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Star Wars, the PESO Model, and a Challenge for You
A Star Wars superfan has written a thirty thousand word dissertation detailing the problems with the franchise and we look to the PESO model to help him out.
9 min
Who Can Use The PESO Model?
The PESO model has many uses and applications. In this week’s show, Gini Dietrich talks about who within an organization can use it, the different ways they can, and what happens when they don’t.
13 min
How Google Helped BERT Get Revenge
11 min
The PESO Model: Why Communicators Struggle To I...
About eight years ago, we launched the PESO model. Today it’s everywhere. Although we’ve constantly refined and improved it over the years, it’s not always easy to implement.
14 min
A Podcast About Podcasts
Gini Dietrich discusses the innovations, changes, and new opportunities in the podcasting space in this week’s Spin Sucks show.
13 min
PR and the Election
What role is PR going to play in the upcoming election? Between the impeachment trial and the forthcoming election, this year will be dominated by political news - and noise.
10 min
PR Trend: Artificial Intelligence
The Spin Sucks community predicted AI would be the biggest trend in 2020. In today’s show, we look at how big AI is predicted to be, what it could do for communicators, and what we may need to be concerned about.
11 min
What Are Your Business Red Flags?
Whether it’s business, a new job or a client, it’s important to be realistic and weigh the risks against the opportunities. Looking for red flags is the best way to do that.
12 min
Happy New Year!
Making a resolution may not be the best way to make changes in your life or business. A resolution is a decision to make a change that has no end in sight.
12 min
Reworking Earned Media
One of the most frustrating aspects of a communicator’s job is how little control you have over the earned media that you do. Not every interview you give is published.
25 min
12 Days of Christmas - 10 PR Metrics To Track
11 min
12 Days of Christmas - 6 SEO Best Practices
Search Engine Optimization, SEO, may seem like magic but it’s an easy skill set to master. Here are six SEO best practices you should incorporate into your communications planning:.
14 min
12 Days of Christmas - 2 PR Trends
You can start the new decade on a strong footing by embracing these two trends: creative storytelling and the PESO model.
12 min
Income Diversification for Communications Profe...
13 min
How To Prepare For A Down Economy
As a business owner, an economic downturn is a pretty scary thing and can be hard to predict. However, we’re seeing the same trends today that we saw in 2007 and 2008 and this may be an indication that another downturn is on the horizon.
16 min
How To Do Your Own Professional Development
Most large organizations have professional development budgets. The same isn’t true for smaller companies or solopreneurs, so you have to get creative in how you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest trends and industry development, and improve your skills.
16 min
Are You Out of Your Mind, Earnst and Young?
On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini talks about workplace diversity, why it matters, and what you can do to make sure your workplace is inclusive.
12 min
The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday-Themed Content C...
The holidays are fun and not just for kids. Communicators can have fun with the holidays, too. Done well, holiday-themed campaigns can connect you with your audience, generate a lot of engagement and be a good time for everyone.
9 min
The Art of Negotiation
Negotiation is uncomfortable. Even for the most confident of us, we worry that things won’t go as intended and we’ll end up with nothing instead of something. It doesn’t have to be that way.   Negotiation is finding the best, most workable...
11 min
An App for All Seasons
Essentially, an app is a piece of software on your mobile device that allows you to perform specific functions. It’s not a full program, but a tool designed to let you to certain things in certain ways. There are millions of apps in the Google Play...
13 min
All Roads Lead to Email
Everything you do shouldn’t be reliant on one lead nurturing tactic. Your PESO model program allows you to reach people at different times of the day or week, in their communication channel of choice. Look at email marketing as one small part of...
6 min
Pop-Ups - Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em
Pop-ups may be annoying to us in the internet marketing industry, but in the real world they’re very effective. The average conversion rate for pop-ups is 3%, but can be as high as 9%. That’s significantly higher than almost any other online...
9 min
[Replay] Digital Declutter
It’s been about 9 months since we talked about digital decluttering. How are your resolutions faring? What have you accomplished? Did you slip off the wagon a time or to? Chances are, if you’re human, you haven’t done perfectly. But that’s...
7 min
#68: Dealing With Unhappy Customers - Off and O...
Dealing with customer complaints has always been a concern for businesses, and more so now with the internet and social media. You want them to come to you to solve their problems, but when they are angry they want the world to know it. Therefore, you...
13 min
#67: When You Don’t Like The Boss, But The Boss...
Everything we read or hear tells us that entrepreneurs should love every moment of their work. Not just love it, but be passionate about it. That’s just not true. Many entrepreneurs spend every waking hour of their day in their business believing...
12 min