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Our Terrible First Blog Post - And What We've L...
When Spin Sucks first started it was called FADS: the Fight Against Destructive Spin. In today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking abut the early days of the blog, and what they learned about creating content that people can actually use - and that actually serves both the audience and the business.
9 min
AI Generative Search is Coming - Will You Be Re...
Google Search Generative AI is coming, whether you like it or not, and that means you've got to make some changes to what kind of content you're making and how you make it.
7 min
Reputation is Everything. Your Crisis Communica...
Most organizations don't think too much about crises until they actually happen, but having a communications plan ready just in case is reputation insurance that can make a huge difference in terms of how your organization is perceived for years to come.
7 min
Thinking About the Future Every Day
Futurecasting is all about identifying a range of potential outcomes or events that might impact your industry and business, and planning for the different possibilities you might have to deal with. In todays episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to get good at futurecasting, and how to integrate it into your strategy.
12 min
What Makes a Workplace Toxic and How to Make Su...
Workplace toxicity is caused by the action, or inaction, of leadership, and that is true whether you're working together in an office, have a hybrid setup or are fully remote. Gini Dietrich is talking about building trust and making sure that toxic culture never has a chance to settle in.
11 min
Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies: The First Thi...
There is one thing that is critical when managing a crisis that has to happen in person and on time: saying you're sorry. This is easier for many executives in theory than practice and on today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast Gini Dietrich is talking about how to navigate different times of crises with empathy.
8 min
Have Patience, Create Consistency
People are always looking for the easy way forward - it's kind of human nature - but it's usually not the the best choice. You will always have better results with consistent work towards longer term strategies. Gini Dietrich is talking about how and why on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
11 min
How to Predict the Future
There is a lot going on out there, and you need to be up to date on what is happening in your industry and the world at large if you want to be a valuable strategic partner for your company and clients. On today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about using anti-fragile tactics to protect your business no matter what happens.
11 min
The Right Way to Take a Stand
Gini Dietrich is talking about how to communicate your values as a brand, and sharing some examples of massive successes and failures in doing so on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
12 min
The Many Risks of Journalists
Very often, media opportunities involve providing access to members of the media - and that is a relationship that can be a little fraught. There are risks inherent in providing access to journalists and other professionals, and on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast Gini Dietrich is talking about how to navigate the line between being open and transparent and accidentally spilling the beans on sensitive or damaging information.
10 min
Unintended Consequences: The Good and the Bad o...
It's time for society to make changes - big ones - and generative AI is going to be a huge part of that. Today on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about the unintended consequences, both good and bad, that could happen as this process unfolds.
11 min
Don't Negotiate with Yourself
It's a fact that women are still underpaid compared to their male counterparts, and there's no one who can change it but us. One of the reasons this happens is that women are less likely to negotiate for what they are worth when taking a new role, asking for a raise or even engaging with new clients. Gini Dietrich is talking about how to do it on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
8 min
The Many Reasons Perfect Isn't Best
Perfectionism can cause problems in many different ways, and areas of your communications plan. Good and Finished is better than absolutely perfect for you, and for your team members.
9 min
Kindness Will Get You (Almost) Everywhere
In this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about why it's so important to always live by the golden rule. Aside from being the right thing to do for it's own sake, you never know who you're going to meet, or who they know.
11 min
It's Time to Update Your Earned Media Strategy
It seems like everyone is having more difficulty getting media placements than they used to - the old strategies for getting earned media just aren't working any more, and that means we need to update our approach.
7 min
Demonstrating Your Value During Budget Cutbacks
What does it mean for you as a professional communicator when you have to do more with less as budgets constrict? On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to navigate layoffs, hiring freezes, budget cuts and more over the next year. Now is the time to focus on what you know works.
10 min
Using Generative AI as a Communicator
Have you jumped on the Generative AI bandwagon yet? It can be a powerful tool to help you work more efficiently, and today on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about some of the strategies you can use to get started, the latest guidelines from the PR Council, and why you really need to fact-check.
9 min
Your Email is Not My Emergency
It can be easy to create the expectation that you're always available via email or slack or any of the other channels we use to communicate with our teams and clients.
9 min
The Reputation Game has Changed
Complaints against a brand - real or not - can now be immediately distributed around the entire world, and that means that the role of communication professionals has changed too. Gini Dietrich is talking about reputation management in a highly-scrutinized environment on today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
10 min
[Replay] Telling Stories That Mean Something
It's important for the stories we tell to be meaningful to ourselves as communicators, and to the audience that ultimately receives them - but we don't want to drift into creating or exaggerating drama.
8 min
The Remote vs. Hybrid. vs. In-Office Showdown f...
More and more companies are talking about bringing people back into offices, despite most employees not being interested.
9 min
Hiring an Advantage: Why You Should Consider Ge...
Gini Dietrich shares when and why you should hire a coach.
8 min
3 Questions to Help You Communicate Your Values
It used to be that the 'best practice' for companies having opinions on social issues was: don't! But that is all changing and today on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about the role of communications in helping an organization speak up about it's values.
9 min
Evolving Your Services to Weather the Storms
If the looming recession is making you nervous for your agency or business, then you should be thinking about how to evolve your services and offerings to make sure you're able to weather the storm.
7 min
Ripple Effects: Protecting Your Business from G...
It's time to stop procrastinating - your marketing needs to be working for you, and be resilient in the face of economic shifts. Identify what is really working for you, and make sure your income is diversified enough, to weather the tides.
7 min