of vintage stock music libraries, a groundbreaking radio thriller, and America’s most prestigious cinema: the White House.
50 min
Studio 360 Presents: Hit Parade
Studio 360 presents a special bonus episode of another great podcast — Hit Parade.
75 min
Walden pondered
How “Walden” holds up, “I Will Survive” at 40 and Leonard Bernstein’s concerts for children.
50 min
Happy Bernstein to You!
As conductor of the New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein changed the way audiences understood classical music.
9 min
Everyone’s a comedian
Ken Jennings on the history — and ubiquity — of comedy, Picasso in Mira T. Lee’s new novel and a performance by Roomful of Teeth.
50 min
The art of children at play: playground design, imaginary friends and the unlikely histories of Barbie and the Frisbee.
50 min
A Wild and Crazy Anniversary
Forty years ago, Steve Martin made comedy history with “A Wild and Crazy Guy” and “King Tut.”
10 min
Making it in Cleveland
A citywide art survey in Ohio, a biblical reading of Beyoncé and the mastery — and misery — of a quality control technician.
50 min
Science and Creativity: Do Animals Have Culture...
A reading by acclaimed poet Marianne Moore and Chicago filmmaker Jim Trainor on his “anti-Disney” animal educational film.
12 min
Science and Creativity: Do Animals Have Culture...
How a hit record saved the whales and how certain whale songs become hits.
16 min
Science and Creativity: Do Animals Have Culture...
Author and Historian Laurel Braitman puts on concerts for all-animal audiences. Richard Prum talks to us about the aesthetic preferences of animals.
22 min
Drawn from experience
What inspired comic artist Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Wilson Pickett and “Luke Cage” showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker.
50 min
Here Comes the Pitch
The new season of the music documentary podcast Pitch takes listeners behind the music of ISIS, blacklist jazz, Carnival, and more.
25 min
American Icons: Monticello
This is the home of America’s aspirations and its deepest contradictions.
50 min
Science and Creativity: Your Brain on Laughter ...
What is medical improv? WNYC’s Amanda Aronczyk takes us on a tour. Plus, back to Laughter Yoga with Kurt Andersen and Marry Harris.
15 min
Science and Creativity: Your Brain on Laughter ...
Your brain on Laughter: Neuroscientist Sophie Scott explains the science of laughter. Plus, Comedian Chris Gethard talks to us about how depression and comedy can be interwoven.
24 min
Science and Creativity: Your Brain on Laughter ...
Kurt Andersen and Marry Harris give Laughter Yoga a try.
12 min
When art is dirty ... and dirt is arty.
50 min
Behind the Harlem Sound of Luke Cage
Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker on the show’s ‘90s, New York, hip-hop vibe.
16 min
Rebels without a pause
A revolutionary Public Enemy album turns 30, the history of protest art and the “Nancy” comics reboot.
50 min
Shadows in the Sunshine State
The strange, creative influence of Florida
50 min
The Director of Hereditary on Family, Kids and ...
The influences behind Ari Aster’s debut film.
14 min
‘Fahrenheit 451’ rekindled
The Ray Bradbury novel’s new relevance, plus the making of a Bowie mashup and “American Animals” director Bart Layton.
50 min
Science and Creativity: Way to Go, Einstein Par...
What are gravitational waves? Astrophysicist Janna Levin has the answer.
14 min
Science and Creativity: Way to Go, Einstein Par...
Pop-Culture Einstein: John Wray and James Gleick on how Einstein influenced their writing.
17 min
Science and Creativity: Way to Go, Einstein Part I
When Einstein was no Einstein: The long road to the theory of relativity.
19 min
American Icons: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
How do you memorialize a war that was more tragic than triumphant? Inscribed with the name of every fallen soldier, Maya Lin’s granite wall became a sacred place for veterans.
51 min
American Animals: Bart Layton’s New Breed of Tr...
How filmmaker Bart Layton blurred the line between a feature and a documentary to create American Animals.
16 min
Muppet regime
How Jim Henson brought the Muppets to life.
49 min
Science and Creativity: The Multiverse Part III
The multiheroes of the superverse: Physics Professor James Kakalios and TV producer/creator of the Tommy Westphall universe Tom Fontana.
15 min
Science and Creativity: The Multiverse Part II
Artist Charles Jenks has turned the Scottish countryside into a map of the multiverse.
18 min
Science and Creativity: The Multiverse Part I
What is the multiverse?
16 min
Pet projects
How pets inspire and confound us.
50 min
When Bad People Create Good Art
How should journalists write about art in the #MeToo era?
24 min
One mom at a time
Women who create stories about what it means to be a mother now.
47 min
Super humans
The mortals who bring comic book characters to life.
50 min
Ch-ch-changes: Making the Bowie Mashup
How Tony Visconti, Bowie's longtime producer, captured the artist's career in a 15 minute remix.
13 min
One tall woman
An interview with Laurie Metcalf (“Three Tall Women,” “Roseanne,” “Lady Bird”), a miniature play and jazz guitar great Wes Montgomery.
50 min
American Tricons
American Icons 3-pack: “Amazing Grace,” “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and “Spoon River Anthology.”
49 min
The Sound of One Claw Slashing (SNIKT!)
How Brendan Baker and Chloe Prasinos created a sound-rich world for Marvel’s Wolverine: The Long Night.
15 min
A void: The Noid
The triumph and tragedy of a pizza mascot.
49 min
Poets who know it
Inside the heart and soul of American poetry.
49 min
A Room of Nell Scovell’s Own
The writer for The Simpsons, Late Night with David Letterman and Newhart on being the only woman in the writers’ room.
17 min
What Laurie Anderson lost
How the multimedia artist bounced back from losing Lou Reed — and so much more.
49 min
The art of noise
The pioneers who turn the sound of everyday objects into music.
49 min
When The Belly Room Grew — and Flopped — for Fe...
In 1978, the Comedy Store gave female comedians a room of their own. Here’s the story of its complicated legacy.
15 min
Babe I’m leaving
The case for the earnest Styx ballad, plus the Brothers Weisberg on “The Americans” and “Trumpcast,” living with the “Truman Show” disorder and remembering art collector Peggy Cooper Cafritz.
49 min
Late bloomers
Midlife breakthroughs with Toni Morrison, David Chase and Philip Glass.
49 min
The Brothers Weisberg on The Americans and Trum...
Jacob Weisberg, the host of Trumpcast and Joe Weisberg, the creator of The Americans, talk about Trump and Russia.
24 min
The shape of Oscar
Underrated and overrated performances from this year’s Oscars, and how to make a political acceptance speech that doesn’t get booed.
49 min
American Icons: The Lincoln Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial is now one of the most treasured landmarks of Washington, DC. But for decades people fought over every aspect of it — and even whether it should be built at all.
50 min
Wipe your nose!
Denise Gough on mucousy method actors, an atheist’s love of Christian rock, mocking Kennedys, and a photographer’s mentally ill mom.
50 min
Learning to love Comic Sans
A case for the most-hated typeface.
49 min
Papa was a rolling stone
The musical children of pop stars
49 min
Will Super Bowl Ads lay off bikini babes for #M...
Super Bowl commercials aren’t exactly a place you’d look for enlightened portrayals of women. Will that finally change in this year of #MeToo?
16 min
Fantastic women
The fantastic actress who is “A Fantastic Woman”
49 min
I killed Captain Kirk
What a long, strange Trek it’s been
48 min
Breaker 1-9
How “Convoy,” a novelty country song by a couple admen, became a #1 hit.
48 min
Staff picks, 2017 (Volume 2)
Completing our favorites list: Stevie Salas on Native American rockers, Angie Thomas on how a TLC lyric saved her life, and the hoax behind the bodice-ripper “Naked Came the Stranger.”
48 min
Staff picks, 2017 (Volume 1)
Some favorite segments from 2017: Scorsese’s film editor Thelma Schoonmaker; the accused witch who inspired “The Handmaid’s Tale”; writer Yewande Omotoso; and making a case for the movie that gets no love, “The Godfather, Part III.”
51 min
Where is Bobbie Gentry?
50 min
That’s What She Said
June Thomas on Scenes of Workplace Sexual Harassment: From “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” to “The Office”
14 min
So you think you're creative?
What do we mean by creativity? How can we encourage it and measure it? From imaginary friends to jazz musicians in fMRI machines, we explore the creative brain.
50 min
Gay theater, then and now.
NYT Theater critic Jesse Green and playwright Paul Rudnick on groundbreaking gay theater.
51 min
Studio360 | New Yorker Cover Illustrator Barry ...
Illustrator and political cartoonist Barry Blitt is best known for his New Yorker covers
16 min
American Icons: The Disney Parks
Stories from inside the oddly touching, sometimes creepy, deeply American utopia that Walt Disney created.
49 min
American Tricon
Three American Icon segments about women’s identity in works by Hawthorne, Porter and Sherman.
51 min
I'm the Boss, Baby
Kurt talks to Alec Baldwin about playing Donald Trump, how the actor depicts villains, and his favorite depictions of villains in the movies. Plus filmmaker Taika Waititi on the jump from making low-budget comedies to making “Thor: Ragnarok”
49 min
The Agonies of Small Talk
Newly minted MacArthur geniuses: Annie Baker tackles small talk in her plays, Jesmyn Ward depicts rural African American life in her novels, and Taylor Mac’s 24-hour revue of the entire history of American pop music.
50 min