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Professionalism with Jim Cathcart
How do you demonstrate your professionalism when you’re interacting with clients and prospects? It’s one thing to be an expert and excellent speaker, but at the National Speakers Association and this podcast specifically, we’re focused on professional speaking. This week on Speakernomics, we invited long-time NSA member Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, who originally developed NSA’s professional competencies to the show to discuss what being a “professional” means and how that can benefit your business (and bottom line).
29 min
Leaving a Legacy with Lee Robert
What does your legacy as a professional speaker look like? Is your goal to share your message as an enjoyable way to pay the bills, or are you trying to leave your mark for years to come? To celebrate our 100th episode of Speakernomics (and NSA’s quickly approaching 50th anniversary), we invited Lee Robert, the daughter of NSA’s founder, Cavett Robert, to reminisce about NSA’s past and to share how you too can leave a legacy.
31 min
Focus with Erik Qualman
How often do you find yourself chasing something new, popular and shiny rather than doubling down and staying true to your focus or niche? While it’s not a surprising or novel idea, sometimes we need to be reminded that that we can’t become an expert on every topic our clients are looking for. This week on Speakermomics, we invited Erik Qualman to remind us the value of focus in our business and how staying true to our expertise will lead to more business.
29 min
[Recast] What Meeting Planners Really Want with...
Here’s a hot take from today’s guest, Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE: Your content and presentation skills are probably not that much better than every other professional speaker in your field, which is to say you’re all good speakers. But what can you do to stand out to make sure your message transcends the presentation itself? This week on Speakernomics we invited Jay to share his insights about how to differentiate yourself from other speakers so meeting planners choose to work with you.
24 min
Recalculating and Refining Your Message with Ka...
When was the last time you took a moment to pause and reflect on your message? Are you still sharing the same stories and messages and with the same slide deck and presentation techniques? Is this leading to you feeling uninspired by your own platform? This week on Speakernomics we invited Karen Jacobsen to the program to encourage you take a moment to pause, think about your business, and refine it into a business that you can find exciting again.
25 min
How to Leverage Social Media For Your Speaking ...
Does the idea of downloading Tik Tok stress you out? Are you overwhelmed trying to come up with new content to post on your social accounts, or wonder if it’s even worth the effort? On this week’s episode of Speakernomics, we’re here to make social media easy. We invited social media pro LaShaundra McCarty to share her best advice on making the most of social media platforms as a busy speaker and how it can actually help you get found and get booked.
28 min
Generate More Revenue with Big, Back-End Produc...
Are you spending all of your time working from gig to gig, or do you have a strategic structure in place to use speaking as a funnel into your other products and services? If you don’t have a plan behind getting to your next speaking engagement, this episode is for you. This week on Speakernomics we invited Michelle Villalobos, CSP, to share her philosophy on creating a big, back-end business where speaking is just the first step in a long-term relationship.
26 min
Make Your Presentations More Inclusive with Don...
One in four of your audience members are experiencing some form of disability. What are you doing to ensure that you’re spreading your message to everyone in the audience, and not leaving some individuals unable to get the full impact of your presentation? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Donna Mack to the program to discuss how you modify your presentations to include audience members with disabilities
23 min
Online Presentations with Robbie Samuels
Are you still giving online presentations? Whether we like it or not, virtual presentations and meetings have become more common and accepted. While face-to-face meetings might be ideal, you’re bound to find yourself delivering virtually even as live meetings return. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Robbie Samuels who successfully rebuilt his business during 2020 to maximize on virtual presentations and networking to share simple things you can do to elevate your virtual performances.
29 min
The Power of Relatability with James Robilotta
How do you make sure you audiences don’t just immediately dismiss you and your message as soon as you get on stage? You can have all the accolades and experience necessary to solve a problem, but that doesn’t help if your audience can’t relate to you. This week on Speakernomics we invited James Robilotta to the show to discuss how important relatability is and how you can make sure you’re always relatable to your audiences.
30 min
Intentional Collaboration with Joe Fingerhut an...
How often do you collaborate with other professional speakers, not just sharing ideas in masterminds and discussions, but speaking and working together? While some might see other speakers as just “competition,” there can be great value in working with other speakers to help benefit both of your businesses. This week on Speakernomics, we invited both Joe Fingerhut and Frank Kitchen, CSP, to discuss how they built a friendship and partnership through their speaking careers and how their collaboration helps them generate more business than if they worked solo.
28 min
Amplifying Your Brand with Kenneth “Shark” Kinney
Is your brand a green apple resting in a pile of green apples, or are you a red apple standing out in the middle of the bunch? If you don’t have a brand that’s unique enough to stand out in someone’s mind years later, this episode is for you! This week, we invited Kenneth “Shark” Kinney to the show to share insights on how to amplify your brand and incorporate whatever your passionate about (like sharks) so you can stick out in someone’s mind and keep getting booked.
26 min
Offering your Course as Continuing Education wi...
We’ve spoken often about the value of creating your online course, but what do you do once you’ve created it? Just keep selling it online and rake in the passive income? That’s a great plan to pad your bottom like, but what do you when you want to make an even bigger impact? This week on Speakernomics we invited Rob Pennington, PhD, to discuss how he got his course accredited for continuing education units for several professions and designations and how you can determine if your course can be accredited too.
25 min
Confidence in Your Message with Marilyn Sherman
Public speaking takes confidence. There’s no doubt in that. But just how confident are you in your message? How confident do you feel about the impact you’re making on your clients? This week on Speakernomics we invited Marilyn Sherman to the show to help you discover how you too can live in the front row of your life and how to boost your confidence in your business.
29 min
Creating Distinction with Scott McKain
How distinct are you from another speaker in your niche? Are you just another speaker who can speak about marketing, sales, human resources, etc., or do you have a truly distinct niche that sets you apart from every other speaker with a similar a topic? On this week’s special live episode recorded in front of the NSA Las Vegas Chapter, we invited Scott McKain, CSP, CPAE, to explore how creating distinction will bring your business greater success and a different perspective on what being distinct really is.
28 min
Being Brave with Joe Mull
With public speaking being one of the common fears, we can all agree that getting on a stage and speaking to hundreds, if not thousands, of people requires bravery. But would you say you’re being brave in your business decisions or are you making the same “safe” decisions? This week on Speakernomics we invited Joe Mull, M.ED, CSP, to talk about why taking calculated risks in your business can lead to spectacular results, and a simple ways to practice being brave right now.
23 min
How Speakers Can Get PR with Steven Le Vine
When was the last time you were a guest on a media outlet like your local news or a nationally syndicated program? Can you imagine the impact of that appearance on your brand and business? This week on Speakernomics, we invited PR strategist Steven Le Vine to the show to learn more about the business impact of generating PR for your business as well as some actionable guidance on how to land yourself better media appearances.
26 min
Working with Speakers Bureaus with Shawn Hanks,...
This episode was recorded live at Influence 2022. The seismic shifts brought by the pandemic tested the bonds of the bureau and speaker relationship. But what are the new rules for speakers and bureaus now that the speaking industry has settled into new norms? Successful partnership with a bureau can be a boom to your business, but is it right for you? What should you expect and does a bureau relationship fit your speaking business model? Find out what bureaus want you to know. Gail Davis, President of GDA Speakers, Shawn Hanks, CEO of Premiere Speakers Bureau, and Tim Mathy, Senior Partner at SpeakInc, will answer your questions and there are no “off limits” topics.
25 min
Building a New Speaking Business in a Crowded F...
So you’ve launched your speaking business, but you’re running into the issue every new speaker faces: How do you standout compared to the other experts and titans of your field? It’s not easy, but it’s still well within your reach. This week on Speakernomics we invited Lisa Koenecke, a new speaker – but not new to her DEI field – who launched her speaking business two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic about how you can build your business in a crowded field.
27 min
Certification in Your Area of Expertise with Sh...
Do you hold certifications in your field? Certifications are a simple an excellent way to demonstrate to your clients that you truly are an expert and can help solve their challenges. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Sharon Weinstein, RN, FAAN, CSP, to discuss the tremendous benefits of pursing certifications in your field, and the value of applying for the National Speakers Association’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation beginning in August.
29 min
Futureproof Your Business with Crystal Washington
What does the future of your speaking business look like, not your industry but your specific business? Are you still using the same presentation, details, and marketing that you started using years ago? If the longevity of your business keeps you up at night, this episode is for you. This week on Speakernomics, we invited futurist and technology strategist Crystal Washington, CSP, to share simple things you can do to futureproof your business and have a long speaking career.
29 min
Thinking Strategically with Ron Adner
How strategic are you? Are you really thinking through your business decisions and how they will impact you and your audiences? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Dartmouth professor Rod Adner, PhD, to share his mindset for strategic thinking and how we as a professional speakers can be more strategic in our businesses.
27 min
Becoming a Transformational Speaker with Steve ...
Answer this honestly: Are your audiences walking away with ideas that they’re going to forget immediately, or are you making a true impact on them and helping them transform how they view their work and the world? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Global Speakers Federation President Steve Lowell, CSP, to the show to discuss how you can adjust your presentations to make sure you are always transforming your audience’s lives.
29 min
The Business of Voice Actors with Joseph Jones
Every week when we explore professional speaking, we’re typically discussing keynote speaking, training, consulting, and coaching. Now, we’re looking into another form of speaking: voice acting. This week on the show, we invited voice actor Joseph Jones to discuss the similarities between professional speaking and voice acting and how the path to get involved in voice over work aren’t too different from professional speaking.
21 min
Going All In On Your Niche with Quinn Conyers
Imagine this: You have your topic of expertise, but a client asks you speak about a similar topic, but it’s not your expertise. What do you do? Do you speak on the topic because it’s similar, or do you decline the request because it’s not your niche? Today’s guest says you should do the latter. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Quinn Conyers to the show to explain why going all in on your niche is a better approach than trying to speak on a variety of topics and how doing so can help you get booked more than speaking on a variety of topics.
23 min