State of Crypto

State of Crypto, a research based podcast from Amun and BlockWorks Group, is a weekly brainstorm discussion with the Amun team about the latest trends and analysis in the crypto world.

What is Dissident Tech?
In the final episode of this season of the Amun State of Crypto podcast, the team talks to Maya Zehavi, a well-known thinker and analyst within the industry, about the term "Dissident Tech". We touch on the role Bitcoin may play in authoritarian regimes, issues with Big Tech, and more!
66 min
Understanding Crypto Market Microstructure (w/ ...
In the latest episode of the Amun State of Crypto, Ophelia (Amun's co-founder and president) and Lanre (Amun's researcher) discuss crypto's market microstructure with Noelle Acheson, CoinDesk's Head of Research.
38 min
A $70 Million Decentralized Organization Is Ret...
The Amun team came together to discuss the planned dissolution of DigixDAO, the world's first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with Shaun Djie, the co-founder of Digix — the organization which developed the DAO.
36 min
What Does the Bitcoin Halving Mean?
In this episode, the Amun team comes together to discuss the Bitcoin Halving with one of the leading crypto asset researchers in the industry, Hasu.
53 min
Reviewing the Top Crypto Predictions of 2020
In this episode, the Amun team came together to review the top crypto predictions and theses of 2020 from Coinbase, Messari, and Blockchain Capital.
39 min
Issues with Crypto Education
In this episode, the Amun team comes together to discuss the main issues with crypto asset education with Ria Bhutoria, Director of Research at Fidelity Digital Assets.
31 min
A Thesis for Crypto in Africa
In this episode of the state of crypto brainstorm, the Amun team came together to discuss the impact crypto and blockchain technology could have across the continent of Africa. The external guest this week was Yele Bademosi — Director and Ambassador of Africa at Binance Labs.
45 min
Understanding Tokens: Regulation and Economic M...
The Amun team comes together to discuss the impact recent regulatory actions on token sale will have on the market and give an overview of the different economic models for tokens.
54 min
Passive vs. Active Investing in Crypto
The Amun team comes together to reinvigorate the age-old dilemma between active and passive investing.
34 min
The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin
The Amun team comes together to shed some new light on the old problem of Bitcoin’s energy consumption.
33 min
Open Source Governance in Crypto
In this week's episode, the Amun team is joined by Richard Muirhead (Founding Partner at Fabric Ventures) to discuss the dynamics of open source governance for crypto assets. From the Amun team, the participants are Hansen Wang and Lanre Ige. This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group.
31 min
Consumable Digital Commodities
In this episode, the Amun team and Stephen McKeon discuss the emergence of digital commodities and how blockchain technology is used to democratize these new type of commodities which were previously exclusively supplied by large centralized entities.
47 min
Lessons from the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Proposal
In this episode, the Amun team discusses why a Bitcoin ETF is so important, the key issues the SEC had with Bitwise's proposal, and more!
47 min