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Agency Leadership Cross-Post: VA's and Other As...
In this month's last Agency Leadership cross post, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about getting extra help for your business in the form of virtual assistants, sites like Upwork, in-house hires and other ways to relieve the burden of repetitive tasks.
26 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Service
In this cross-post from the Agency Leadership podcast, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about offering services like social media, community building, crisis - and maintaining some semblance of work life balance while you're at it.
23 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Non-Traditional R...
In this Agency-Leadership Cross-Post, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about non-traditional revenue models for agencies.
26 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Generating New Bu...
Please enjoy this cross-post from the Agency Leadership podcast! This month on the Spin Sucks Podcast, while we're getting ready for another school year in a pandemic, you're going to be getting cross-posts of some of my favorite episodes from the Agency Leadership podcast that I co-host with Chip Griffin. Today, we're playing a recent episode about generating new business! Enjoy!
26 min
Measuring your PESO Model Progress
In this week's episode Gini Dietrich talks about how to measure the results of your PESO model strategy. This can be intimidating, but communicating the successes and opportunities for further improvement to leadership and the rest of your team is a critical factor in a program that provides value over the long term.
13 min
Leveraging Authority from a PESO Model Program
The last piece of an integrated PESO Model program before you start measuring is authority. That's what happens when you've built a reputation for an individual or organization.
15 min
Turning Visitors into Customers with Paid Media
Paid media often brings to mind mascots, jingles and Super Bowl commercials - and while they are all important, they're not part of a PESO model strategy driven by communications and marketing! Today, Gini is talking about using paid media in search and social to help turn traffic into clients and customers.
14 min
Where and How Shared Media Fits in Your PESO Mo...
It seems like every day brings with it a new social media channel or trending meme. What TikTok dance craze have you learned during the pandemic? What are we going to do about our influencer programs? Will a broom really stand up by itself on a particular day because of a hashtag trend? And what the heck is this Vero thing all about?
11 min
How to Use Earned Media In the PESO Model Process
12 min
A Deep Dive Into Owned Media In a PESO Model Pr...
If there were ever a time to learn how to build a strategic PESO Model program, it is now. Between the pandemic and furloughed jobs, and civil unrest and social injustice, the ability to evolve quickly is more and more relevant, and that's what Gini talks about in this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
14 min
Using the PESO Model to Pivot Your Career In Ti...
The role o the communicator is to adapt and evolve - the PESO model can help.
9 min
Taking a Stand for Social Justice
In today's episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about what it means for a company to take a stand for social justice, what it can cost, and why it's absolutely necessary to do.
11 min
Taking Career Advice from Nature
We can learn a lot from the world. Today, Gini talks about 5 things that you can learn from nature to pull yourself—and your career or your business—out of the pandemic.
9 min
Starting and Scaling a Business
Often, people start businesses because they're excellent at what they do, and want to have control over all parts of the process. If you're going to grow, at a certain point, you need to hire in order to grow, and that comes with it's own set of challenges.
8 min
Replay: Building Online Community
Creating strong, engaged online communities is more important now than it has ever been - in this replay of an episode from early 2019, Gini talks about building online communities, the secret sauce of engagement, and the short and long term benefits of having one.
9 min
What Does Thought Leadership In 2020 Look Like?
If you implement a full PESO Model program, complete with the full foundational work of paid, earned, shared, and owned media working together, it will be inevitable that you’ll build authority for your organization and its executives.
13 min
Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Spin Sucks Podcast
This is the 100th episode of the SPin Sucks Podcast! It’s been quite a ride—from a whopping 53 downloads per episode to more than a thousand today. We’ve had quite the journey together and I thought it’d be fun to celebrate by taking a walk down memory lane.
9 min
Continuing Challenges and Exciting Opportunitie...
Fundamentally, paid media is about finding and reaching your desired audience, and driving results for your organization. When you have content that’s owned or earned, and you want more people to read, listen, or watch it—and then share it and act on it—paid media can help, even in the midst of a pandemic.
15 min
Why Communicators Should Ignore the Hustle Ment...
The hustle mentality isn’t right for right now—and shaming people who don’t have the time (or don’t take the supposed extra time they have) to do something new the absolute wrong thing to do.
11 min
How to Do Your Job When Earned Media Is Out of ...
Right now journalists around the world are being furloughed, and if you pitch them now, it's likely that your email will never see the light of day
11 min
How to Implement the PESO Model, No Matter the ...
In this week’s show, Gini Dietrich talks about how to implement the PESO Model, no matter the size of your team.
12 min
How to Market When the World Is On Fire
Gini Dietrich talks us through marketing appropriately during the pandemic in this week’s Spin Sucks show. She shares five guiding principles to help you decide what and how to market.
10 min
Get Through COVID-19 With These Mindset Shifts
These are unprecedented times. We will get through it, but things will get worse before they get better. This week, Gini Dietrich talks about the mindset shifts that will get us through this crisis.
13 min
So You’re Working From Home. Now What?
It's a crazy time to be alive right now. So much change and now you suddenly find yourself in a work from home situation. In this week's show, Gini Dietrich shows you how to be as successful as you can be, in light of everything that is going on.
12 min
The Newly Refreshed PESO Model Graphic and Process
The PESO model is like a pyramid. Each corner of the base must be built solidly, or the entire structure will collapse. In this week’s show, Gini Dietrich talks about the improvements made to the PESO model graphic and process.
12 min