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Becoming a Transformational Speaker with Steve ...
Answer this honestly: Are your audiences walking away with ideas that they’re going to forget immediately, or are you making a true impact on them and helping them transform how they view their work and the world? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Global Speakers Federation President Steve Lowell, CSP, to the show to discuss how you can adjust your presentations to make sure you are always transforming your audience’s lives.
29 min
The Business of Voice Actors with Joseph Jones
Every week when we explore professional speaking, we’re typically discussing keynote speaking, training, consulting, and coaching. Now, we’re looking into another form of speaking: voice acting. This week on the show, we invited voice actor Joseph Jones to discuss the similarities between professional speaking and voice acting and how the path to get involved in voice over work aren’t too different from professional speaking.
21 min
Going All In On Your Niche with Quinn Conyers
Imagine this: You have your topic of expertise, but a client asks you speak about a similar topic, but it’s not your expertise. What do you do? Do you speak on the topic because it’s similar, or do you decline the request because it’s not your niche? Today’s guest says you should do the latter. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Quinn Conyers to the show to explain why going all in on your niche is a better approach than trying to speak on a variety of topics and how doing so can help you get booked more than speaking on a variety of topics.
23 min
Social Media for Those Who Dislike Social Media...
Are you wasting time on social media or are you getting a ton of interactions and speaking engagements from your social media accounts? We’re guessing you’re somewhere in the middle. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Corey Perlman, CSP, to talk about how professional speakers can better use social media and when to decide that you need to take a step back and get help from someone else.
28 min
Leveraging Social Media with Daveeed Wagner
How well is social media actually working for your speaking business? Are you throwing away time and money for lackluster results, or are you seeing a massive following of individuals who want to engage and buy from you? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Daveeed Wagner to share how for as little as $2 a day, you can drastically grow your social media following.
29 min
Professional Speaking with a Day Job with Samue...
Are you still trying to get started as a full-time speaker while working a day job? Or are you a full-time speaker that went back to traditional nine-to-five job during the past few years and are trying to relaunch your speaking business? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Samuel Jones, PhD, CSP, to discuss how he spends his time both as key leader at Jones College and as a professional speaker, along with insights about how to talk to your employer about branching out.
28 min
Using Credit Card Points Effectively with Owen ...
As a professional speaker, you’re always on the go, likely using your credit card to pay for your travel, meals, and hotel stays. But are you using your credit card effectively to make sure you’re getting free trips and benefits no matter where you’re going? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Owen Beiny, The Points Partner, to share incredibly simple insights into how you can travel the world at little to no cost just by using your credit card.
31 min
Achieve Massive Success with Think and Grow Ric...
Are you focused every day on what your goals are and making sure each and everything you do for your business is helping you accomplish your goals? We bet there’s a good chance you’re spending time in areas that aren’t benefit you or your business. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Ann McNeill to share how reading the book Think and Grow Rich on New Years even in 1979 helped change her life and how the principals in the book helped her create massively successful businesses.
28 min
You’re Using LinkedIn Wrong with Richard Bliss
Are your LinkedIn posts averaging a few likes and comments before all engagement stops? If you’re treating LinkedIn like every other social media platform, you’re wasting your time (and money)! This week on Speakernomics, we invited LinkedIn expert Richard Bliss to share brilliant insights about maximizing the LinkedIn algorithm to generate thousands of views on every post.
35 min
Visual Storytelling with John DeMato
With all your experience and research on your topic, no one is questioning that you’re an expert on speaking topic, but do you look like the expert? Do the photos on your website and social media demonstrate the authentic you and show that you are an expert? This week on Speakernomics we invited photographer John DeMato to explain why you need good photography for business, how to make sure you look authentic and a few tips on selecting the right photographer for you.
25 min
Using your book to get booked with Jane Jenkins...
Is the book that you poured so much of your expertise and time into helping you get on stages, or is it just a detail you add to your website to try and give yourself credibility as a published author? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Jane Jenkins Herlon, CSP, CPAE, who just published her fifth book to share her strategies for using her books to reach new audiences, reconnect with former clients, and make sure she ends up on more stages sharing her message.
32 min
Maximizing your Performance with Peter Katz
So you have your presentation ready with your years of experience and research and you know it can solve the challenges of your clients, but how do you insure that your message reaches everyone in the audience? This week on the show, we invited Peter Katz to share small improvements you can make to your delivery and environment to make sure you instantly create a connection to the audience.
31 min
Speaker Burnout with Rachel Sheerin
About a year ago we asked you if you were feeling burned out from the speaking business or if you were struggling talking to burned out audiences. How is it going now? Are you still feeling burned out or interacting with audiences that just don’t want to hear you? This week on Speakernomics we invited back Rachel Sheerin to chat about how we can overcome our own burnout and reinspire our audiences.
31 min
Marketability with AJ Vaden
When was the last time you updated your marketing material? Do you have a demo real that is all about what you will do, rather than what the audience gets out of your presentation? If you’re nodding your head, it sounds like it’s time for an update. This week on Speakernomics, we invited AJ Vaden, the CEO of Brand Builders Group and one of the recent experts who spoke at Winter Workshop 2022 about how you can become more marketable in the speaking industry.
31 min
Racking Up Your Revenue with Laurie Guest
While speaking can be a lucrative revenue stream, we all learned during the early time of the pandemic that it can’t be your only revenue stream. Or in the case of this week’s guest, maybe you just want to amplify your revenue with much less travel. This week on Speakernomics, brought in Laurie Guest, CSP, CPAE, to share her very different and profitable take on racking up more revenue in your speaking business by doing what’s best for you and your business.
30 min
Amp Up Your Revenue with Mimi Brown
You love speaking and sharing your expertise, but do you dread the sales aspect of getting yourself in front of clients? Are you losing out on opportunities simply because you don’t have an effectives sales process? This week on Speakernomics we’ve invited Mimi Brown to share how she uses her sales experience to make sure her business keeps growing.
25 min
Being Authentic with Brandon Farbstein
Are you the same person when you take the stage, or do you put on your speaker alter ego and start speaking and behaving in a way that isn’t your most authentic self? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Brandon Farbstein to discuss why you should strive to always be your most authentic self when you’re on stage and how it can actually benefit your speaking business.
27 min
Speakernomics How To Sell a Million Books with ...
So you wrote a book. Now what? Is it just sitting untouched on someone’s shelf (or worse, the bookstore), or is your book constantly helping you spread your message, expand your reach and get paid to speak? This week on Speakernomics we invited Phil M Jones to talk about how to change your mind set about your book to reach greater audiences and sell 1 million+ copies.
27 min
Showing Up In An Evolving World with Jess Pettitt
The world is constantly evolving, and as a professional speaker you’re speaking to audiences around the world who may not share all the same views as you. How do you prepare yourself to get on the stage and make a genuine connection with every audience? This week on the show, we invited Jess Pettitt, CSP, to discuss some strategies to address unintentional short-sightedness in your presentations.
29 min
Run Your Business Like a COO with Patrick Henry
Most speakers start their career in a corporate job before branching out and becoming a paid, professional speaker…and then there’s this week’s guest. After a brief stint in corporate American in his twenties, Patrick Henry, CSP, used the downtime in the speaking industry during the pandemic to help launch an herbicide company as the chief operating officer. This week, he’ll share what he’s learned about working a corporate job again, and how that’s helping him bring better practices to his speaking business too.
27 min
Build Trust and Grow Your Business with David H...
You have a well-crafted and researched message and you can deliver that perfectly on stage…but people still don’t want to hire you. What’s going on? This week on the show we invited David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE, to discuss how Trust might be the reason meeting planners aren’t booking you, and how professional speakers can make sure they’re always building trust with their clients and partners in the speaking industry.
27 min
Get and Stay Booked with Mary Kelly
You’re looking at your calendar and you realize you have no speaking gigs lined up and you’re not getting paid. What’s your next move? Panicking and looking for upcoming meetings and sending in proposals? This week on the Speakernomics, we invited Mary Kelly, PhD, CDR, CSP, CPAE, to discuss how you need to build systems and processes in your business to make sure you get booked and stay booked.
27 min
Grow Your Speaking Business with YouTube
Pop quiz: You want to make a YouTube video that will lead to someone hiring you; do you focus on a topic that people search 10,000 times a month, or 200 times a month? Today’s guest Michelle Villalobos, CSP, says the real money is in making videos for 200 people. This week on Speakernomics, Michelle will share highlights from her YouTube strategy that helps her generate substantial revenue with daily or weekly videos.
29 min
What Meeting Planners Really Want with Jay Baer
Here’s a hot take from today’s guest, Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE: Your content and presentation skills are probably not that much better than every other professional speaker in your field, which is to say you’re all good speakers. But what can you do stand out to make sure your message transcends the presentation itself? This week on Speakernomics we invited Jay to share his insights about how to differentiate yourself from other speakers so meeting planners choose to work with you.
24 min
Future of Your Virtual Studio with Dan Thurmon
Over the past nearly two years, you built up your home studio to adapt to the pandemic, but now what do you do with it when the speaking industry is ramping back up and in-person meetings are starting to return? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE, who built a vast home studio to discuss what to do with your studio moving forward and why it’s still a valuable tool.
28 min