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It Needs to Be a Perfect Pitch
Earned media is becoming harder and harder tog et with journalists and other gatekeepers, but is increasibly important to executive teams. Your pitches need to be on point, and this week on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to do it.
10 min
Who is Responsible for Deception at the Top?
Every now and then someone comes along and runs an absolutely epic scam. How people get away with it is baffling, and yet they do - and then sometimes people like to blame PR for at least some of the fallout.
8 min
It All Starts with Owned Media
Every really good PESO model based plan starts with owned content as the foundation
9 min
Building Traction as Fast As Possible
On today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast Gini Dietrich is talking about how to make the process of building traction as fast and efficient as possible.
11 min
Make Your Social Decisions Strategically
Shared media is one of the PESO model elemtents it's easy to be wrong about - often because we feel like we should be on a particular platform without having a solid strategic reason to back that up.
6 min
Earned Media in the Age of the Paywall
8 min
Gleefully Share the Spotlight
I always say that people buy from people, and if your clients are happy to buy from - and work with - the other people on your team, it is going to be much easier to scale. This week on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how and why to elevate your colleagues.
8 min
Sometimes You've Got to Pay to Play
When you get a juicy media placement - how to you leverage it? Paid media is a great way to get more out of the mentions and attention you are getting by other means, and on today's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to do that using the CAB method.
7 min
As the Situation Escalates
While parts of the world are in crisis, it can be difficult for communicators and companies to know what they should be talking about and how. On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about how to communicate your ESG efforts.
7 min
PR Pros Behaving Badly
There's more than one reason to keep your nose clean as a communicator - but not everyone does. There are plenty of companys out there who seem to be doing their level-best to keep the reputation of the industry low.
8 min
Navigating the Worst Times
Sometimes, bad things happen, and how companies deal with employees going through bad things is a huge point of potential success or failure. Grief leadership is the skillset required to navigate these situations.
10 min
When a Good Plan Comes Together
Whether you're working for an agency, a non-profit or by yourself, you need a solid communciations plan to set expectations, define success and protect you from demands you can't (or shouldn't) meet
16 min
It's a Small World - Choose Your Words Carefully
You never know who you might run into - and who they might know! It's always good practice to treat other people the way you want to be treated, and that principle has potentially huge implications in your business, in your communications, and in your personal life.
11 min
Build Your Own Hot Streak
Sometimes we have times in our lives when we feel like we can do anything - we're creative powerhouses and nothing can stop us, and other times we feel like nothing will ever go right again.
8 min
[Replay] Where Does Your Knowledge Come From?
If you know what you know and what you don't know, you're doing pretty well - but do you ever think about where your knowledge and decisions are coming from, and if that information is inaccurate?
10 min
Rethinking and Unlearning
If change is low-risk, we tend to like it - but the higher the risk, the less open to it we are. This is a problem because things are constantly changing and to stay current, we need to keep ourselves open to the process and the outcomes.
9 min
What Happened in 2021 with Business Podcasts?
This week on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is digging into the result of the 2021 State of Business Podcasting Report from One Stone Creative, and what you can take away from it to start (or refine!) your podcast this year.
9 min
[Replay] A PESO Model Primer
To start 2022, we're replaying the popular year-opener from 2021, with a PESO model primer where Gini Dietrich talks about how we can use the PESO model to do more with the skills and talents we have available.
16 min
Creating a Culture of Trust
Trust in the media, scientists and the government has taken a nosedive in the last couple of years - and it's one of the most difficult things to quantify.
10 min
7 Steps to Starting a PR Firm (Or Side Gig)
If you're thinking about starting your on PR company, or going out on your own as a freelancer, then this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast is for you.
8 min
[Replay] Tracking Down Elusive Communications M...
In the communications industry, we don't have a uniform way to measure what we do, which causes confusion about everything from what we should be measuring in the first place, to what kind of goals and objectives make the most sense to try and measure, and how to communicate it all to teams, leadership and boards
7 min
"No Comment."
What do you think it means to share something "off the record?" On this week's episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich is talking about giving information on background, what you can expect when something is off the record, and how to navigate "on background" conversations with journalists.
8 min
94% of Communicators think WHAT?
The Muckrack State of PR Measurement Report has recently been released and the results are shocking. 94% of respondants say they measure success and results by the number of stories placed - but that is nowhere close to how you get the full story.
8 min
Don't Stop Blogging!
Gini Dietrich loves content. All kinds of content. But especially blogs. The door is open for absolutely everybody to tell stories in ways that area meaningful for them.
10 min
Communicating Return-to-Work
Re-opening workplaces is a minefield in more ways than one - and that means it's an interesting time to be a communicator. From vaccine status, to racism and misogyny, to the ongoing struggle between school hours and work hours, Gini Dietrich is talking about returning to offices (or not!) and how professional communicators are talking about it.
10 min