STAKE: The Leadership Podcast

Alyson Van Hooser is on a sold-out mission to develop highly successful leaders at all levels. After 15 years of working throughout the food, finance, retail political industries, she is deeply aware of the powerful effects of leadership. Each episode strategies and actions you can use immediately to change you, your team and your business. The question is, will you choose to own it? Will you put your stake in the ground and decide to do something with what you've learned today? This is Stake: The Leadership Podcast.

4 Tips to Authentically Connect with Remote Emp...
In this episode, Alyson talks about 4 Tips to Authentically Connect with Remote Employees.
17 min
How to Manage Your Manager?
In this episode, Alyson shares some tips on managing your manager.
25 min
Did You Know Your Leadership Is Being Measured ...
IN this episode, Alyson considers what employees look expect from their leaders.
10 min
Do Company Values Really Matter Anymore
Alyson returns to explore company values and leadership.
21 min
Tornados, Turnover, & To-Do Lists
In this episode, Alyson reflects on leadership lessons from a devastating F4 tornado which ripped through her town in December.
23 min
Instead of Encouraging Words, Try This
Van Hooser returns to consider changing your communications efforts.
14 min
Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Employees
Alyson explores what questions leaders should be asking employees.
32 min
Mental Health Doesn’t Matter If…
Alyson Van Hooser returns to consider mental health issues at work.
16 min
Roll Up, Roll Out -- Fill Your Cup & Maximize Y...
In this episode Alyson Van Hooser, discusses to help you fill your cup and maximize your impact.
20 min
Dating At Work -- Cool or No?
In today’s episode, Alyson Van Hooser gives a millennial view on dating in the workplace.
15 min
Wow Them With Your Weakness
In today’s episode, we’re discussing what can happen when you choose to be open about your weaknesses rather than trying to cover them up.
7 min
Should Leaders Talk About Employees?
In this episode, Alyson Van Hooser considers should talk about employees.
8 min
Difficult Employee? Try this
In this episode, Alyson Van Hooser considers how to deal with a difficult employee.
7 min
3 Tips to Build Your Confidence 
In today’s episode, we’re discussing three practical steps to take to build your confidence.
7 min
3 Stories Leaders Need to Know About Employees 
If you want to hire the right people, get them to stay, and for them to continue to perform above expectations, start by learning their stories.
7 min
Are Assessments Overrated? 
Today’s guest, Eric Shepherd, discusses why and how to use technology-driven assessments of your organization and team to revolutionize the way you lead your people.   
20 min
Legos, Leadership & Leveling Up
In this episode, Allison Van Hooser explains involvement is only half of the solution that will earn you those results you want. What leaders must do is both involve AND engage employees.
9 min
Talk business to me, baby!
In today’s episode I’m sharing with you several questions to help kickstart conversations with your people that will unlock answers to how you can best delegate responsibilities, evaluate performance, and strengthen your leader/employee relationship.
6 min
Motivate or Terminate Poor Performers
In today’s episode we’re digging into seven questions leaders should ask of themselves and employees about termination.
9 min
Increase Productivity by Doing THIS! 
If you want to increase productivity and create a more positive employee engagement experience, listen up! Boundaries are not bad – they’re best! In today’s episode, let’s talk about the why and how!
9 min
Performance Evaluations -- Cut or Keep?
In this episode, Alyson Van Hooser consider performance evaluations. Should your organization keep them or cut them. She explores in this episode.
8 min
Leaders Must S.E.E. Clearly
Everything rises and falls with leadership. Especially because of recent events, if you want yourself and your team to come out of this in a positive way, you have to S.E.E. clearly.
7 min
Transparency: A Business Value or No-No
In today’s episode, we are discussing transparency in the workplace. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Let’s see if you change your mind after today’s discussion!
35 min
COVID 19 Quarantine Effects on Gen Z
In this episode of STAke: The Leadership Podcast, Alyson Van Hooser considers the impact the COVID-19 quarantine is going to have everlasting effects on the Gen Z workforce. Will it be good or bad news?
19 min
Navigating Change – Buckle Up Buttercup Book
In this episode of Stake: The Leadership Podcast, Alyson visits with Michelle Wyatt about her new book: Buckle Up Buttercucp: How to Drive Success by Embracing the Power of Change.
24 min
Lay Down the Law with Employees
Why is laying down the law a key leadership tool? Find out on this episode of STAKE, The Leadership Podcast
0 min
Heightened Risk from Younger Generations
In today’s episode we’re going to dive into how things used to be, what has changed, and whether or not leaders can really do anything to mitigate the risk around younger generations of workers.
14 min
Simmer Down Conflict At Work
How to reduce drama at the workplace.
28 min
Fanatical About Empowerment
Leadership is about empowerment. Empowering employees affects both a company's culture and the bottom-line.
27 min
Leadership and Remote Employees, Part 2
In this Part 2 of a two-part episode, Alyson visits with her business partner, Phillip Van Hooser to discuss the challenges of leadership when working with remote employees.
26 min
Leadership and Remote Employees, Part 1
In this episode, Alyson visits with her business partner, Phillip Van Hooser to discuss the challenges of leadership when working with remote employees.
24 min
Successfully Leading Millennials
Today’s show features an incredibly impactful leader in my own life, Jeff McDaniels. Jeff is a Yale graduate and now the President/CEO of Farmers Bank & Trust in Kentucky.   Jeff has created a culture in his bank that breeds success -- especially for millennial employees!
22 min
The Leader's Pen
In this episode, Alyson Van Hooser gives you a simple way to connect with their multi-generation workforce in order to drive business results. Hand-written notes.
32 min
Kill the Beef at Work
How can leaders stop drama at work? Alyson Van Hooser advises, that if you are an experienced leader or a new leader, at one time or another you will have to deal with drama--or beef--between the people you work with.
7 min
Rise-Up from a Slip-Up
Can leaders recover from a mistake? How should leaders handle their mistakes? In this episode, Alyson Van Hooser dives headfirst into my proven 3-step process leaders should follow if and when they make mistakes.
6 min
Give Your Ear, Get Their Loyalty
In this episode, Alyson talks about the importance of listening and sharing quick actions you can take TODAY to become a better listener--which will make you a better leader
5 min
Identify High Caliber Future Leaders
In this episode, Alyson discusses helping leaders do the most important part of their job--create the next generation of leaders.
5 min
Introducing STAKE: The Leadership Podcast
In this new show on the Compliance Podcast Network, Alyson Van Hooser is taking her breadth of experience - personal and professional - to explore and develop leaders across all industries.
4 min