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We're your one-stop shop for modern communications. The lines between PR, marketing, search, advertising, social, and content continue to blur, making it difficult to decide what belongs where. Rather than decide, let’s come together and work as one to grow organizations. We can change the PR industry...together.

Where Does Your Knowledge Come From?
If you know what you know and what you dont know, you're doing pretty well - but do you ever think about where your knowlege and decisions are coming from, and if that information in accurate?
10 min
A PESO Model Primer for 2021
Welcome to 2021! In this episode of the Spin Sucks podcasts, Gini Dietrich kicks off the new year with a discussion about how we can do more with the talents and skills we have available.
16 min
12 Days of Spin Sucks Christmas - 11 Awful Phra...
Thst should be banned in 2021 and for the rest of time.
11 min
12 Days of Spin Sucks Christmas: Six SEO Tricks
(That are actually best practices)
15 min
12 Days of Spin Sucks Christmas: A Mindset Shif...
This episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast is all about mindset, and how you can work on your own.
9 min
The Trap of Productive Procrastination
Productive Procrastination makes it feels like you're working hard and making progress - but it's an illusion.
11 min
A Framework to Learn, Evolve and Advance
Last week on the Spin Sucks Podcast we started a conversation about planning, and today Gini Dietrich is continuing it by focusing on you, and your own personal goals and plans. Enjoy!
12 min
Welcome to Planning Season.
On this week's Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to effortlessly plan your communications for the next 90 days. Really!
11 min
How Crisis Communications Will Work in 2021 and...
As we hit the motherload of crises - social, health, economic, communications professionals need to take a close look at how they are communicating internally and externally. We've seen new challenges, and learned new ways to convey what we believe in. In this week's episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about the future of crisis communications.
11 min
Leaders and Managers: How to Decide Which One B...
In this episode of Spin Sucks, Gini talks about her first experience as a manager in an agency, and what she's learned since then about the difference between managing and leading - and how to be a better communicator and leader of your colleagues.
12 min
The Differences between Marketing, Communicat...
What drives Gini Dietrich absolutely batty? Thinking that the diffrent elements of communication are totally different fields that stand alone. We're all communicators whether we're in email marketing or crisis communications or anything in between. Listen to this week's episode to find out why.
11 min
The Importance of Strategic Planning
Working with a new client is exciting - there are so many possibilities, and opportunities to tell new stories and try new things. But to start on the right foot you need a strategic plan - and that is something that is often overlooked.
18 min
To Swear or Not to Swear
Content Note: There are a couple of curse words in brand names I mention in this episode!
9 min
Moderating User Generated Content on Social Media
User-generated content is an amazing part of your social media efforts, and most of us have some kind of system to monitor and manage our mentions on the different platforms.
7 min
Lessons from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
What can we learn from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as professionals and as human beings?
7 min
How to Detect a Crisis Brewing
Sometimes dificult, challenging or even damaging things can happen to a brand through no fault of thier own. These days, a crisis isn't an "if" it's a "when" - so on today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to tell when a crisis is brewing, and how to prepare.
8 min
Spin Sucks Replay: Diversifying your Revenue So...
Last fall, we released an episode about the importance of diversifying your income, and we thought that going into the fall of this uniquely challening year would be a good time to revisit it. Enjoy!
14 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: VA's and Other As...
In this month's last Agency Leadership cross post, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about getting extra help for your business in the form of virtual assistants, sites like Upwork, in-house hires and other ways to relieve the burden of repetitive tasks.
26 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Service
In this cross-post from the Agency Leadership podcast, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about offering services like social media, community building, crisis - and maintaining some semblance of work life balance while you're at it.
23 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Non-Traditional R...
In this Agency-Leadership Cross-Post, Gini Dietrich and Chip Griffin talk about non-traditional revenue models for agencies.
26 min
Agency Leadership Cross-Post: Generating New Bu...
Please enjoy this cross-post from the Agency Leadership podcast! This month on the Spin Sucks Podcast, while we're getting ready for another school year in a pandemic, you're going to be getting cross-posts of some of my favorite episodes from the Agency Leadership podcast that I co-host with Chip Griffin. Today, we're playing a recent episode about generating new business! Enjoy!
26 min
Measuring your PESO Model Progress
In this week's episode Gini Dietrich talks about how to measure the results of your PESO model strategy. This can be intimidating, but communicating the successes and opportunities for further improvement to leadership and the rest of your team is a critical factor in a program that provides value over the long term.
13 min
Leveraging Authority from a PESO Model Program
The last piece of an integrated PESO Model program before you start measuring is authority. That's what happens when you've built a reputation for an individual or organization.
15 min
Turning Visitors into Customers with Paid Media
Paid media often brings to mind mascots, jingles and Super Bowl commercials - and while they are all important, they're not part of a PESO model strategy driven by communications and marketing! Today, Gini is talking about using paid media in search and social to help turn traffic into clients and customers.
14 min
Where and How Shared Media Fits in Your PESO Mo...
It seems like every day brings with it a new social media channel or trending meme. What TikTok dance craze have you learned during the pandemic? What are we going to do about our influencer programs? Will a broom really stand up by itself on a particular day because of a hashtag trend? And what the heck is this Vero thing all about?
11 min