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Summer Mailbag: Who will surprise Lakers fans n...
Jacob and Christian answer your questions about the Lakers.
35 min
Will the Lakers struggle to make the playoffs t...
33 min
Is next season really title or bust for the Lak...
Do the Lakers need to win a championship for next season to be considered a success?
41 min
Anthony Davis' introductory press conference wi...
34 min
I Love Basketball: The Lakers and Clippers Jour...
Sasha and Sabreena shoot the skeet after a humbling and hype-inducing week in the NBA offseason.
36 min
Western Conference Power Rankings
Where do the Lakers rank among the Western Conference elite?
60 min
Grading all the Lakers offseason moves
44 min
LeBron James will reportedly be running the poi...
39 min
Kawhi Leonard reaction, Lakers go to plan B(oogie)
Plenty to talk about.
56 min
I Love Basketball: A Podcast Definitely Not Abo...
Sasha and Sabreena try not to talk about Kawhi Leonard for 34 minutes.
33 min
What will happen if the Lakers miss out on Kawh...
The Lakers need a good "Plan B" if they don't sign Kawhi Leonard.
51 min
Can the Lakers front office check all of Kawhi'...
Alex and Alex talk about the latest with Kawhi Leonard, the Lakers signing Jared Dudley and how to pitch Kawhi if you're Rob Pelinka.
29 min
Lakers still waiting on Kawhi Leonard; reaction...
There are three ways this likely goes down. Here's reaction to each of those.
46 min
Recapping a wild opening day of NBA free agency...
44 min
The Lakers clear enough cap space to sign a max...
41 min
6/26: Marc Stein on Lakers, NBA Free Agency
Stein offered up a name that hasn't been linked as much to the Lakers as others.
49 min
Should D'Angelo Russell be the Lakers "top targ...
Alex Padilla and Alex Regla react to the Anthony Davis trade and they discuss who the Lakers should pursue in free agency.
52 min
Which non-max free agents should the Lakers tar...
The Lakers may or may not have max cap room. Either way, they may pursue depth over another star free agent. We looked at some options.
54 min
D'Angelo Russell: Future-Future-Former-Future L...
I Love Basketball is back with an in depth discussion of how a Lebron-AD-DLo Lakers team might look.
30 min
Will the Lakers be able to get a max cap space ...
57 min
SPECIAL: NBA Bloggers’ Mock Draft Recap
67 min
Drink Deep From the Cup of Anthony Davis, Laker...
Harrison and Sasha want you to get happy Lakers fans and let yourselves bathe in the pure joy the basketball gods have granted us, even if it's just for a few short years.
46 min
The Lakers traded for Anthony Davis, but can th...
Our long national nightmare is over, because the Lakers finally traded for Anthony Davis.
49 min
What happens with Kawhi after the Raptors win t...
34 min
Is it Anthony Davis or bust for the Lakers?
32 min
Who are the Lakers bidding against for Anthony ...
Who are the Lakers bidding against for Anthony Davis?
41 min
Pelicans are listening to offers for Anthony Da...
Please don't screw this up.
48 min
Will the Lakers actually be able to get an Anth...
The countdown to the 2019 NBA Draft -- and the unofficial deadline to get an Anthony Davis deal done -- is on for the Lakers.
54 min
Lakers Exceptionalism, You're Our Only Hope
Sasha and Christian play good cop/bad cop on the Lakers' scorched earth offseason and find an age-old hope for a brighter future: Lakers exceptionalism.
43 min
Free agency backup plans for the Lakers, and wh...
The Lakers may not get a star in free agency, and in that case they have to have backup plans ready.
48 min
The 30 podcast: LeBron putting on his recruiter...
37 min
Whoa Whoa Whoa It's Magic And, You Know, Coach ...
Anthony and Sasha meet for the first time, talk the Magic of "First Take", and Frank Vogel's first presser as Lakers head coach.
59 min
The 30 podcast: What do with the fourth pick, d...
45 min
5/15: Lakers shock the world, land No. 4 pick
What a fun night
36 min
Frank Vogel and Jason Kidd are here, and appare...
Frank Vogel and Jason Kidd were hired by the Lakers over the weekend, and Kurt Rambis was reportedly the one pushing for them.
40 min
5/10 -- Lakers suffer latest embarrassment in f...
There's quite a bit to catch up on here.
40 min
The Magic of "The Shop" and Kawhi Oh My
Alex and Sasha talk about the newest episode of The Shop and get to know each other a little bit in the process.
30 min
Why Tyronn Lue is the right coach for the LeBro...
Tyronn Lue is a hire meant to maximize LeBron James, but he can also help the young Lakers as well.
41 min
Not Quite 36 Questions to Fall in Lakers Love
Christian and Sasha meet for the very first time on the air and see if they can find the Lakers love.
43 min
How does the rest of the NBA view Rob Pelinka a...
It seems that opinions of Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka might be more mixed than previously thought.
39 min
How long can LeBron James stay patient with the...
How long can LeBron James stay patient with the Lakers?
41 min
The 30 podcast: Are the Lakers going to settle ...
30 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 24: Would LeBron James cons...
Are the Lakers pushing LeBron James away?
41 min
Show Tiempo: Lakers breakdown with The Big Lead...
Show Tiempo: Lakers breakdown with The Big Lead's Ryan Phillips
24 min
Lake Show: Has Magic Johnson been the Lakers sh...
Conspiracy theories are fun, but has this one been staring us in the face all along?
48 min
I Love Basketball: Entering The Lakers Postseas...
We dive into a wormhole and emerge in an alternate timeline in which the Lakers made the playoffs!
36 min
The 30 podcast: Rumors that some of Kawhi Leona...
39 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 24: Who's going to step up ...
The Lakers are a ship with no captain.
46 min
Show Tiempo Lakers Awards Show
Show Tiempo Lakers Awards Show
32 min
Lake Show: Lakers fans are really going to be s...
This is our nightmare.
46 min
I Love Basketball: Rest in Peace Luke Walton's ...
We eulogize Luke Walton's three years as head coach amid the shocking scandals of this past week.
34 min
The 30 podcast: The wild week in Laker land, Ro...
29 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 23: What's next for Rob Pel...
What will Jeanie Buss do with Rob Pelinka and Luke Walton?
72 min
Show Tiempo: Magic Johnson steps down as Lakers...
Magic Johnson steps down as Lakers president
31 min
Lake Show: LeBron James season in review; will ...
Why should Lakers fans be optimistic about next year?
42 min
I Love Basketball: The Bald Eagle Soars Once Again
Alex Caruso and Jemerrio Jones are oh so charming as they tank the tank.
37 min
The 30 podcast: Juwan Howard being the betting ...
46 min
Show Tiempo: Keep losing, Lakers
Show Tiempo: Keep losing, Lakers
37 min
Lake Show: LeBron's fart noise analysis of Lake...
We agree, LeBron.
42 min
I Love Basketball: Who's Your Daddy? (It's Lebron)
Lebron may be sitting, but he's also dunking from the free throw line... so we can live with that.
35 min
The 30 podcast: LeBron's camp reportedly not ha...
30 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 22: Is Luke Walton down to ...
Is the Luke Walton era in Los Angeles finally coming to an end?
33 min
Show Tiempo: Lakers Pop Quiz
Show Tiempo: Lakers Pop Quiz
45 min
Lake Show: Why Jason Kidd would be a poor choic...
62 min
I Love Basketball: One podcast, two generations...
Sasha and Sabreena dig for change in the couch cushions with their signature segments, featuring a Grandpa LeBron and a curious Kyle Kuzma.
33 min
The 30 podcast: Jerry West's comments compared ...
22 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 21: Who should the Lakers r...
Should the Lakers keep any of their impeding free agents?
57 min
Show Tiempo: Why the Lakers deserve Zion Willia...
Pop quizzes, useless stats and the latest from Tankathon
38 min
The Lake Show: Doc Rivers, Lakers have mutual i...
Magic's criticism might be hypocritical, but valid nonetheless.
36 min
I Love Basketball: The Knicks sweep up what's l...
A second loss to the Knicks tosses Sabreena and Sasha into a tumultuous discussion over what's left to root for... and of course some silly stuff too.
33 min
The 30 podcast: Lakers lose against the Raptors...
29 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 20: Where did the Lakers go...
Which offseason acquisition do the Lakers regret the most?
40 min
Show Tiempo: LeBron James plays 33 minutes in L...
LeBron scores 36 points in 33 minutes
32 min
Lake Show: Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka intro pre...
These guys offered some incredible quotes we can't help but laugh at in hindsight.
49 min
I Love Basketball: Introductions and brand new ...
Our love for Alex Caruso knows no bounds as we celebrate our freedom from the burden of expectations
30 min
The 30 podcast: LeBron's minute restriction, Le...
34 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 19: Silver linings for the ...
What can the Lakers accomplish in their final few games?
39 min
Show Tiempo: Is it crazy for the Lakers to cons...
How much are injuries to blame for the Lakers struggles this season?
31 min
The Lake Show: Lakers all but officially elimin...
There's a ton of blame to go around.
63 min
The 30 podcast: Lakers get back in the win colu...
28 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 18: Are playoffs still with...
What do the Lakers need to do to make the playoffs?
38 min
Show Tiempo: Let's play the Lakers blame game w...
Jordan and Alex play the Lakers blame game with LeBron, Magic/Pelinka, Luke Walton, the young core and the veterans.
31 min
How to Speak LeBron with the guys from "The Cha...
Talking the good, the bad and the ugly about the LeBron James experience with Justin Rowan and Carter Rodriguez
54 min
The 30 podcast: LeBron and Brandon Ingram lead ...
31 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 17: Lakers post All-Star br...
NBA 2KTV's Chris Manning on his new role and his expectations for the Lakers.
27 min
Show Tiempo: Is LeBron James healthy enough to ...
The next 25 games are expected to be wild.
31 min
Lake Show -- Game-by-game prediction on if the ...
Also, should the Lakers fill their final roster spot yet?
41 min
Show Tiempo: Lakers stumble into All-Star weeke...
Lakers allowed 100+ points for the 16th consecutive game
26 min
The Lake Show -- A deep dive into Magic Johnson...
This is one of the dumber stories of the year, and that's saying something.
44 min
The 30 podcast: Rajon Rondo saves the day and p...
36 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 16: Post-trade deadline rea...
Where do the Lakers stand after the trade deadline?
20 min
Show Tiempo: Lakers blown out by Pacers while f...
Jordan Carruth and Alex Padilla discuss the latest news surrounding Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers.
30 min
The Lake Show: Bill Oram on Anthony Davis, Luke...
There's quite a bit to get to here.
41 min
The 30 podcast with Harrison Faigen
33 min
Can You Dig It? Ep. 15: The Anthony Davis Episode
Is Anthony Davis headed to the Lakers?
30 min
Show Tiempo: Advice for Lakers fans desperate f...
Jordan Carruth is joined by Harrison Faigen to provide insight and advice for Lakers fans desperate for Anthony Davis. Are the Pelicans prepared to trade away their franchise player next week?
27 min
The Lake Show: Emergency Anthony Davis Lakers t...
The Lakers should absolutely go all for Anthony Davis.
57 min
The 30 podcast with Alex Regla. Breaking down t...
In this episode, Jas is joined by Lakers writer Alex Regla
35 min
Can You Dig It? Episode 14: Dennis Smith Jr., t...
What's the plan for the Lakers at point guard?
57 min
Show Tiempo: Luke Walton's seat is ice cold
31 min