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Becoming a Professional Speaker with Larry Long...
Are you considering becoming a full-time professional speaker? Are you dabbling in part-time speaking, but don't know if or when you should make it your career? Leaving the traditional nine-to-five corporate job and becoming an entrepreneur is a massive decision, but it's also an incredibly awarding career. Larry Long Jr. who quit is full-time sales job this year is on Speakernomics to discuss what it takes to build your brand-new speaking career.
27 min
Staying Relevant with Patricia Fripp
How does a 44-year (and counting) speaking career sound? Wouldn't you love to have a such a strong, successful, and industry-changing career? This week we invited Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, NSA Past President and Cavett Award winner, to share insights about her tremendously successful speaking career, and how she consistently evolved to ensure she was at the top of her craft and meeting her clients' needs.
30 min
Cognitive Tools with Dr. Marie Kaye
Are you using neuroscience in your speaking business? While you may not recognize it, you might be using subtle neuroscience skills to better interact with your clients by helping them trust you more and making sure you get paid. This week, we invited Dr. Marie Kaye to Speakernomics to discuss different cognitive tools can use to help you become a better speaker and build a better business.
27 min
Cross Cultural Audiences with Harriet Russell
Has virtual speaking opened up your audience options? Are you speaking to more global, diverse or just new-to-you audiences? Speaking to new audiences can be great opportunities, but it does come with a few challenges when you're speaking to cultures that are not like your own. This week, we invited Harriett L. Russell to the show to discuss how you can make sure you're not alienating others when you speak to diverse audiences.
30 min
Speaking for Free with Darren LaCroix
Today we're going to talk about something that often makes speakers uncomfortable: Speaking for free. Are you done cringing yet? Today on Speakernomics, we invited Darren LaCroix, CSP, to share how he uses free webinars – a tactic that he wasn't initially a fan of – to build his list of prospects and how to turn that list into recurring income.
28 min
Content people care about with Erin King
How's your social media and online presence? Do you have a large audience that you're able to share your message with (and maybe use to your own business benefit), or all your efforts to try up your online game falling flat? This week, we invited Erin King, one of our MAIN STAGE presenters at INFLUENCE 2021 to share just a few easy changes you can make to drastically how your audience responds to your social posts. Do you want to hear more from Erin? She will share even more about this topic at INFLUENCE 2021!
27 min
Closing Sales in Busy Markets with Gerry O'Brion
How do you standout in a crowded marketplaces? What makes you THE expert that businesses need to hire to solve their challenges? This week we invited Gerry O'Brion, CSP, to share some insights into how he helps his clients stands out and how you as a speaker can use these same ideas. Do you want to hear more from Gerry? He'll share even more about this topic at INFLUENCE 2021 in just a few weeks
29 min
Increase Brand Value with Jeffrey Hayzlett
Are you a professional speaker, or are you an expert that uses speaking as a way to share your knowledge and solve problems with your clients? This week, we invited Jeffrey Hayzlett, CPAE, to the show to discuss why you need to change your mindset to the latter. Do you want to hear more from Jeffrey? He's doing a FREE bonus session for in-person INFLUENCE attendees. Learn more INFLUENCE2021.com
25 min
Must Be Nice with Kim & Jason Kotecki
Wouldn't it be nice if all your clients sought you out and you never had to do any marketing? Or Wouldn't it be nice if you had the perfect podcast to help you establish your brand? Or Wouldn't it be nice if you had the perfect business partner to free up all your time? You probably look at other speakers and think this all the time, but what is your "must be nice" that everyone else says about you? This week on the show we invited Kim Kotecki and Jason Kotecki, CSP, to help you figure out what your "must be nice" is. Do you want to hear more from Kim and Jason? They share even more about this topic at INFLUENCE 2021!
31 min
Authenticity with Dr. James Smith
Are you authentically you every time you're in front of an audience? Do you have the same personality and behavior on different stages and when off the stage? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Dr. James Smith, CSP, to talk about why it's so important for you to be authentic when you're speaking, how you can make sure you're always being your authentic self.
31 min
Forgiveness in Business. with Candice Mama
Are you overlooking one incredibly valuable resource that can make a huge difference in your business? How often do you practice forgiveness, not only with others, but with yourself? This week, we invited Candice Mama who not only forgave her the man who killed her father, but advocated for his parole, to share some insights into how forgiveness can even be a huge business asset. Do you want to hear more from Candice? She's speaking more about her story and forgiveness at INFLUENCE 2021!
25 min
Working with Speaking Bureaus with Tim Mathy
Do you have a partnership with a speaking bureau? Bureaus can be a massive boon to your business, but you can't expect them to be your sole solution to creating a successful speaking business. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Tim Mathy, a senior partner at Speak, Inc., to talk about the benefits of working with a bureau as well as some tips on how you as a speaker can make sure you're being a good partner as well.
26 min
Outsourcing and Delegating with Allison Shapira
Are you a solopreneur speaker doing everything yourself, or have you built a team so you can focus on the parts of your business that you are an expert at? Are you using 1099 contractor team members or full-time employees? Build your team (and your company) is an important tasks, but there so many elements to consider. This week, Allison Shapira, CSP, joins us on Speakernomics to discuss when you should consider bringing on additional team members, and the advantages of both contractors and full-time employees.
27 min
Speaker Burnout with Rachel Sheerin
After this past year or so, how are you feeling about your business? Are you feeling burned out? If you are, you're among the ranks of professional speakers who are feeling the same. This week, we invited Rachel Sheerin to discuss what burnout is, and how you can relight your flame for speaking and avoid feeling burned out all together.
30 min
Speaking to Colleges with David Stollman
Have you thought about speaking to the college market? While it can be a massive opportunity for many speakers, for others, it can be a painful experience. This week on the show, we invited David Stollman who co-founded CAMPUSPEAK over 20 years ago to explain some of the differences between speaking to colleges compared to corporations. Plus David shares some of this perspectives on what speakers need to do to excel in the college market.
25 min
Licensing your IP to Corporations with Bill Cates
A few weeks ago, we talked about building your online courses. Once you've built a powerful course, what comes next; how can you use that course to spread your message and easily (and sustainably) bring in additional revenue? By licensing your content to corporations! This week we invited Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, to share how you can easily start licensing your content to your corporate clients and begin to bring in easy, sustainable revenue, something he calls "printing money legally."
25 min
Systems and Sales with Taylorr Payne
How easy are you to do business with? How well do your business systems allow you free up your time and the time it takes for your clients to find you? If you're wincing thinking about all your business systems, don't worry, Taylorr Panye is here to help. This week, Taylorr shares some expert insights on why you should start to systemize much of your daily tasks and how you can get started.
22 min
Licensing your IP to coaches with David Horsager
So you're working on, or have built an effective and transformational training or coaching program. Now what? Have you considered licensing your intellectual property to other coaches? This week, we've invited David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE, to discuss how he turned his message into a massive platform that other coaches can use, and what you can do to create a similar program that works for you.
23 min
Build Your Online Course with Molly Wendell
Are you missing out a massive revenue opportunity that you can get done quickly? This week's expert Molly Wendell, CSP, thinks you are! Online courses are an effective way to help you spread your expertise to your ideal audiences no matter where (or when) they are. Tune in to learn how easy it can be to start your first course if you approach it the right way!
23 min
Are you a coach? with Marcia Reynolds
Do you offer coaching as one of your revenue streams? Do you want to get into couching? Are you sure how you can effectively offer coaching as part of your business? If you have questions about coaching, this episode is for you. This week we have Marcia Reynolds explaining the differences she sees between training, consulting, and coaching, and what you can do to start offering coaching in your business.
23 min
Let's Talk Sales with Meridith Elliot Powell
Being able to sell is an important part of running a any business, but especially as a speaker. How's your sales game? This week, Meridith Elliot Powell, CSP, is on the show discussing how she successfully operates the sales arm of her business including the easily manageable about of people she calls each day and how makes sure she always closes the sale in the follow up.
22 min
Succeeding as an Emcee with Kristin Arnold
You're used to speaking, but have you practiced your skills as an emcee lately, especially in the new hybrid and virtual speaking worlds? Being an emcee, or master of ceremonies, is very different than keynoting, training, consulting, or coaching, but it's a vital role for successful meetings. This week, we have Kristin Arnold, MBA, CSP, on the show sharing what you need to do to become a successful emcee. Plus, Kristin is one of the authors behind a brand-new white paper published by NSA, Why Hire an Emcee? that you can download at www.spkr.bz/emcee.
27 min
Clubhouse with Leslie Ehm & Sam Silverstein
Are you on it?
29 min
Build Your Mastermind with Gerry O'Brion, Eliz ...
Are you part of a mastermind group?
32 min
Aftercare with Lois Creamer
Are you helping your clients after you speak?
23 min