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SBR 18 June 2011
Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil and Bill Duffy, BDA Sports NBA agent join us on Sports Business Radio this week.
47 min
SBR 11 June 2011
Is NBC/Comcast's $4.3B investment in the TV/Digital rights to the Olympic Games from 2014-2020 a good investment? Also, USC and Ohio State football programs find themselves dealing with more problems this week. And the latest from the NFL and NBA barga...
47 min
SBR 04 June 2011
Inside the Ohio State football/Jim Tressel scandal with Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports - the reporter who broke the story about Tressel's violations. We also bring you the headlines of the week including the latest from the NBA and NFL CBA negotiati...
47 min
SBR 28 May 2011
Pete Carroll - Seattle Seahawks head football coach & Executive VP of Football Operations joins us to discuss his first year in Seattle as well as what he and his staff are doing to prepare for the season in the midst of a lockout. We also step into th...
47 min
SBR 21 May 2011
Gavin Maloof - Sacramento Kings Co-Owner joins us to discuss why his family decided to keep the Kings in Sacramento for at least one more season instead of relocating the team to Anaheim. Maloof also discusses what his family needs in order to keep the...
47 min
SBR 14 May 2011
Larry Scott - Pac-12 Commissioner joins us to discuss the conference's new multi-billion dollar broadcast and digital rights deal. We also bring you the headlines of the week including the fine levied against the Fiesta Bowl by the BCS. And we discuss ...
47 min
SBR 07 May 2011
Dissecting the new multi-billion dollar Pac-12 TV contract. We also review the TV ratings for the NFL Draft and the NBA Playoffs. And we examine the PR nightmare of the week in our "Caught in the Crosslights" segment. ...
47 min
SBR 30 April 2011
Trying to make sense of the NFL labor battle between owners and players with Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports NFL reporter. What are the rules of the NFL as they exist today? What are the next steps the owners and players will take? We discuss. We also exami...
47 min
SBR 23 April 2011
Ric Bucher - ESPN NBA Senior Reporter joins us to discuss the NBA Playoffs as well as the latest with the NBA Collective Bargaining negotiations. Tom Ziller from joins us to dissect the economics of the Kings relocating out of Sacram...
47 min
SBR 16 April 2011
Rand Getlin - joins us to discuss high interest lockout loans being secured by NFL players that could leave the players bankrupt in the future - while the middlemen offering the loans cash in. We also discuss several NBA sports business...
47 min
SBR 09 April 2011
Celebrating the 7th anniversary of Sports Business Radio. We look back at Brian Berger's 2008 conversation with golf icon Jack Nicklaus on Sports Business Radio on the 25th anniversary of his stunning victory at The Masters at the age of 46. We also ex...
47 min
SBR 02 April 2011
Norwood Teague, VCU Athletic Director joins us to discuss the men's basketball team's trip to the Final Four and how the exposure from the NCAA Tournament has impacted the athletic department and the university. We also examine the headlines of the wee...
47 min
SBR 26 Mar 2011
NFL Sponsors - How have they prepared for a work stoppage? Greg Busch, Executive VP of GMR Marketing joins us to discuss. We also chat with Joe Favorito about how the Cinderella schools in this year's NCAA Tournament are making the most of their moment...
47 min
SBR 19 Mar 2011
Greg Shaheen - NCAA Interim EVP of Championships & Alliances (Head Honcho of March Madness) joins us to discuss the expansion from 65 to 68 teams for the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championships as well as the tourney's new 14-year, $10.8 billion...
47 min
SBR 12 Mar 2011
Charles Robinson - Yahoo! Sports joins us to discuss the allegations against the Ohio St. and Oregon football programs. Robinson and Yahoo! Sports broke the stories detailing the improprieties of both programs. ...
47 min
SBR 05 Mar 2011
The latest from the NFL bargaining table with Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports. What needs to happen for the owners and players to reach a deal? We discuss. We also catch up with Rand Getlin of to discuss several controversial college footba...
47 min
SBR 26 Feb 2011
NFL CBA 101 - we'll break down main issues with NFL CBA and tell you what the key components are in order to get a deal done. Maury Brown from The Business of Sports Network joins us to discuss. We also discuss the huge deals that went down at the NBA ...
47 min
SBR 19 Feb 2011
Todd Ramasar, NBA agent for BDA Sports joins us to discuss the growing number of business opportunities for NBA players in China. We also discuss how the market for shoe endorsement deals has dried up. Brian Learst, President of QuintEvents stops by to...
47 min
SBR 12 Feb 2011
David Dunn - NFL agent for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers LB Clay Matthews, Jets QB Mark Sanchez and Ravens LB Ray Lewis amongst many others joins us to discuss marketing opportunities for Rodgers and Matthews after their victory in Super Bowl XLV a...
47 min
SBR 05 Feb 2011
We examine the big business of Super Bowl XLV with Darren Rovell, CNBC sports business reporter who joins us from Dallas. We also look back on our conversation with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers before he became a superstar - prior to the 2005 NFL...
47 min
SBR 29 Jan 2011
Tony Ponturo, Sports Marketing Guru and former Vice-President of Global Media and Sports Marketing for Anheuser-Busch for 26 years joins us to share everything you'll ever want to know about Super Bowl ads. We also examine the huge TV numbers from the ...
47 min
SBR 22 Jan 2011
Jon Wertheim, Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated joins us to discuss his new book "Scorecasting" which uses analytics to dispel many popular sports myths. We also examine three of the strangest press conferences from the world of sports that took pla...
47 min
SBR 15 Jan 2011
We recap the big business of the BCS National championship game with Rachel Baribeau who covers the SEC for We also give you the record setting numbers for the NFL for wild card weekend. And we bring you up to date on the latest coachin...
47 min
SBR 08 Jan 2011
Bill Hancock - BCS Executive Director joins us on the weekend leading up to the BCS National Championship game. Hancock discusses the controversial BCS system as well as breaks down how the money from playing in BCS games is divided. We also talk to An...
47 min
SBR 01 Jan 2011
Sports Business Radio unveils its Top 10 sports business stories of 2010
47 min