Story Pirates

The award-winning Story Pirates Podcast takes stories written by kids and turns them into sketch comedy and songs. Made up of talented comedians, songwriters, and frequent celebrity guests, the Story Pirates inspire kids to create, bringing laughter to kids and grownups of all ages with hilarious sketches, catchy original songs from all genres, and interviews with the creative geniuses behind the stories… kids! 

Kids & Family
Fainting/Madame Louis Garbatolle (feat. Jessica...
The Story Pirates encounter their very first tarot tarantula
34 min
The Left Side of Time/The New Food: Fitix vs. M...
Peter and Lee discover an ancient cookie temple and its guardian (Oscar Montoya).
32 min
Brain Pirates/Camel Humps
Siegfried the Orange, brave Viking warrior, explores another side of himself.
36 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot’s Back to School Mixtape 2022
DJ Squirm-a-Lot heads back to school!
49 min
The Test/The Case of the Spilling Hot Chocolate...
Rolo and Smitty’s secret past is revealed.
31 min
Introducing: Arts Educators Save the World (fea...
We’re proud to introduce Arts Educators Save the World
41 min
Alf the Alligator's Tea Night/The Journey
The Story Pirates record solo podcasts.
35 min
A Little Girl Was Feeling Blue/Cicada Party (fe...
A shady salesman tries to sell the Story Pirates some sunshine in a box.
29 min
Story Creation Zone: Map Drawing with Siegfried...
Siegfried the Orange, brave Viking adventurer, guides listeners in drawing a totally epic map of an imaginary place. For the full episode,
6 min
The Dangerous Plumbers/The Bike That Is a Car
The Story Pirates create an extremely popular underground car wash.
35 min
The Mismatched Puzzle Piece/The Sad Queen (feat...
A professional glassblower (Cecily Strong) discovers Eric’s natural talent and tries to convince him to go pro.
35 min
Acting With Meghan, Tape 1: Sense Memory - Preview
Meghan invites listeners to learn about how to act from one of the theater’s true masters: herself.
4 min
The Tree With a Love For a Mountain/Infamous
Baby With a Mustache has an identity crisis.
32 min
The Starfish/The Package (feat. Dan Mintz)
When her diamond headphones go missing, Meghan recruits a hard-boiled detective to solve the mystery
34 min
Lala/Laugh Day (feat. Lou Wilson)
When Loofah takes the day off, a stunt performer is hired to fill in.
31 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot’s Beach Day Mixtape 2022
DJ Squirm-a-Lot heads to the beach for sun, surf and smashing that spacebar!
43 min
The Prince-ess/The Magician’s Accidents (feat. ...
Peter and Nimene swap personalities.
35 min
Imagication: Nice Bees - Preview
In an extended preview of this brand new bonus episode, Peter does a pretty passable Australian accent as he takes listeners through a creative visualization exercise.
8 min
All Because I Bit My Knee/Cat That Can Spell
Meghan discovers crystals.
35 min
The Secret Theme Park/Ryan in Rhinebeck Grows R...
Smitty becomes an official member of the Story Pirates, but is surprised to see what exactly that entails.
31 min
Snakes and People/The Fish Person (feat. Kimmy ...
As the Story Pirates begin to traverse the different underground layers of the earth, they encounter a dance party led by EDM-loving dinosaurs.
39 min
The Inside Story: The Chicken King
Peter catches up with the Chicken King to find out if he’s figured out how to be a kinder ruler and how his favorite chicken Hamburger is doing.
6 min
You Make No Sense!/The Chicken King (feat. Mich...
In part 2 of the season 5 premiere, the Story Pirates meet the proprietor of a strange underground theme park.
40 min
Driving Bumblebees/The Bad Dog Who Was Smart (f...
The Story Pirates are back for season 5! In part 1 of the season premiere, the Story Pirates begin their journey to the center of the earth and meet the bearer of a very mysterious voice.
37 min
Announcing Season 5!
The Story Pirates Podcast is back for Season 5! Starting May 26th, listen to new episodes wherever you get your podcasts.
4 min
Deep Cuts #7: Cake Stories
We have a brand new, cake-themed bonus episode for you featuring “Diggy Day,” “Raining Cake," and “Charles Cake and the Moose"!
20 min
Deep Cuts #6: Cheese Stories
A brand new, cheese-themed bonus episode featuring our favorite, funniest, and weirdest stories from the archives
27 min
Deep Cuts #5: Dragon Stories
We have a brand new, dragon-themed bonus episode for you featuring our favorite, funniest and weirdest stories from the archives.
29 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot’s Thanksgiving Mixtape 2021
In this special bonus episode, DJ Squrim-a-Lot celebrates Thanksgiving the only way he knows how–by smashing that spacebar!
55 min
Trailer–Bugs and Daffy’s Thanksgiving Road Trip
Celebrate Thanksgiving week with Looney Tunes and the Story Pirates!
3 min
The Perfect Horse/Fishing Fish That Fish Humans...
In part two of our season finale, an undersea queen reveals her secrets.
33 min
If Dogs Could Do The Boogie/Cheese Monkey With ...
In part one of their season finale, the Story Pirates meet a queen and find out, once and for all, if the underwater city of Nethernabosia is real.
29 min
Bad Art Werewolf/The Bear Claw (feat. Satya Bha...
The Story Pirates meet a famous film director who is making a stunt-filled underwater action movie.
30 min
The Snowball Safe/Claudia the Cloud (feat. Jon ...
The crew discovers an underwater city and king that miiiiiight not be the exact one they’re looking for.
33 min
Martian-Mallows/The Big Fortune (feat. Juwan Cr...
Lee discovers a surprising new tiny friend.
29 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot's Summer BBQ Mixtape 2021
In this special bonus episode, everybody’s favorite worm DJ crafts the perfect playlist for your summer outdoor party plans.
47 min
The Beautiful Potato/What It Feels Like To Be A...
The crew stumbles upon a troupe of Fish Scouts and helps them learn the skills to earn an important badge.
31 min
Popsicle Sweater/The New Species (feat. Raúl E...
In their 100th episode, the Story Pirates attend a show by famous octopus magician Octavious the Great.
33 min
The July Playdate/The Short Neck Giraffe (feat....
An anonymous underwater graffiti artist named Angelfish tags the Story Pirates’ ship.
32 min
The Music Trials/Anti-Body Man (feat. Nick Blae...
Rolo tests out new and possibly unwise recipes for soup.
27 min
Conquering Pitland/Teachers Are People Too?!
Meghan gets a new restorative hobby.
35 min
Stars and Moonlight/The Mystery of the Eaten Ca...
The Story Pirates venture out of the ship to a rock concert that is being held inside the mouth of a giant whale.
31 min
Little Snacks Big Problems/The Brown Cat
Eric gets ready to watch the big game!
31 min
The Missing Golden Eggs/The Super Secret Sassy ...
During a visit to Great White Shark Cafe, Peter faces off with a fearsome shark.
33 min
Mr. Chuggy and Me/The Zero-annaire
The Story Pirates forget Rachel’s birthday, so she escapes to Jellyfish Village and meets a very familiar jellyfish pop star.
36 min
The Boy Who Had a Pet Ice Cube/The Not-So-Safe ...
The Story Pirates try to spiff their ship with help from reality TV host Whimsey Pepperdime.
31 min
The Peach/Ten Tigers
Rolo discovers a secret compartment on the ship that contains a rare family heirloom.
32 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot's Spring Break Mixtape 2021
Everybody’s favorite worm DJ smashes that spacebar and plays some of our favorite songs from the podcast.
40 min
The Lost Spoon/Backwards Town
When the power goes out, Siegfried and Eric must go on an epic journey to the center of the ship.
36 min
The Ant Who Saved Her Colony/The Boy Who Couldn...
The Story Pirates discover there is a drain in the ocean floor, and they’re headed right for it!
26 min
The Boy Who Mailed Himself to Australia/The Sto...
It’s the Johnny Blobfish Show!
36 min
I’m Toast, Man/The Adventures of Harold Jordan ...
The Story Pirates meet an excitable isopod who curates a very unique underwater museum.
33 min
Deep Cuts #4
A new bonus episode featuring more of our favorite, funniest, weirdest episodes from the archive: “The Doughnut is Right,” “Pet Store or Food Store?” and “The Goose Prank.”
22 min
Deep Cuts #3
Another new bonus episode featuring some of our favorite deep cuts from the archives: “The Clock,” “Robotics Engineering Doll,” and “Monster Broke.”
23 min
Deep Cuts #2
Another new bonus episode featuring some of our favorite deep cuts from the archives: “The Monkey and the Ice Skates,” “Tape Ball Purse” and “Kids Riding Ponies.”
27 min
Deep Cuts #1
A bonus episode featuring some of our favorite, funniest, weirdest stories from the archives: “The Case of the Missing Files,” “Ladybug Tickle Day” and “Zach’s Story.”
21 min
Millions of Stars/The Invention Convention (fea...
The Story Pirates arrive at their undersea destination.
33 min
An Interview with Lilli Cooper
Lee talks to actor and singer Lilli Cooper, star of the new Story Pirates bedtime show "Sleep Squad".
23 min
If Dogs Are Janitors/Zombies Ate My Homework!!!...
Baby With A Mustache founds a start-up.
30 min
Undercover Birthday/Trapped in a Basketball (fe...
The Story Pirates help Meryl the Mermaid in her quest to win the 65th Annual Mermaid Tail Competition.
37 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot's Thanksgiving Mixtape 2020
DJ Squrim-a-Lot provides the soundtrack to your Thanksgiving feast!
49 min
Funny Animals/The Pancake Heist
The Story Pirates try out a new, complicated board game.
36 min
My Mouth Ran Away/The Zinc Sink With the Kink i...
Mother Porpoise revives her rivalry with Meghan.
30 min
The Gold Tiara/The Blog Story
Nimene searches for a new purpose.
36 min
Rockstar/The Creepy Weepy Dollhouse
Lee meets a spider.
35 min
The Fairy Without Wings/The Competition Competi...
The Story Pirates venture into the depths of an ocean trench where they encounter two bickering Riddlefish.
35 min
Blue Night/The Unlucky Man
In part 2 of our season 4 premiere, Rachel and Eric race each other to the treasure, with surprising results.
31 min
The Weird Sisters/The Secrets of the Paintings ...
Season 4 begins deep under the ocean, where the Story Pirates investigate the mysterious return of an old friend and meet a new one.
34 min
CATS SIT ON YOU - the new Story Pirates album i...
The Story Pirates’ new album, CATS SIT ON YOU, is out now!
4 min
Hedgie and the Cloud Kingdom/Floor Juice (feat....
The Story Pirates head home and are surprised by what they find.
26 min
The Strawberry Band/The Angel Pigs (feat. Kara...
The Story Pirates finally reach their space destination and meet a queen (Karan Kendrick).
34 min
I Have A Cookie/Three Little Phones (feat. Eddi...
The Story Pirates meet a shapeshifting alien full of nostalgia.
29 min
Sarah’s Song Story/The Door That No One Could O...
The Story Pirates’ ship enters one of the galaxy’s most dangerous spots, the Switcheroo Zone, and items on board start randomly turning into other things like spaghetti, space raccoons and...Julie Andrews.
32 min
The Weird Food Club/The Girl Who Painted Everyt...
Lee takes a trip inside the heads of his Story Pirate friends.
32 min
The Girl Who Wanted To Eat The Sky/The Dice Tha...
Rolo gets a puppy and learns some hard lessons about pet ownership in space.
30 min
The Night I Started Sharing a Room With My Sist...
Meghan starts a film festival on the ship and the Story Pirates flex their cinematic muscles.
27 min
One Little Pink Rose
In this special bonus episode, we return to a story from last season that reminds us of the need to stand up, take action and make our voices heard.
8 min
The Poisonous Butterfly/Cartwheel Girl
Lee blows off steam in the ship’s simulroom.
35 min
Chicken on a Motorcycle/The Donut Gymnast
Peter and Lee learn the shocking truth about Smitty.
35 min
Rosie the Rose/The Soup (feat. Kristen Bell)
A holographic motivational speaker encourages the Story Pirates to the extreme.
32 min
Every Midnight I Turn Into a Wolf/The Case of t...
A Party Planet tries to convince the Story Pirates to stick around and have some fun.
30 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot's Spring Break Mixtape
In this special bonus episode, everybody’s favorite worm DJ smashes the spacebar for some of our favorite songs and deep cuts from the podcast.
43 min
The Time Machine/Dear Water Cycle (feat. Ophira...
A tabloid reporter (Ophira Eisenberg) boards the ship with some surprising news.
28 min
Good Cups/The Dog That Thought the Sunset Was a...
A visitor from the future (Bobby Moynihan) implores the Story Pirates to help him save the universe.
30 min
Minnie, the Cutest Dog in the World/How to Be a...
Baby With A Mustache is left alone on the ship and must defend it against bandits.
29 min
The First Kids to Work at the Census/Rowan and ...
In need of extra cash, Siegfried makes a dicey business decision.
28 min
Jumping Bean Jack and Bouncing Bailey/Betsy’s G...
The Story Pirates have a garage sale and something very important gets sold by mistake.
28 min
The Case of the Musical Cinnamon Buns/Attack of...
Rolo holds a karaoke night competition in the hopes it will attract the Story Pirates to his struggling Bean Emporium.
28 min
The Monkey and the Ice Skates/Tissues (feat. Pa...
The Story Pirates welcome their old pal Franklin to the ship. Wait. Do we even know a Franklin?
37 min
Fun Crazy Weird Hair Store/The Mountain Fart (f...
An old friend finds their voice and the Story Pirates discover a surprising new planet.
30 min
Humming/Time Trap
The Story Pirates are lost in space!
26 min
Quest for the Crystal Crown
In this special bonus episode about the new Story Pirates book, Quest for the Crystal Crown, Lee interviews authors Annabeth Bondor-Stone and Connor White, as well as several characters from the book.
10 min
The Puzzle Competition/Family Room Wars (feat. ...
The crew encounters a mysterious delivery man (Billy Eichner) with a dark purpose.
29 min
My Family Are Tigers/Winter (feat. Lake Bell)
The crew meets the owner of a cosmic zoo (Lake Bell) who has plans for a new exhibit.
31 min
Quark Power/Spelling Sssnakes (feat. Danny Pudi)
30 min
Thanksgiving Road Trip Mixtape
In this special bonus episode, the Story Pirates provide the soundtrack to your holiday travel with some of our favorite songs and deep cuts from the podcast.
43 min
My Principal Ate a Worm/Backstage Dreams
Siegfried discovers a Gladiator Planet where he is challenged to battle in ways he never expected.
30 min
Cucumbers 4 Life/The Family of Cows
The Story Pirates throw a pool party on a new water planet, revealing a multiplicity of surprises.
23 min
The Raccoon’s Very Hard Choice/Stepping Up
Rolo embarks on a spacewalk in a desperate attempt to retrieve a package from the space post office.
27 min
Boo!/The Clock (feat. Paul F. Tompkins)
The crew’s exploration of outer space takes them to Game Show Planet, where a charismatic host (Paul F. Tompkins) challenges the Story Pirates to compete.
28 min