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#53 Video Marketing for Communications
At the end of every year, you can expect every content creator on earth to talk about trends for the coming year. And, at the end of 2018, they all said the same thing (and nothing has changed six months into the year): video. It’s all about video....
7 min
#52 A Year of Insights from Our Listeners
Can you believe it’s already been a year? We’ve had 52 episodes and 52 chances for our listeners to add crucial knowledge to their arsenal, from using content to being productive, and from PESO to SWOT. In today’s episode, we reached out to you,...
11 min
#51 Mistakes and Malice in PR
Sometimes things happen in business that leave a sour taste in your mouth. They might not be malicious or intentional, but they can still hurt you, your clients and your brand. Join us on today’s episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, where we talk...
7 min
#50 Why You Should Avoid Overservicing and Over...
It doesn’t matter how clear your client proposal is, or how beautifully you design your scope of work. You’re going to get clients who are going to ask for something you aren’t selling, and you’re going to be tempted to give them what they...
8 min
#49 Using Systems and Automation
Let’s talk about robots. Not actual robots, for the most part, but automated tools, technologies, and systems that can take work off your desk and let you get back to what only you can do. As you grow your business, you’ll often end up working a...
8 min
#48 Content and the Client Lifecycle
On today’s episode, we’re talking about the customer lifecycle, and how your clients and prospects engage with you throughout this entire cycle. This is how it works: you want to attract your ideal client, sell them your offers, onboard them in...
9 min
#47 What You Don’t Know Can Trip You Up
Let’s talk about what we don’t know — more specifically, as it relates to our communications strategy. Our internal biases and things outside our control can have a big impact on the quality and success of our communications plans, so here’s...
9 min
#46 RFP’s and How to Grow Without Them
A huge number of Requests for Proposals are badly written and take tons of time and energy with no guarantee of a return — and yet, they persist. You can’t always avoid them, but there are ways to make them less of a part of your business life,...
7 min
#45 Communication During a Crisis
How many times have you seen a company screw something up, and then make the situation 10,000 times worse by either not apologizing or apologizing badly? Mistakes and screw-ups happen. World events happen. Natural events happen. You will unfortunately...
9 min
#44 How to Pitch Almost Anything
When you work in communications, you’re going to spend a lot of time pitching. You’re going to get rejected a lot — but you could get rejected a lot less. You don't want to send crappy pitches. You want to send excellent pitches! So here's how...
8 min
#43 The Different Community Platforms
With so many online community options out there, do you ever get Bright Shiny Object Syndrome? If you’re looking for a platform to host your community on, you’ve found the right episode. We’re talking about all the major community platforms and...
9 min
#42 Replay: So Much Social
In the spirit of spring (and spring cleaning) we're replaying a great episode about looking at all of your social media properties and deciding where YOU should be putting your focus! You've probably heard this quote by Rumi at least once:, "When you...
8 min
#41 Skills to Build and Work On
Whether you’re the leader of an organization, a freelancer, or an enthusiastic member of the rank and file, there is never a downside to investing in yourself and getting better at things. But what should you get better at? And how do you do it? The...
11 min
#40 The 3 C’s of Creativity
Do you consider yourself a creative person? As a business owner, there’s something incredibly exciting when you get an idea. It’s that feeling of coming up with something, solving a problem — being creative. How can you hone this skill (because...
6 min
#39 Growing a Company
If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of starting your own business, this episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast is for you. Today, we’re talking about the strategies and challenges that go with being an entrepreneur and scaling a business. It’s not the...
8 min
#38 How Virtual Companies Work
Offices are a necessary evil for businesses … or are they? What if you could do away with the commute, distracting officemates, and paying for rent and utilities? On this episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, we’re talking about Virtual Companies:...
10 min
#37 Building an Online Community
On this episode of the Spin Sucks Community, we’re talking about online communities. A community is made up of people who know, like, and engage with you or your brand (or both) — and engage with one another. This takes your content marketing one...
7 min
#36 Effective Storytelling for Your Brand
Stories are how humans understand the world. Whether we do it consciously or not, we tell ourselves stories about the things that happen to us, the things we believe, and the things we hope for. Smart use of stories can convey a message, encourage a...
8 min
#35 Digital Declutter
How are your resolutions faring now that January is drawing to a close? What have you accomplished? Did you slip off the wagon a time or to? Chances are, if you’re human, you haven’t done perfectly. But that’s okay – it happens to the best of...
7 min
#34 PESO Case Study: Pitch Perfect
Have you received a pitch in your inbox that was just a little … off? Because the pitch made totally no sense for you and your audience? Today we’re talking about the importance of doing your research when it comes to earned media. When done...
8 min
#33 Alexa Flash Briefings: The New Kid on the S...
There’s a new social media channel starting to gain steam, and you might want to get in while the getting’s good (and the competition isn’t too fierce)! Enter: Alexa Flash Briefings, a new service offered by Amazon for their Alexa/Echo...
7 min
#32 Communications Trends for 2019
Happy New Year! This is the time of year that we’re all used to setting goals, starting new projects, and making the changes we’ve been meaning to for ages. And to make effective plans for 2019, you need to be in the loop about what in the...
10 min
#31 Predictions for 2018: Were We Right?
It’s time for year-end roundups! What happened in 2018? Were our predictions right? And what’s going to happen in 2019? I’ve been waiting all year for this. Here are my predictions from last year… let’s find out whether or not they came...
8 min
#30 Networking Done Right
Networking can be the key that opens many doors to growth and success. Much of it comes down to meeting the right people at the right time for the right reasons. It’s not easy, but it’s worth putting in the time and getting it right. On today’s...
10 min
#29 Developing a Growth Mindset
What are you good at? Do you believe that’s something you’re born with? Hold your horses. That’s a fixed mindset. And in business, communications, and … life, we need to move forward with a growth mindset. What are these mindsets? Why are they...
7 min