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Keep Your Presentations Fresh with Jess Pettitt
When was the last time you considered if the material in your presentation was fresh, up to date, or even still relevant? Once you have your presentation practiced and perfected, it’s easy to continue delivering your tried-and-true speech without questioning if it’s still hitting the mark. This week on Speakernomics we invited Jess Pettitt, MBA, CSP, to the show to discuss what it’s important to make sure your material is still fresh, and the different avenues you can take to ensure it’s up to par.
25 min
Recast: Video-fy Your Unique Story with Clint P...
How do you make the most of your unique, signature stories that you tell from the stage? Do you just retell it every time you’re on stage, or have you incorporated the story into your business to help you get booked? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Clint Pulver, CSP, to share how he turned his unique story into a self-made short video that not only earned him an Emmy, but helped generate over $4 million in revenue for his business.
25 min
Recast: Crowdsourcing with Christian Napier
19 min
Why People Buy with Victor Antonio
Do you know why people buy from you? You could say “I offer the solution to their problem” and you’d be right, but have you really thought through why people choose to work with you rather than another expert? This week on the show we invited Victor Antonio to give us a short deep dive into how clients select who they work with and how you can make sure they pick you. Want to hear more from Victor? He’ll be one of main stage speakers at Influence 2023!
26 min
Shock The Life Back Into Your Business with Tho...
What does your business look like now compared to before 2020? The speaking industry has completely evolved and while some speakers had the expertise and the means to completely adapt, other speakers were not in the same position. This week on Speakernomics, we invited this podcast’s original host Thom Singer to share how he rebuilt his business coming out of the pandemic.
26 min
Stop Speaking Start Serving with Delatorro McNeal
When you speak to an audience, do you have a practiced presentation that you give every time that really doesn’t change, or do you take the time to learn about your audience and tailor your message to their specific needs? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Dr. Delatorro McNeal, MS, CSP, to share the benefit of shifting your mindset from “speaking” to “serving” and how it will not only improve the outcome for your audience, but also improve your business.
33 min
Storytelling with Kelly Swanson
How much effort and attention to detail do you put into your stories? Do you use the same stories with every audience, or do you intentionally select the stories you share based on the audience, their goals or the mood in the room? Stories are incredibly powerful and memorable, so the stories you select are critical. This week on Speakernomics, we invited storytelling expert Kelly Swanson, CSP, CPAE, to share some of her insights into how to tell the most effective stories from the stage.
26 min
Your AI Assistant with Marki Lemons
With the explosion of AI tools in the recent months, how are you incorporating the tools into your business? AI tools still can’t replace you and your business, but they can be powerful tools to help save you time and money. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Marki Lemons, MBA, to share her perspective on creating AI assistants to help extend how much you can get done each day while still sounding just like you and your brand.
30 min
Crystal Clarity on a Cocktail Napkin with There...
How simply can you explain your message to your audience? Can you turn it into a simple picture? Your brilliant message can only go so far if your audience doesn’t fully understand or can’t remember after you leave the stage. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Theresa Rose, CSP, to explain why you should be able to draw your message on a cocktail napkin and how you can get started. And don’t worry, you do not need to be an artist!
22 min
10 Speakers Spill their Speaking Business Succe...
This week we’re bringing you something a little different! At Thrive 2023, we asked many of the attendees the following question: What is one big thing you’ve done to achieve success or grow your speaking business? This week on Speakernomics, 10 of those speakers will answer the question on how they grew their incredibly successful speaking businesses!
20 min
Video-fy Your Unique Story with Clint Pulver
How do you make the most of your unique, signature stories that you tell from the stage? Do you just retell it every time you’re on stage, or have you incorporated the story into your business to help you get booked? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Clint Pulver, CSP, to share how he turned his unique story into self-made short video that not only earned him an Emmy, but helped generate over $4 million in revenue for his business.
25 min
Early Adoption with Denise Hamilton
We’re talking tech again this week! Are you embracing new technologies as they become available, or are you often watching from the sidelines waiting to see if it is worth your time to invest in the new trends? Whether you like it or not, technology will keep moving forward, so it might be time to change your mindset. This week on Speakernomics we invited Denise Hamilton, hot off the main stage at Thrive 2023, to discuss how you may not need to follow every trend, but you do need to embrace technological change if you want to continue to be a successful speaker.
27 min
How to Invest your Time with Glenn Lundy
Do you find it difficult to decide the best ways to spend your time as an speaker an entrepreneur? Do you struggle to make sure you’re spending enough time on your business, while still being present with your family and friends, or even making time for yourself? This week on Speakernomics we invited Glenn Lundy to the show share his strategies for investing his time in both his business and his family.
25 min
Be A Solution Provider with Grant Baldwin
Is your idea of speaking getting on a plane every day, flying to a new city and sharing your message, or are you more driven by seeing your clients implement your message to change their business and their lives? This week on the show, we invited Grand Baldwin of the Speaker Lab to explain the importance of not just being a speaker, but viewing yourself as a solutions provider.
28 min
Changing Technologies and Professional Speaking...
How often are you changing something about your business to follow technology trends? Are you overwhelmed trying to make sure you’re keeping up with (and paying for) the latest trends like Chat GPT and other AI tools, or avoiding them all together?? This week on Speakernomics, we invited tech expert Burton Kelso to share his perspective about how to when and how you should follow tech trends and how to keep your data safe while doing so. And, yes, we even briefly touch on Chat GPT.
23 min
Build a Media-Savvy Brand with Rich Bontrager
Are you working hard to be a featured guest on major media outlets, or are you trying to build your own media empire? After you listen to today’s guest, showing up on the big shows will just be the icing on the cake your already expansive media empire. This week on Speakernomics we invited Rich Bontrager to give a crash course on how you can easily use your tools and free or inexpensive tools already accessible to you to build your own media franchise to help you get your message out to the world and to get booked.
25 min
Crowdsourcing with Christian Napier
What are your clients and audiences saying about you? Are you recording their thoughts about you somehow? No matter how well you’ve researched your topic and perfectly crafted your message, comments and opinions from your audiences can influence what others think about you and your brand. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Christian Napier to share why it’s so important to capture audio and video clips your audience is saying about you and how you can make the most of them.
19 min
Monetize your Audio with Kanika Tolver
Are you sharing your podcast, showing up on Clubhouse and other “free” audio mediums as marketing, or are you actually getting paid from them? After today’s episode, you’ll realize you’ve been missing out if you’re not monetizing your audio. This week on Speakernomics, we brought on Kanika Tolver to share her experience of her career rehab and how she’s not only growing her business but making money off social audio spaces.
29 min
How to Be Known with Daniel Pope
How well known are you within your niche? An important message, a great business structure and an amazing team can only get you so far if no one knows who you are and you’re not bringing in business. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Daniel Pope, the owner and chief story teller of Be Known, an online marketing agency, to share some immediate tactics you can take as a small business owner, entrepreneur, and speaker to make sure that your perfect clients know who you are.
28 min
What does the Future Sound Like with Joel Block
How far into the future do you look? Are you watching trends that not only affect you, but what’s coming down the pike that affect your clients as well? This week on Speakernomics we brought in financial advisor and futurist Joel Block, CPA, CSP, to talk about the value and importance of planning for the future and ways you can start doing so for your business.
24 min
Speaker Finances with Marquita Miller-Joshua
As we begin 2023 and the third year of Speakernomics, let’s take a moment to talk about money. Do you dread tax time every year? Are you just swiping your card and celebrating when it works each time? This week on Speakernomics, we invited Marquita Miller Joshua to talk the differences between an accountant, a bookkeeper and a tax professional, the importance of regularly checking in on your financial health and steps you can consider to improve your business financials.
26 min
Recast: Attention Management with Maura Thomas
How many distractions have you faced today? How much attention did you devote to every little notification and popup that tried to pull you away from working on your business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you answered “a lot.” This week on Speakernomics, we’re talking to Maura Thomas, MBA, CSP, an attention-management (not time-management) expert with some tips on making the most of your day.
24 min
How to be a Podcast Host with Robert Kennedy III
Have you added a podcast to what you offer in your speaking business? While professional speaking and podcasting seem to go hand and hand, there are significant differences between the two. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Robert Kennedy III back to the show to discuss what it takes to be a good podcast guest. Plus, we have a big announcement about Speakernomics for next year!
30 min
Harnessing Your True Self as a Speaker with Cas...
Do you act as your true, authentic self when you’re speaking, or do you have a specially rehearsed version of yourself that you think people would rather see instead? While you do need to know your audience, this week’s guest says its better to be yourself no matter what. This week on Speakernomics, we invited Cassandra Worthy to share how she harnessed her true self and behavior to not only launch a speaking business in 2019 and 2020, but how that also helped her not only succeed as a speaker, but qualify to join NSA’s Million Dollar Speakers Group.
30 min
Being An Experienced Expert with Scott Halford
How much are you using neuroscience every day as a professional speaker? Unless you are today’s guest, you probably don’t even think about it. But no matter what your topic is, there is a lot you can learn from neuroscience to reach wider audiences and make sure your message has more impact. This week on Speakernomics we invited Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE, to discuss ways to use research and neuroscience to strength your expertise, message, and impact on your audiences.
30 min