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"No Comment."
What do you think it means to share something "off the record?" On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about giving information on background, what you can expect when something is off the record, and how to navigate "on background" conversations with journalists.
8 min
94% of Communicators think WHAT?
The Muckrack State of PR Measurement Report has recently been released and the results are shocking. 94% of respondants say they measure success and results by the number of stories placed - but that is nowhere close to how you get the full story.
8 min
Don't Stop Blogging!
Gini Dietrich loves content. All kinds of content. But especially blogs. The door is open for absolutely everybody to tell stories in ways that area meaningful for them.
10 min
Communicating Return-to-Work
Re-opening workplaces is a minefield in more ways than one - and that means it's an interesting time to be a communicator. From vaccine status, to racism and misogyny, to the ongoing struggle between school hours and work hours, Gini Dietrich is talking about returning to offices (or not!) and how professional communicators are talking about it.
10 min
How Today's Global Complexities Are Ripe with O...
There has never been a better time in history for communicators. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich discusses the research findings of the 2021 Future of Corporate Communications Study and how the communicator's role is forever changed.
12 min
Look Who Values Content Marketing!
It's been 12 years since the first Trends and Insights report from The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about the report, and particularly, what changes Covid has wrought. Tune in to find out what the report means for your communications work.
7 min
Exploring the Dark Side of Social Media
Where were you during the Great Facebook Outage of 2021? Was it a tech problem that could happen to any company, or something a little more suspicious? That's what Gini is talking about on this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast.
8 min
PR vs Journalists - Who is Telling The Truth?
Trust in the media is declining - and often for pretty good reason. On today's epispde of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about why, what role PR does or doesn't have in it, and what you should be doing to keep your credibility high.
8 min
Sneak Attack! Dealing With Competing Goals
PR has expectations and a perception issue - together these can make for a challenging reputation and a major hurdle to overcome when they're pitching their services - especially when there is someone sneaking around with alternative goals.
9 min
Mental Health and the Great Resignation
Mental Health has always been important, but it hasn't always been something we talked about. The pandemic has changed all that and employees around the world are reconsidering their work lives
8 min
How Far We've Come
In this week's episde of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how far Spin Sucks has come over the years.
9 min
Was it Really the Intern?
Usually, when someone shares copywritten content, it's often an innocent, or perhaps ignorant, mistake. Most people are gracious when you point it out, and correct the issue - but then there are those that don't - and they tend to blame it on the intern. A lot of things get blamed on interns - is that fair?
7 min
Mind the Pay Gap
While the PR industry isn't as diverse as it should be, many agencies have made tangible commitments to do better. These commitments don't mention pay equity - which is still a problem.
9 min
Where's the Money?
Annual CMO Spend Survey from Gartner is out and it's not pretty. Marketing budgets have fallen to their lowest point in the history of they survey. So what are companies spending their marketing money on, and how can you make the most of it?
9 min
Who's Opening Your Pitch?
If you're in PR you probably send pitches, and if you're a journalist, you probably get them! A recent survey from Propel says that "journalists are remarkably quick to open media pitches if interested..." Gini notes that it's more likely to be an email scanning service within the first 10 minutes after sending than a human being who can make a decision. Gini breaks down the reults of this survey and talks about how to tweak your strategy accordingly.
8 min
Fighting PR's (Unfairly) Negative Reputation
Business leaders need to change their thinking around the value of communications. There are a lot of erroneous perceptions (some of them pretty mean!) about PR, and we need to combat them! Gini Dietrich is talking about how on this episode of the Spin Sucks podcast.
8 min
This is not a PR Crisis
When organizations have public mishaps, it's often blamed on faulty PR - and the thinking goes that if you fix the communications problem, and a future free of damning press scrutiny awaits.
10 min
Your Employees Aren't an Afterthought
If 2020 taught us anything, it was that everyone has been re-examining the brands we buy from, for, invest in, work for and otherwise support. Issues of morale, engagement and culture are more important than other, and that means a new emphasis on internal communications.
8 min
Using Robots to Communicate?
How much can AI really do for us? There are tool and services available now that are offering some pretty impressive AI generated materials - but they're not quite ready to replace us yet.
8 min
What's Going On In the Communications Industry?
The JOTW Strategic Comms Strategy Survey has recently been released, which analyzes what is going on in the communications industry, and as you might suspect, there are some challenges that communicators are facing.
12 min
This is Not the Spokesperson You're Looking For
As much as we might like to trust who we meet, watch and read - there are people and companies out there using fake personas to handle their outward facing communications.
9 min
The Top Challenges Communicators Face
On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast Gini Dietrich breaks down the results from a recent survey conducted by MuckRack about the challenges that the PR industry is facing.
7 min
7 Ways to Succeed at Blogging
If you're starting a corporate blog, you need it to start producing results as quickly as possible, but that's no easy feat. Blogs can be one of the most challenging projects communicators take on.
8 min
Ragan Communications Benchmark Report 2021 Edit...
Our role has become more essential as we helped keep organizations focused and moving forward, and the Ragan Report Supports that finding.
9 min
Protecting Your IP and Your Relationships
As a communicator, you need to be able to stand up to yourself—on everything from boundaries and your personal time to protecting your ideas and intellectual property.
10 min