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SBR 12 November 2014
Yogi Roth of the Pac-12 Networks joins us to discuss his inspirational documentary "Life in a Walk", a story about Yogi's walks with his dad who was diagnosed with cancer as well as an invitation for others to walk and talk with the people who are most...
71 min
SBR 15 October 2014
Sam Amick, NBA reporter for USA Today, joins us to dig into the NBA's new mega media rights deal and how the deal could affect the future of the NBA. Jon Wertheim, Executive Editor of Sports Illustrated and author of the new children's book "Rookie Boo...
68 min
SBR 02 October 2014
Kevin Mawae, former President of the NFL Players Association and 16-year NFL veteran goes one-on-one with Sports Business Radio host Brian Berger to provide insight on what current and former NFL players think of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Mawae a...
44 min
SBR 17 September 2014
An in-depth examination of the NFL in Crisis. Yahoo Sports NFL reporter Rand Getlin joins Brian Berger for a behind the curtain look at the most powerful league in U.S. sports as they are under fire for off the field controversies with marquee players ...
70 min
SBR 05 September 2014
Jason Cole, NFL reporter for the Bleacher Report joins us to preview the upcoming NFL season and discuss the top sports business storylines. We also discuss Colts owner Jim Irsay's suspension and fine as well as Houston Texans DE JJ Watt's new $100M co...
59 min
SBR 22 August 2014
Ross Greenburg, who spent 33 years at HBO sports and has won 51 Emmy Awards joins us to discuss his new documentary "Forgotten Four", as well as explore sports on TV including skyrocketing TV rights fees to sports properties and the future of sports on...
59 min
SBR 11 August 2014
Maury Brown from joins us to handicap the three finalists for Major League Baseball's Commissioner job to replace Bud Selig. We also discuss some bold moves by contending teams at the MLB trade deadline. Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports joins us...
72 min
SBR 23 July 2014
Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN), ESPN NBA Insider and someone who has covered LeBron James since James was in grade school, joins us to talk about the ramifications of LeBron's move from the Miami Heat to Cleveland Cavaliers and how the surprising cha...
73 min
SBR 09 July 2014
Rebecca Feferman, Head of SX Sports, part of the SXSW lineup in Austin, Texas, joins us to discuss her growing event and how YOU could land a spot as a panelist or featured conversation at the 2015 SX Sports lineup. Peter Ruppe, President of Alchemy Gl...
47 min
SBR 05 June 2014
Tiki Barber, the all-time leading rusher for the New York Giants, joins us to discuss his unique sports business Thuzio as well as top storylines from the NFL. Ric Bucher, Bleacher Report national NBA reporter and TNT broadcaster stops by to discuss th...
72 min
SBR 18 April 2014
Christine Brennan of USA Today joins us to discuss the startling stats around the decline of the number of people playing golf as well as the lack of African American players in MLB. Zvee Geffen from Topps joins us to discuss how the trading card compa...
74 min
SBR 02 April 2014
We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Sports Business Radio, which launched 10 years ago this week. SBR Co-Founder Keith Forman joins the show to take a trip down memory lane and recount some of the most memorable moments of the past decade. Rand G...
92 min
SBR 12 March 2014
Mike Golub, Portland Timbers COO and MLS Executive of the Year 2 of the past 3 seasons joins us to discuss the tremendous success of the Timbers and the growth and popularity of MLS in North America. Portland will play to the MLS All-Star game in Augus...
71 min
SBR 27 January 2014
NBA Commissioner David Stern joins Sports Business Radio host Brian Berger to reflect on his 30-year tenure as NBA Commissioner. We discuss Stern's proudest moments, biggest regrets and his future plans during the candid conversation. Brian Gordon of t...
37 min
SBR 10 January 2014
Maury Brown of the joins us to discuss the MLB Hall of Fame voting process and if it needs to be overhauled or tweaked in light of this past week's Hall of Fame voting results. Jason Bolt, Founder and CEO of Society43 drops by to talk...
54 min
SBR 19 December 2013
Sports Business Radio counts down the Top 10 Sports Business stories of 2013. Happy Holidays from the team at Sports Business Radio!
79 min
SBR 08 November 2013
Dave Mingey, President & Co-Founder of GlideSlope ( joins us to discuss the lead-up to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games & how Olympic sponsors are preparing their campaigns around a politically controversial Russia. Jason Cole (@Jas...
68 min
SBR 12 September 2013
Christine Brennan, sports columnist for USA Today and commentator for NPR and ABC News joins us to share why she won't be referring to Washington DC's NFL team as the Redskins any more and how a nickname change could actually benefit owner Dan Snyder f...
71 min
SBR 13 August 2013
Rand Getlin, Investigative reporter for Yahoo! Sports stops by to discuss the autograph controversy surrounding Johnny Manziel as well as how the college sports landscape could be reshaped and modernized. Maury Brown from the joins th...
61 min
SBR 14 June 2013
Jon Wertheim, Executive Editor and Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated joins Brian Berger to discuss the NBA Finals, French Open, Biogenesis/MLB story, SI's breaking the Jason Collins story and Tim Tebow's signing with the New England Patriots. We als...
44 min
SBR 11 April 2013
Steve Garvey, MLB legend and former Dodgers and Padres star joins the show to discuss his career, his run at Dodgers ownership and his battle against prostate cancer. B.R. Koehnemann of Bandon Dunes golf resort stops by to discuss the Speedgolf World C...
69 min
SBR 09 March 2013
Nigel Melville, CEO and President of USA Rugby joins us to discuss one of the fastest growing sports in the United States as well as the structure of the sport. Rand Getlin, investigative reporter with Yahoo! Sports stops by to discuss the recent overh...
47 min
SBR 28 February 2013
Ric Bucher, longtime NBA Insider joins the show to discuss how the new NBA CBA is affecting trades and player movement. We also discuss the timeline for the return of Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, the upcoming free agency of Los Angeles Lakers cente...
73 min
SBR 23 January 2013
Nick Hines from the Engine Shop joins us to preview the hottest parties in New Orleans leading up to the Super Bowl on February 3rd. We also discuss the most marketable players in this year's Super Bowl. Ethan Skolnick, Miami Heat beat writer for the P...
78 min
SBR 16 December 2012
Sports Business Radio's Top 10 sports business stories of 2012. Join Brian Berger and Bryan Griggs as they count down the biggest stories of 2012 from 10 to 1. Happy Holidays!
54 min