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How Today's Global Complexities Are Ripe with O...
There has never been a better time in history for communicators. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich discusses the research findings of the 2021 Future of Corporate Communications Study and how the communicator's role is forever changed.
12 min
Look Who Values Content Marketing!
It's been 12 years since the first Trends and Insights report from The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about the report, and particularly, what changes Covid has wrought. Tune in to find out what the report means for your communications work.
7 min
Exploring the Dark Side of Social Media
Where were you during the Great Facebook Outage of 2021? Was it a tech problem that could happen to any company, or something a little more suspicious? That's what Gini is talking about on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
8 min
PR vs Journalists - Who is Telling The Truth?
Trust in the media is declining - and often for pretty good reason. On today's epispde of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about why, what role PR does or doesn't have in it, and what you should be doing to keep your credibility high.
8 min
Sneak Attack! Dealing With Competing Goals
PR has expectations and a perception issue - together these can make for a challenging reputation and a major hurdle to overcome when they're pitching their services - especially when there is someone sneaking around with alternative goals.
9 min
Mental Health and the Great Resignation
Mental Health has always been important, but it hasn't always been something we talked about. The pandemic has changed all that and employees around the world are reconsidering their work lives
8 min
How Far We've Come
In this week's episde of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how far Spin Sucks has come over the years.
9 min
Was it Really the Intern?
Usually, when someone shares copywritten content, it's often an innocent, or perhaps ignorant, mistake. Most people are gracious when you point it out, and correct the issue - but then there are those that don't - and they tend to blame it on the intern. A lot of things get blamed on interns - is that fair?
7 min
Mind the Pay Gap
While the PR industry isn't as diverse as it should be, many agencies have made tangible commitments to do better. These commitments don't mention pay equity - which is still a problem.
9 min
Where's the Money?
Annual CMO Spend Survey from Gartner is out and it's not pretty. Marketing budgets have fallen to their lowest point in the history of they survey. So what are companies spending their marketing money on, and how can you make the most of it?
9 min
Who's Opening Your Pitch?
If you're in PR you probably send pitches, and if you're a journalist, you probably get them! A recent survey from Propel says that "journalists are remarkably quick to open media pitches if interested..." Gini notes that it's more likely to be an email scanning service within the first 10 minutes after sending than a human being who can make a decision. Gini breaks down the reults of this survey and talks about how to tweak your strategy accordingly.
8 min
Fighting PR's (Unfairly) Negative Reputation
Business leaders need to change their thinking around the value of communications. There are a lot of erroneous perceptions (some of them pretty mean!) about PR, and we need to combat them! Gini Dietrich is talking about how on this episode of the Spin Sucks podcast.
8 min
This is not a PR Crisis
When organizations have public mishaps, it's often blamed on faulty PR - and the thinking goes that if you fix the communications problem, and a future free of damning press scrutiny awaits.
10 min
Your Employees Aren't an Afterthought
If 2020 taught us anything, it was that everyone has been re-examining the brands we buy from, for, invest in, work for and otherwise support. Issues of morale, engagement and culture are more important than other, and that means a new emphasis on internal communications.
8 min
Using Robots to Communicate?
How much can AI really do for us? There are tool and services available now that are offering some pretty impressive AI generated materials - but they're not quite ready to replace us yet.
8 min
What's Going On In the Communications Industry?
The JOTW Strategic Comms Strategy Survey has recently been released, which analyzes what is going on in the communications industry, and as you might suspect, there are some challenges that communicators are facing.
12 min
This is Not the Spokesperson You're Looking For
As much as we might like to trust who we meet, watch and read - there are people and companies out there using fake personas to handle their outward facing communications.
9 min
The Top Challenges Communicators Face
On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast Gini Dietrich breaks down the results from a recent survey conducted by MuckRack about the challenges that the PR industry is facing.
7 min
7 Ways to Succeed at Blogging
If you're starting a corporate blog, you need it to start producing results as quickly as possible, but that's no easy feat. Blogs can be one of the most challenging projects communicators take on.
8 min
Ragan Communications Benchmark Report 2021 Edit...
Our role has become more essential as we helped keep organizations focused and moving forward, and the Ragan Report Supports that finding.
9 min
Protecting Your IP and Your Relationships
As a communicator, you need to be able to stand up to yourself—on everything from boundaries and your personal time to protecting your ideas and intellectual property.
10 min
"Out of an Abundance of Caution..."
If the pandemic has taught us anything about business, it's that communications expertise is not just necessary, it's imperative. Gini Dietrich explains why in this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast episode.
9 min
What to do When You're Waffling
If you're waffling on a decision, or you feel like there are important reasons to say yes to something you're not wildly enthusiastic about, there are really good reasons to maintain your boundaries and priorities and say no.
8 min
Replay: How to do Your Own Professional Develop...
You can tell things are starting to get back to normal when your small child brings a run-of-the-mill cold home from school. So today, please enjoy this popular episode from 2019 about doing your own professional development, so you can stay up to date with what's happening in your industry. Gini Dietrich will be back next week with a new episode!
15 min
Navigating the Covid Fog
Things are getting better in the world, but the covid-fog doesn't seem to be lifting; people are still bone tired. Gini Dietrich is one of them, and on today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, she's talking about strategies for dealing with it.
7 min
The Goldilocks New Business Strategy
On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich discusses the Goldilocks Principle when it comes to new business efforts.
8 min
Different Services, Different Price Points, Dif...
It's hard to scale a business offering just on thing at one price point, so in this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is sharing 8 different pricing models that you can use to diversify your offerings and serve a broader range of people.
13 min
Give Journalists What They Want
One Pitch released a survey of journalists because they thought that other reports didn't sufficiently address what journalists really want and the tactics for pitching them effectively. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich discusses what that new survey reveals.
8 min
Fighting Cognitive Biases in Your Communications
It is important for communicators to understand how our cognitive biases affect the messages we're sending to our different audiences. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about empathy and compassion in our communications.
9 min
Replay: Diversifying Your Revenue Sources
The last week has been Spring Break in Chicago, so instead of a new episode, Gini Dietrich is sharing the most popular show of 2019, all about the different ways you can make money on the side of your traditional salary as an employee or income as a business owner.
15 min
Not your Grandpa's Crisis Communications...
What's real, what needs attention, what is attention-getting, and how does one handle a crisis when it's made out of thin air? That's what Gini Dietrich explores on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
9 min
The State of Journalism In 2021
Journalism is one of the industries that has been thrown on its head because of COVID-19. In this episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about the changes journalism professionals have seen, what they're doing about it, and what it means for you.
9 min
The Value in Communicating Your Values
One of the biggest changes in communications is the way companies are talking about their values, and what customers are beginning to expect from the brands they use.
16 min
Choose to Challenge Inequality
The theme of International Women's day this year is Women in Leadership - and that's a topic that can't be understimated in importance.
10 min
Tracking Down Elusive Communications Measurements
In the communications industry, we don't have a uniform way to measure what we do, which causes confusion about everything from what we should be measuring in the first place, to what kind of goals and objectives make the most sense to try and measure, and how to communicate it all to teams, leadership and boards.
12 min
What is shadowbanning and what do you do if it ...
What's more common than an outright ban on social media? A shadowban. Gini Dietrich is going to be sharing what that is, and what to do if it happens to you or one of your clients on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
8 min
Moderating Social Media when Bad Actors Abound
Social Media is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and community, but it's not easy when the truth is that there are people out there on social media with the sole intent of damaging your reputation: bad actors. How do you moderate social media comments in this environment? That's what Gini Dietrich is talking about today on the Spin Sucks Podcast.
8 min
The Time for Direct Digital Relationships is Now
We may hope that life will be getting back to normal once we're all vaccinated, but a recent report by the Content Marketing Institute is saying that consumer digital behaviour has jumped ahead by five years. There's no going back, and that has huge implications for content marketers in B2C and B2B businesses.
7 min
The 13 Things Every Agency Should Have in Their...
There are 13 things that every business needs to have in their plan—if you're not a business or agency owner yourself, these are elements should be in your communications plan.
16 min
Are 50% of Communicators Dropping the Ball?
More than half of CEO's are not convinced their marketing departments are driving results (according to a survey by Strategy Box). That means that if you're listening to this, there's a coin flip of a chance that your boss doesn't think you're doing your job.
7 min
The Meta Podcast about Podcasts
In this week's Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about podcasts - how she started making them, why she still does, whether you should have one and how to make it sound great.
9 min
Where Does Your Knowledge Come From?
If you know what you know and what you dont know, you're doing pretty well - but do you ever think about where your knowlege and decisions are coming from, and if that information in accurate?
10 min
A PESO Model Primer for 2021
Welcome to 2021! In this episode of the Spin Sucks podcasts, Gini Dietrich kicks off the new year with a discussion about how we can do more with the talents and skills we have available.
16 min
12 Days of Spin Sucks Christmas - 11 Awful Phra...
Thst should be banned in 2021 and for the rest of time.
11 min
12 Days of Spin Sucks Christmas: Six SEO Tricks
(That are actually best practices)
15 min
12 Days of Spin Sucks Christmas: A Mindset Shif...
This episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast is all about mindset, and how you can work on your own.
9 min
The Trap of Productive Procrastination
Productive Procrastination makes it feels like you're working hard and making progress - but it's an illusion.
11 min
A Framework to Learn, Evolve and Advance
Last week on the Spin Sucks Podcast we started a conversation about planning, and today Gini Dietrich is continuing it by focusing on you, and your own personal goals and plans. Enjoy!
12 min
Welcome to Planning Season.
On this week's Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to effortlessly plan your communications for the next 90 days. Really!
11 min
How Crisis Communications Will Work in 2021 and...
As we hit the motherload of crises - social, health, economic, communications professionals need to take a close look at how they are communicating internally and externally. We've seen new challenges, and learned new ways to convey what we believe in. In this week's episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about the future of crisis communications.
11 min
Leaders and Managers: How to Decide Which One B...
In this episode of Spin Sucks, Gini talks about her first experience as a manager in an agency, and what she's learned since then about the difference between managing and leading - and how to be a better communicator and leader of your colleagues.
12 min
The Differences between Marketing, Communicat...
What drives Gini Dietrich absolutely batty? Thinking that the diffrent elements of communication are totally different fields that stand alone. We're all communicators whether we're in email marketing or crisis communications or anything in between. Listen to this week's episode to find out why.
11 min
The Importance of Strategic Planning
Working with a new client is exciting - there are so many possibilities, and opportunities to tell new stories and try new things. But to start on the right foot you need a strategic plan - and that is something that is often overlooked.
18 min
To Swear or Not to Swear
Content Note: There are a couple of curse words in brand names I mention in this episode!
9 min
Moderating User Generated Content on Social Media
User-generated content is an amazing part of your social media efforts, and most of us have some kind of system to monitor and manage our mentions on the different platforms.
7 min
Lessons from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
What can we learn from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as professionals and as human beings?
7 min
How to Detect a Crisis Brewing
Sometimes dificult, challenging or even damaging things can happen to a brand through no fault of thier own. These days, a crisis isn't an "if" it's a "when" - so on today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to tell when a crisis is brewing, and how to prepare.
8 min
Spin Sucks Replay: Diversifying your Revenue So...
Last fall, we released an episode about the importance of diversifying your income, and we thought that going into the fall of this uniquely challening year would be a good time to revisit it. Enjoy!
14 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: VA's and Other As...
In this month's last Agency Leadership cross post, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about getting extra help for your business in the form of virtual assistants, sites like Upwork, in-house hires and other ways to relieve the burden of repetitive tasks.
26 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Service
In this cross-post from the Agency Leadership podcast, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about offering services like social media, community building, crisis - and maintaining some semblance of work life balance while you're at it.
23 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Non-Traditional R...
In this Agency-Leadership Cross-Post, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about non-traditional revenue models for agencies.
26 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Generating New Bu...
Please enjoy this cross-post from the Agency Leadership podcast! This month on the Spin Sucks Podcast, while we're getting ready for another school year in a pandemic, you're going to be getting cross-posts of some of my favorite episodes from the Agency Leadership podcast that I co-host with Chip Griffin. Today, we're playing a recent episode about generating new business! Enjoy!
26 min
Measuring your PESO Model Progress
In this week's episode Gini Dietrich talks about how to measure the results of your PESO model strategy. This can be intimidating, but communicating the successes and opportunities for further improvement to leadership and the rest of your team is a critical factor in a program that provides value over the long term.
13 min
Leveraging Authority from a PESO Model Program
The last piece of an integrated PESO Model program before you start measuring is authority. That's what happens when you've built a reputation for an individual or organization.
15 min
Turning Visitors into Customers with Paid Media
Paid media often brings to mind mascots, jingles and Super Bowl commercials - and while they are all important, they're not part of a PESO model strategy driven by communications and marketing! Today, Gini is talking about using paid media in search and social to help turn traffic into clients and customers.
14 min
Where and How Shared Media Fits in Your PESO Mo...
It seems like every day brings with it a new social media channel or trending meme. What TikTok dance craze have you learned during the pandemic? What are we going to do about our influencer programs? Will a broom really stand up by itself on a particular day because of a hashtag trend? And what the heck is this Vero thing all about?
11 min
How to Use Earned Media In the PESO Model Process
12 min
A Deep Dive Into Owned Media In a PESO Model Pr...
If there were ever a time to learn how to build a strategic PESO Model program, it is now. Between the pandemic and furloughed jobs, and civil unrest and social injustice, the ability to evolve quickly is more and more relevant, and that's what Gini talks about in this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
14 min
Using the PESO Model to Pivot Your Career In Ti...
The role o the communicator is to adapt and evolve - the PESO model can help.
9 min
Taking a Stand for Social Justice
In today's episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about what it means for a company to take a stand for social justice, what it can cost, and why it's absolutely necessary to do.
11 min
Taking Career Advice from Nature
We can learn a lot from the world. Today, Gini talks about 5 things that you can learn from nature to pull yourself—and your career or your business—out of the pandemic.
9 min
Starting and Scaling a Business
Often, people start businesses because they're excellent at what they do, and want to have control over all parts of the process. If you're going to grow, at a certain point, you need to hire in order to grow, and that comes with it's own set of challenges.
8 min
Replay: Building Online Community
Creating strong, engaged online communities is more important now than it has ever been - in this replay of an episode from early 2019, Gini talks about building online communities, the secret sauce of engagement, and the short and long term benefits of having one.
9 min
What Does Thought Leadership In 2020 Look Like?
If you implement a full PESO Model program, complete with the full foundational work of paid, earned, shared, and owned media working together, it will be inevitable that you’ll build authority for your organization and its executives.
13 min
Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Spin Sucks Podcast
This is the 100th episode of the SPin Sucks Podcast! It’s been quite a ride—from a whopping 53 downloads per episode to more than a thousand today. We’ve had quite the journey together and I thought it’d be fun to celebrate by taking a walk down memory lane.
9 min
Continuing Challenges and Exciting Opportunitie...
Fundamentally, paid media is about finding and reaching your desired audience, and driving results for your organization. When you have content that’s owned or earned, and you want more people to read, listen, or watch it—and then share it and act on it—paid media can help, even in the midst of a pandemic.
15 min
Why Communicators Should Ignore the Hustle Ment...
The hustle mentality isn’t right for right now—and shaming people who don’t have the time (or don’t take the supposed extra time they have) to do something new the absolute wrong thing to do.
11 min
How to Do Your Job When Earned Media Is Out of ...
Right now journalists around the world are being furloughed, and if you pitch them now, it's likely that your email will never see the light of day
11 min
How to Implement the PESO Model, No Matter the ...
In this week’s show, Gini Dietrich talks about how to implement the PESO Model, no matter the size of your team.
12 min
How to Market When the World Is On Fire
Gini Dietrich talks us through marketing appropriately during the pandemic in this week’s Spin Sucks show. She shares five guiding principles to help you decide what and how to market.
10 min
Get Through COVID-19 With These Mindset Shifts
These are unprecedented times. We will get through it, but things will get worse before they get better. This week, Gini Dietrich talks about the mindset shifts that will get us through this crisis.
13 min
So You’re Working From Home. Now What?
It's a crazy time to be alive right now. So much change and now you suddenly find yourself in a work from home situation. In this week's show, Gini Dietrich shows you how to be as successful as you can be, in light of everything that is going on.
12 min
The Newly Refreshed PESO Model Graphic and Process
The PESO model is like a pyramid. Each corner of the base must be built solidly, or the entire structure will collapse. In this week’s show, Gini Dietrich talks about the improvements made to the PESO model graphic and process.
12 min
Star Wars, the PESO Model, and a Challenge for You
A Star Wars superfan has written a thirty thousand word dissertation detailing the problems with the franchise and we look to the PESO model to help him out.
9 min
Who Can Use The PESO Model?
The PESO model has many uses and applications. In this week’s show, Gini Dietrich talks about who within an organization can use it, the different ways they can, and what happens when they don’t.
13 min
How Google Helped BERT Get Revenge
11 min
The PESO Model: Why Communicators Struggle To I...
About eight years ago, we launched the PESO model. Today it’s everywhere. Although we’ve constantly refined and improved it over the years, it’s not always easy to implement.
14 min
A Podcast About Podcasts
Gini Dietrich discusses the innovations, changes, and new opportunities in the podcasting space in this week’s Spin Sucks show.
13 min
PR and the Election
What role is PR going to play in the upcoming election? Between the impeachment trial and the forthcoming election, this year will be dominated by political news - and noise.
10 min
PR Trend: Artificial Intelligence
The Spin Sucks community predicted AI would be the biggest trend in 2020. In today’s show, we look at how big AI is predicted to be, what it could do for communicators, and what we may need to be concerned about.
11 min
What Are Your Business Red Flags?
Whether it’s business, a new job or a client, it’s important to be realistic and weigh the risks against the opportunities. Looking for red flags is the best way to do that.
12 min
Happy New Year!
Making a resolution may not be the best way to make changes in your life or business. A resolution is a decision to make a change that has no end in sight.
12 min
Reworking Earned Media
One of the most frustrating aspects of a communicator’s job is how little control you have over the earned media that you do. Not every interview you give is published.
25 min
12 Days of Christmas - 10 PR Metrics To Track
11 min
12 Days of Christmas - 6 SEO Best Practices
Search Engine Optimization, SEO, may seem like magic but it’s an easy skill set to master. Here are six SEO best practices you should incorporate into your communications planning:.
14 min
12 Days of Christmas - 2 PR Trends
You can start the new decade on a strong footing by embracing these two trends: creative storytelling and the PESO model.
12 min
Income Diversification for Communications Profe...
13 min
How To Prepare For A Down Economy
As a business owner, an economic downturn is a pretty scary thing and can be hard to predict. However, we’re seeing the same trends today that we saw in 2007 and 2008 and this may be an indication that another downturn is on the horizon.
16 min
How To Do Your Own Professional Development
Most large organizations have professional development budgets. The same isn’t true for smaller companies or solopreneurs, so you have to get creative in how you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest trends and industry development, and improve your skills.
16 min
Are You Out of Your Mind, Earnst and Young?
On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini talks about workplace diversity, why it matters, and what you can do to make sure your workplace is inclusive.
12 min