Story Pirates

The award-winning Story Pirates Podcast takes stories written by kids and turns them into sketch comedy and songs. Made up of talented comedians, songwriters, and frequent celebrity guests, the Story Pirates inspire kids to create, bringing laughter to kids and grownups of all ages with hilarious sketches, catchy original songs from all genres, and interviews with the creative geniuses behind the stories… kids! 

Kids & Family
The Dad and the Magician
Today’s new story is about two of life’s great mysteries: magic and dads.
14 min
The Ruler of the Book World
Today’s brand new story comes to us from a nine year old in Michigan named Max.
16 min
Frosty and The Mohawk
Today’s bonus episode features a brand new story written by over a hundred different members of the Story Pirates Creator Club!
9 min
When Nachos Become Smart
Today we bring you the story of nachos who are intent on taking over the world, and the mom they claim as their queen, written by a 12 year old from Canada named Olivia.
14 min
The Highest Bidder
We’re back with a new story every week until season 7 starts in the fall!
13 min
Chair Dances!/Spicy Noodles
In part 2 of our season finale, the Story Pirates find themselves at…the Beginning.
41 min
Lima Bean With a Limousine/Giant Robot Particle...
In part 1 of our season finale, the Story Pirates are pulled into a mysterious realm.
35 min
Mr. Man
What happens when the town mayor forgets something very important every single day?
13 min
DJ Squirm-a-Lot’s Spring Break Mixtape 2024
Spring has sprung and so has a brand new mixtape from the world’s greatest DJ who also happens to be a worm.
44 min
Llama’s Big Day/Taste Testing New Live Tonight ...
A visit to a famous furniture store splits the Story Pirates into warring factions that behave a lot like they’re in a famous musical.
35 min
The Ultimate Cheese Event/Three Jobs For a Bear...
Rachel and Eric travel to a printer repair shop run by an eccentric printer repairwoman (Stephanie Hsu).
38 min
What happens when two arch enemies are literally stuck together for 10 whole weeks?
14 min
The Balloon That Never Stopped Floating/The Hon...
Smitty and Nimene travel below New York City to a rat city run by a Rat Czar (Jo Firestone).
37 min
Air Hog!/The Ugly Dance Contest (feat. Kirby)
Remember Rolo’s grandpa Rollissimo? And remember that French lady Rocquerita (Kirby) from episode 1 of this season? Well, they’re back and eating pizza in Italy.
35 min
Pudding’s Destiny
Today’s bonus episode features a brand new story written by over a hundred different members of the Story Pirates Creator Club!
13 min
Bring Your Parents To School Day/The Fridge Tha...
Siegfried the Viking and Baby With a Mustache visit New York City’s Central Park, where they meet a famous pop star (Kelly Marie Tran).
37 min
Listen Now: The Cat in the Hat Cast - “Trust F...
Today we’re thrilled to share an episode of the brand new podcast The Cat in the Hat Cast.
27 min
The Zippy Dinosaur
Today we bring you a story about one of the greatest art forms ever created: dinosaur dancing, as imagined by a 9 year old from Missouri named Enoch.
13 min
MIGRATION: The Boy Who Wanted a Friend
In this special bonus episode, the Story Pirates reveal the winner of the Migration story contest and thank everyone who sent in a story.
13 min
Key Change World/The Boy Who Wanted To Be Famou...
Peter takes an unusual taxi cab ride with an even more unusual crab driver (Felicia Day).
37 min
The Flavour Thief/Too Many Buttons
Lee, Rolo and Meghan visit one of the most famous places in New York City: Wall Street!
37 min
Leprechaun Drone Capture Plan/The Invisible Sho...
The gang finds out the truth about why Lee has been pronouncing ‘kefir’ wrong all season long, with a little help from famous NYC superhero Arachno-Boy (Richie Moriarty).
39 min
The Lazy Cat
One of the biggest rules about writing a story is to have a main character who is active, right? Wrong!
14 min
CONTEST: Story Pirates + Illumination’s Migration
Announcing a special collaboration with our friends at Universal Pictures Home Entertainment for the new animated family comedy, Migration from Illumination!
1 min
The Busker/The Time I Was An Hour Late To Schoo...
Eric tries his hand at some good ‘ol New York City business, but does he have what it takes to succeed a famous teddy bear CEO (Greg Hildreth)?
37 min